Kerala Tourism| Your moment is waiting

This promotional film for Kerala Tourism can be considered as a refreshing deviation from its usual line of communication. The promotional film titled ‘your moment is waiting’, whether you like it or not, is worth watching.
Kochi based Stark Communications, which has been handling the Kerala Tourism brand for almost two decades, has developed this promotional film, and the credit mainly goes to the renowned ad film maker Prakash Varma.
Well, Kerala has been promoted as ‘God’s own country’ (the credit for coining this much-used tagline too goes for Stark) and almost all the campaigns for KT has pivoted around it. It’s true that Kerala is rich with natural scenery and picture-perfect destinations. Backwaters, paddy fields, Ayurveda- indeed Kerala evokes all these images in the minds of a tourist. However, at some point the frequent use of this imagery in usual communication track seemed a bit tiresome. This commercial too is rich with such imagery, but in a different communication style- it’s bold.

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