World awaits English speakers

EF Rut to Rocket
EF (Education First), is an international organisation committed to breaking down barriers of language, culture and geography through the highest quality of educational experiences. EF’s English language program was promoted in 2012 with a print advertising campaign focused on children’s English programs in China, Russia and Indonesia, with children leaping and dancing through barriers between postage stamps. 
EF China woman
The adult campaign focuses similarly on bodies in motion, conveying Education First’s mission to help people move forward with confidence, both in their education and careers. OOH installations will go up in several prominent urban locations, including Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

EF Russia Man
Where the children’s campaign focuses on broadening geographical horizons for kids through the English language, the adult campaign uses the image of business people in acrobatic motion and exploding chalk around them to demonstrate the endless opportunities that the English language provides for upward mobility in the workplace.
EF China boy
Research conducted by Education First shows that businessmen and women outside the U.S. who can speak English earn an average salary of 30-50% more than those who don’t speak the language. With this in mind, the new campaign centers on taking control of your career, with headlines like “Go be your boss’s boss,” “Go from rut to rocket” and “Be your own secret weapon.”

EF China girl
EF Russia Girl
EF Indonesia boy


The EF Barriers campaign was developed at The Martin Agency, Richmond, by chief creative officer Joe Alexander, creative director Brian Williams, copywriter Jeanette Tyson, art director Mark Brye, account director Ian Davidson, account executive Jacki Juenger and project manager Emily Masters.
Photography for the children’s campaign was Allen Birnbach. Photography for the adults campaign was Daniel Pothecary. Digital imaging was done at Smoke & Mirrors.

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