Zonacitas.com|♥ getting laid made easy

“Love is out there. If we get organized, there’s plenty for all”, Ogilvy Interactive developed “Singles Finder”, a brand new application created for its client Zonacitas.com, the major argentine portal to find the perfect date.
Buenos Aires is one of the cities with the best nightlife of the world, with thousands of bars, discos and pubs. ?Yet sometimes, having so many options is a problem to find and meet single men and women.
Today is available in Buenos Aires “Singles Finder”, a free Smartphone App accessible in iTunes Store that gives you the exact amount of single prospects in each location. Because if you want to meet single people, first you have to know where they are. And the best part is to know it, before buying your ticket.
Client: Dridco
Brand: Zonacitas.com
General Creative Director: Gaston Bigio
Ogilvy Interactive Director: Ramiro Dirube
General Creative Directors Interactive: Gastón Schaefer, Martín Garrocho
Digital Projects Director: Pablo Endler
Copywriter: Ignacio Jardon
Art Director: Diego Bertagni
Illustration: Diego Grandi
Developer: The App Master
Responsible for the client: Sebastián Gorín, Laura Rosenbaum

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