Why does anybody buy condoms?

Why does anybody buy condoms? 
1.) They block sperm from impregnating eggs. 
2.) They block diseases from entering blood streams. 
Durex| “extra safe” |DDB New Zealand




Cupid Condom|Savings of a Lifetime |Ambience Publicis, Mumbai


Manix|get closer| McCann Erickson België.


Billy Boy condoms|Fruit flavored condoms|Springer & Jacoby, Germany 


Durex China: Enjoy moaning

Warning: Not safe for work!
Advertising Agency: Exis, Shanghai, China
Creative Directors: Hoya Lee, Yu Zhang
Art Director / Copywriter: Yu Zhang
Illustrator: Ian Guo

Wrigley's Orbit gum|Clean It Up

Clean It Up. A stop-motion video featuring animated lips that clean up a rundown home.
Orbit and Evolution Bureau (EVB) have launched a new stop-motion animation video called “Orbit: Clean It Up,” featuring over 500 original drawings created by an artist known as Goons that were shot in stop-motion style over two days in Los Angeles. 
It tells a story about a ball of paper that rolls down a dirty street running into obstacles and cleaning it as it goes until it reaches a dilapidated old house that it cleans in a matter of minutes. The story is intended to capture the brand essence of Orbit gum – clean – and highlight the importance of making the world a cleaner place. 
Art by: Goons, a street artist out of Chicago
Directed by: Ace Norton
Music: Keep It Clean by Camera Obscura
Agency: Evolution Bureau - 
Check out more Goons at 

Virgin Mobile|Totally Unlimited Calling

Virgin Mobile, Totally Unlimited Calling for $49.99 and the new LG Rumor2

7 Skills for a Post-Pandemic Marketer

The impact of Covid-19 has had a significant impact across the board with the marketing and advertising industry in 2020, but there is hope...