History Blocks| Africa

Agency: Africa

Client: Unesco

Country: Brazil

One of UNESCO’s tasks is to protect the cultural heritage of all people around the world. Sadly, that is not always possible. Because of wars and armed conflicts, hundreds of monuments are being destroyed. Whether as collateral damage or as direct targets of cultural cleansing, they are being reduced to rubble – and so is our heritage. 

These historic places are now in danger of being left out of history. Some might never be reconstructed, and we may never be able to set foot in them again. With this in mind, we set out to keep the legacies of these endangered and destroyed heritage sites alive by rebuilding them in Minecraft.

It's Between You| WhatsApp

Agency: AlmapBBDO

Client: Facebook

Country: Brazil

This film had a great responsibility as the first WhatsApp film in the world. Facebook and AlmapBBDO decided to tell a real story focused on Brazilian carnival, showing a relationship between carnival rivals and a great fire that changes this relationship through the app. 

To bring more reality to the story, they filmed in real samba communities in Rio, with real fire and with actors who are actually residents of these communities.

JFK Moonshot| JFK Presidential Library and Museum


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission, the JFK Presidential Library and Museum wanted to introduce today’s generation to President Kennedy’s bold vision for the space programme and this pivotal moment in history. 

JFK Moonshot was a fully synchronised augmented reality recreation of Apollo 11 where every moment, manoeuvre, and milestone unfolded in real time, second-by-second, precisely 50 years later.

Agency: Digitas Boston / Digitas
Client: JFK Presidential Library and Museum
Country: United States

MacBook Pro 16-inch|Apple

Agency: Apple

Client: Apple

Country: United States

The new 16-inch MacBook Pro was going to be the most powerful notebook Apple had ever made. But it knew there would be skepticism about its capabilities from top-tier professionals, who had been disappointed in the past. So Apple wanted to make sure these pros understood that this machine had all the capabilities they needed. 
To do this, it created a site designed around the stories and processes of four world-class pros. Rich reveals, zooms, and cinematic visuals seamlessly executed through WebGL ensured a smooth experience – no matter the platform or device.

The 9'58 Biography|PUMA Brazil

Agency: BETC São Paulo

Client: PUMA Brazil

Country: Brazil

In 2009, Usain Bolt broke the 100m world record and made history. But behind this incredible mark, there is a lot of sweat, training and effort. In 2019, ten years later, PUMA Brazil wanted to tell this story, showing an angle that few people know, creating a tribute as outstanding as the world's fastest man. 
BETC São Paulo created a biography that shows all the training and effort behind that mark. But Bolt's biography could not be an ordinary book. It had to be as fast as him. So, the biography is also a flipbook, showing an animation that lasts 9.58s, and recreating the iconic race.

The Small Escape| BMW


Agency: Jung von Matt

Client: BMW

Country: Germany

Jung Von Matt condensed a large story and heavy subject matter down into a highly watchable format for BMW’s The Small Escape - which tells the story of a driver trying to smuggle someone over the Bornholmer Strasse border crossing in a BMW Isetta. 
It became apparent early on that cutting the film in a linear way would be boring to watch, so Jung Von Matt opted instead for a non-linear spot, in the style of a heist movie.

1964. Berlin is a divided city. Flight from the German Democratic Republic is punished with an order to fire. Still, many people desperately try to cross the border. For all backgrounds to the true history of the spectacular escape, read the article here: https://b.mw/isetta_escape_story People forge identity papers, dig tunnels, climb into hot-air balloons and hide in cars going to the West - towards freedom. But as large vehicles are getting controlled more frequently and thoroughly, a West Berliner has a seemingly impossible but ingenious idea: the smallest and most inconspicuous car available at the time, the BMW Isetta, should help him smuggle a man across the border into the West.

Mori Building Brand Movie DESIGNING TOKYO

Agency: Dentsu Inc. / Dentsu Creative X

Client: Mori Building Co. / Mori Building

Country: Japan

For the past 60 years, Japanese developer Mori Building has looked at the bigger picture when creating the city of Tokyo. The Mori Building, unlike its rival companies, has a unique vision of urban development, which is to create a city, not just a building. 
The film reflects on the evolution of Tokyo and tells the story of its future through vivid depictions of Tokyo’s cityscape – which the Mori Building built and helped flourish – to the culture that was born from the town, and iconic celebrities from past eras exactly as they were back then.

Wind Tunnel| Apple


Agency: Apple

Client: Apple

Country: United States

The iPhone 11 Pro is rigorously tested to ensure it’s more durable than ever, because you never know what life might throw at it. 
To prove this beyond doubt, Apple built a 30-foot wind tunnel and, using musically timed practical effects, literally threw life at it. Kids’ toys, food, drinks, everything you might find in a handbag, a wedding cake, and a barrage of rubber ducks.

Hope is Power| The Guardian


Agency: Uncommon Creative Studio

Client: The Guardian

Country: United Kingdom

Hope is Power is the Guardian’s first brand campaign in seven years, and aims to restate the Guardian’s purpose and inspire readers around the world to support its journalism. 
The campaign’s central message is inspired by Guardian editor-in-chief Katharine Viner’s essay ‘A mission for journalism in a time of crisis’. The campaign seeks to build on the trust and affinity readers have with the Guardian and its role in giving people the facts to challenge the status quo, publish fresh ideas and opinions, and hold power to account.

