Kellogg's:::Football Superstar

Cereal brand Kellogg Nutri-Grain (KNG) sought to appeal to teenage boys (13-17 year old) and get them to pester their mums to purchase the brand. The brand already had a strong heritage with Iron Man in Australia, but this format did not retain relevance over winter months.
Kellogg recognized that teens were spending less time with traditional media, and so wanted to create engaging content for them.
The target audience loves sport and hanging out with their friends at a stage in their life where their body is transforming. So KNG launched the “Australian Idol” for football. This was a nationwide search for the next Football Superstar, culminating in a primetime, appointment to view, 8-week piece of branded content on the pay TV channel Fox8.
Teens had the chance to win a professional contract with Sydney FC, a scholarship to Macquarie University and the chance to be the new face of KNG. A multi-media campaign launched inviting 16-21 year olds (who are peers of influence and inspiration to our youngest consumers) to nationwide trials.
A final 15 were selected for the show and they lived and trained together for a month to battle it out to be the next Football Superstar, with one being eliminated each week. KNG was integrated into the show with branded balls and jerseys. This was leveraged with the Football Superstar website where people could find extra content from the show, training tips from Sydney FC players, interactive games and live web chats with stars from the show.
As a result, Football Superstar became the most successful series in terms of viewers across all FOX8 local productions, with an average of 120,000 viewers per episode. The online campaign reached more than 1.8m teens and ther were 26,125 visitors to the mobile site.










Feb 2008 - Oct 2008


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human leadership::: What is common between Pepsi & Obama

Both "Brands"managed to read and analyze current people needs and wants.

Expressively, they taped into cultural –hopefulness, brightness-movement, spirit of optimism, thirst for positive change and Intense -passionate-desire of active participation.

In the core, they symbolizes and amplifying our crave for happiness , sense of achievement by releasing and realizing dynamics of change.

Pepsi plugs into a classic teenage dream with “Rising”, a TV advert in which a young man climbs a pile of seemingly impossible odds to fulfil his goals, finally reaching the mantra, “I can”. A young man sips on a can of Pepsi as he surveys a huge mound of objects. He sets off to climb through the symbolic collection, yelling “I can’t hear you” every time his peers, family and teachers discourage his dream.


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