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TEFAL - HEATS UP IN 3 SECONDS - 11/5/09 - 3 sec

*cannes radio shortlist 2009

Advertised brand: TEFAL BY NEWPAN
Advert title(s): HEATS UP IN 3 SECONDS
Production Company: SOUNDHOUSE Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
Radio station or network:this ad first aired on: Regional Station -103 FM
Other Credits: VP Producer: Dorit Gvili -
producer: Odelia Nachmias
Published/Released/Aired (Month, Year): 10/5/09

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Big Winners at Cannes

“The Store that Sells Hope” for the Portuguese Red Cross was a multiple winner as was “Let It Ring” from Happiness, Brussels.


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So, you can be disappointed in one media form but find happiness in another. Proximity London had high hopes for RNLI in Direct, but it barely scratched the surface, yet hurrah hurrah it won a Silver in Media.

Convergence is getting confusing and expensive.

Look at the PR Grand Prix, Best Job in the World for the Queensland Tourism Board from CumminsNitro Brisbane. It was also the Grand Prix in Direct. Probably the only reason it didn’t win Gold in Promo was because they didn’t enter it.

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As Pablo Alzugaray, CEO of Shackleton, and the top agency for Direct at the Festival, said once, in Cannes you get the opportunity to buy several different juries for your work.

Not cheap but it will help them to a 3rd successive year at the top of The Won Report, no doubt.

Among the Promo Lions, Zuji Beans from Happy Soldiers, Sydney, was a shoo-in.


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The Magic salad Plate from Clemenger BBDO Australia got a huge laugh in the auditorium when it was shown on Monday night.

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But a personal favourite was Proximity BBDO Belgium’s “Baby Made On Board” campaign for the Dodge Journey. To demonstrate how much space it had in the back, they invited couples to come and have a bonk in the boot. Any couple who had a baby exactly nine months later would get a Dodge free.

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In Direct, the big cheer of the night went to “Axion Banner Concerts” from Boondoggle Leuven, also in Belgium.

As Steve Aldridge also noted, “What’s with Belgium this year?” It’s a little country with a great big stack of metal so far.

A big favourite at The Big Won since it won Gold at EPICA is “Car Dance Party” for Toyota by Happiness Brussels, who must be ecstatic.

JWT Japan won the Grand Prix for Kit-Kat.

Hmmm. Not the people’s choice judging from some of the muttering in the Palais. More mutterings because the radio jury were tight with the gongs this year. A Grand Prix for NetworkBBDO Johannesburg for Virgin Atlantic, a Gold for the National Thoroughbred Racing Association from Devito/Verdi, New York, two silvers and five bronzes.

It would have been a short presentation ceremony.

More to shout about at the Outdoor awards where TBWA Hunt Lascaris won the Grand Prix with a campaign for The Zimbabwean newspaper, the posters printed on worthless Zimbabwean bank-notes because “it’s cheaper than paper”.


More to come later in the week.