Creative Types| Adobe

Agency: Anyways Creative

Client: Adobe Create

Country: United Kingdom

Creative Types is a personality test created by Anyways Creative for Adobe Create. The test gives the world a tool to learn about their creative selves. It was brought to life by collaborating with some of the world's best creative talent, combining both digital and physical design into the test. 
Over three million people worldwide have taken the test, racking up 56 million page views with 425,000 hours spent on Creative Types. It was covered by industry press and design titles, including It's Nice That, Peta Pixel, Creative Bloq, Design Taxi, Digital Arts, PopPhoto, Digital Synopsis and The Dots.

Soffa Sans| IKEA UK


Agency: Proximity London

Client: IKEA UK

Country: United Kingdom

While on the lookout for ways to expose the hidden creativity in everything IKEA does, Proximity London found a group of people subverting the sofa planning tool for their own amusement; drawing spiral, labyrinthian and phallic sofas. In response they released the IKEA Soffa Sans font, built from 38 different sofa configurations using the planning tool. In 48hrs Soffia Sans generated 84.2m impressions and over 13,000 references on social. Organic traffic to the tool increased by 6,695% and the average time spent within the planning tool increased by 1,023%.

Grave of Thrones| Foxtel


Agency: DDB Sydney

Client: Foxtel

Country: Australia

Game of Thrones is one of the deadliest shows of all time, with over 100,000 characters having lost their lives since it began. These deaths have had a huge impact on fans, who genuinely mourn the characters they’ve grown to love over the years. So, to promote the final ever season, Foxtel, an Australian cable network, built a final resting place for these characters. Grave of Thrones, a live experiential media event, was an enormous cemetery featuring the tombs of the show's most popular characters. Over 40,000 fans made the pilgrimage to pay their respects.

AirPods Pro| Apple

Client: Apple

Country: United States

Design Agency: Apple Design Team

AirPods Pro provide the ability to switch between noise cancellation mode and transparency mode (in which environmental sounds are heard). The challenge was to tell this complex story in a beautiful, simple way that communicates how the technology works, but also how it feels. The website marries product art direction, lifestyle art direction, diagrammatic elements and typography in a graphic design system that is born out of product truth. Light and shadow are used as a metaphor for sound and silence (how it feels) while illustration telegraphs how the tech works.

Infamous Since 1864| Smirnoff


Agency: 72andSunny New York

Client Diageo/Smirnoff / Diageo

Country: United States

Every brand has secrets that they’d rather not reveal, but often this is part of what makes them unique. So, facing a crowded vodka market, Diageo did the most mischievous thing it could think of. It told the cold, hard truth. This global campaign shared the story of deception, revolution, exile, and resurrection, of deliciously mischievous characters and original concoctions. It helped reverse a decade-long decline in Smirnoff sales, leading to growth for the for the first time in 10 years

The Smoothest Burger| McDonald's France

Labelling the EggMcMuffin The Smoothest Burger was an opportunity to create a new advertising language – one that is more modern, more fresh, closer to the digital generation, and able to properly convey this idea of softness. To do so, TBWA\Paris drew inspiration from the internet trend that best fit the product qualities: satisfying animations. They produced fifteen 3D Egg McMuffin Satisfying videos, and created a website to host them, as well as using them for social media communication.

Agency: TBWA\Paris

Client: McDonald's France / McDonald

Country: France

Lacoste| Crocodile Inside

Agency: Iconoclast Paris / BETC Paris

Client: Lacoste

Country: France

In Crocodile Inside we feel the tension of a couple tearing each other apart, as the tough love they share is pushed to the edge of rupture. Symbolising the rift that’s created between the two lovers, their apartment cracks at every word too many. Ultimately, they realise they have gone too far and, in a pure moment of cinema, decide to come back to one another.

New Lives| Voiceless Women

On the dark web, closed prostitution forums flourish, and men share reviews of sexual encounters with trafficked women, with no legal repercussion. NEWLIVES wanted to be a mouthpiece for these women by using the reviews of their abusers. It went undercover on the dark web, and extracted hundreds of reviews and the names of authors, then had actors and real sex workers lip-sync them un-edited in a very explicit film that exposed both words and usernames of each reviewer for the world to see.

Agency: Uitch Iscratch/No Sleep

Client: Newlives / New Lives + 10 EU NGOs

Country: Denmark

Creativity, Uncaged| The Ad Museum Tokyo


Agency: Dentsu Tokyo

Client: The Ad Museum Tokyo

Country: Japan

Dentsu Inc’s brief was to produce promotional posters for the 2019 One Show Exhibition in Tokyo. To reflect the imaginative thinking of One Show award winners, they created a series of portraits of phantasmagorical birds, incorporating elements that evoke the skills that allow award-winners to soar above their peers and explore new creative dimensions. The exhibition was highly successful, with attendees spending more time on the premises than in past years. Dentsu Inc also received numerous inquiries and favourable comments about the posters, and were even urged to make them available for purchase.

IKEA | Silence the Critics

Agency: Mother London

Client: IKEA

Country: United Kingdom

IKEA entered the Christmas ad arena with a wonderfully ridiculous take on the state of our homes over the holidays. The film shows a crew of everyday household objects come to life to perform a scathing diss track about a place that clearly isn't ready for festivities - before each one is silenced by the ultimate comeback: some smart IKEA solutions. The track was made by legendary Grime emcee, D Double E.

Hot & Spicy| KFC

KFC’s fried chicken and TV are a match made in heaven. So each of these executions is inspired by a TV show that features explosive action, with fried chicken seamlessly replacing the fireballs. Consumers could then binge on freshly delivered Hot & Spicy while also binging on the latest release of their favourite series.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong / Ogilvy Hong Kong

Client: KFC Hong Kong, Jardine Restaurant Group

Country: Hong Kong

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