Making glucose testing child’s play

Diabetes meters are generally functional rather than fun. This works fine for adult diabetics, but doesn’t make the testing process very engaging for children. By transforming a potentially harrowing experience into a fun one, Bayer eases a potential source of family tension. Partnering with an existing handheld gaming console makes it even easier to slot into people’s lives. It’s a winner for kids, parents and Bayer.

Parents of children with diabetes face a constant struggle to instil the habit of regular blood glucose testing that is critical for managing the disease. Monitoring diabetes requires a pin prick single drop of blood, which can cause a gallon of distress amongst children. Blood glucose monitors had traditionally been created with adults in mind, but pharmaceutical and health care company Bayer sought to address this with the launch of Didget – the first and only blood glucose meter for kids, which connects directly to Nintentdo DS and DS Lite gaming systems

Taboo Jeans

the original work

Diesel Jeans – 2005
Source : Luerzer’s International Archive,
Agency : Euro RSCG (France)

the copycat work 

Taboo Jeans – 2009
Agency : Unknown (Lebanon)

Improve your English

It seems that there are many aspirants for English learning courses across the world. In non-English speaking countries, proficiency in English is considered as a dignity and qualification for higher positions. So, there are so many advertising initiatives for this kind of institutions which aim to teach English.
We have seen how an Indian institution ad featured people who literally beat around the bush, and bring the horse to the well. Now, this advertising campaign from Language studies worldwide(www.smallworld.ch) , though not so subtle way, aims to convey the message mixing the copy and art-direction.
The campaign, developed by Wirz/BBDO, fairly succeeds to make an appeal among the target audience.
Advertising Agency: Wirz/BBDO, Switzerland
Creative Director: Thomas Kurzmeyer
Art Directors: Kim Sokola, Rahel Boesinger
Copywriter: Thomas Kurzmeyer
Illustrator: Kim Sokola

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