Sony| Company ethos | Make.Believe

Director Noam Murro throws everything into this epic 90-second cinema spot that takes us through the four worlds of Sony: electronics, music, film and games.


The initiative includes a 90 second heavy FX film running in cinemas nation-wide in the USA. The epic-style, humanistic film shows a boy taking a journey through four Sony worlds (electronics, music, film and games) by pushing buttons. The boy falls into a Sony electronics lab, lands in the movie 2012, must dodge racing cars in Sony Playstation’s MotorStorm Pacific Rift game, then ends up on stage with Sony’s new up-and-coming band Hey Monday. The boy represents childlike wonder and the belief in yourself that you can make imagination real. The film was directed by award-winning Director Noam Murro, whose body of work represents the epic nature that was achieved in the film. Animal Logic handled visual effects creation.

Advertising Agency: 180LA, USA
Executive Creative Director: William Gelner
Creative directors: Gavin Milner, Grant Holland
Executive Producer/Managing Partner: Peter Cline
Senior Producer: Tony Stearns
Account Director: Katrin Tenhaaf
Account Executive: Jacob Gentry
Copywriter for brand line “make.believe”: Lee Hemstock, Dario Nucci

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