Bringing a facelift to life| Isuzu D-Max| Saudi Arabia


Isuzu truck D-Max will not introduce new exterior shape for 2011 as radical changes will touch the 2012 model.spec change (confidential)

However to sustain sales performance, meet users needs and maintain brand recognition and trust we are making surgical intervention.

BAKHASHAB BROTHERS HOLDING CO.,LTD.[ dealer] wanted to connect with current users to share added robust sporty, luxurious experience figure change.

To develop brand engagement program to a brand user's love and trust.D max launch program 2010 revised by ayman (final) sheet2

Strategic solution
The idea was big, however the thinking was simple and straight forward.
We wanted to create a hype among current users , help the media to buzz out brand functional aspects and connect emotionally with target group.

We structured an operation theater with our favored producer and cast/ trained talents to perform live a facelift operation for the old model.

Role of Activity: to creatively engage with target group in a well planned and produced brand re-launch event that result in creating a hype and buzz for short and medium time range among future prospects.

Target Market: as a consumer driven activity, I want to connect primarily with a prepared list of individuals, small and medium business owners , our current subdealers to introduce the enhanced DMAX pickup.

I will have pre-event press Q& A session to update media with the new front facelift as a secondary target group.

Offer: “Perfection continues”.  We build trucks for life that delivers on profitability use-ability and dependability.


  • Audiences were taken by surprise, as they never witnessed a live performance in an automotive brand event.
  • Client appraises the organization, the idea and impact.
  • Team was happy that slipup’s kept to minimum and enjoyed on quality, on time on brand engaging event.

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