Before & After: Nutrisoda





Hunt Adkins, a Minneapolis-based agency, recently redesigned Minnesota-based Nutrisoda:

"Nutrisoda needed to embrace its identity as a soda. The 8.4 oz can of the old packaging screamed energy drink and led to confusion. Our solution was simple: change to a 12 oz can. Second, the old mark had taken a back seat to more prominent design components. But it was imperative people recognized the brand Nutrisoda while finding a way to highlight we are a soda (albeit a better-for-you version). Therefore, we established a proper brand hierarchy that showcases our name and product, using valuable shelf space as a marketing opportunity. Finally, we used bubbles and colors on each can to display the fun, fizz, and flavor that consumers look for in a soda, while allowing the unpainted aluminum to speak to the clean, modern and healthy beverage Nutrisoda contains. Together, these add up to Nutrisoda: delicious, guilt-free fizzy goodness made real."


Product Placement

The PussyCat Dolls have a new song called, "Hush, Hush" and of course all the kids are crazy over it. But what drove us crazy was the confluence of terribly placed products in the music video, including Campari, a Nokia cell phone, an HP laptop..

Just a day after being published on YouTube, the video above has more than 80k views.

A 1:37, an HP notebook enters the scene. It's carried through "the club" by some random faceless dancing extra who delivers it to the DJ, who immediately opens up the pink-flowered laptop and begins futzing with it. C'mon dude, you've got spinning to do! A better execution might have been a passover of some random chick who is sitting in the club in sweats and a high school running t-shirt &#151 playing on the laptop. She thought this was a Starbucks, but it turned out to be an annoying club &#151 and now her daily blog post will have to wait.

At 1:52 we see flashes of Campari &#151 bottles, labeled glasses and even the booze itself, all brown and tasty looking. But where's the Jack, Bud Light and obligatory "soda"? Alas, this isn't a real club, it's one paid for by pretentious liquor and out-of-place computers.

The final installment of the strange placements, and arguably the most important one, is none other than Perez Hilton himself. He's hard to spot at first, but can be spotted at 2:26 wearing a t-shirt that reads, "Hush Hush Featuring Perez."





Gillette::: 360 "Body Shaving" launch


Gillette has launched an online advertising campaign encouraging men to use their products in body shaving. Animated videos provide men with shaving tips on how to best shave their head, chest, back, shoulders, armpits and the most popular spot of all, the groin. Each video addresses the whys and hows of body shaving. The campaign is online at the Gillette YouTube channel and and Gillette’s Body Shaving site.

Gillette Body Shaving site


Reasons for Body Shaving

The Gillette Body Grooming site provides a range of scenes demonstrating that body shaving is an activity suitable for the heterosexual male population.

Gillette Body Shaving site

Gillette Body Shaving site

Gillette Body Shaving site

Gillette Body Shaving site

Gillette Body Shaving site

How to Shave Your Groin

You might say when there’s no underbrush, the tree looks taller…

How to Shave your Head

If your grass is patchy, bald or long, there are better places to spend your cash than the barber.

How to Shave Your Back

Wall to wall carpeting? Or whatever you’re carrying around with you, you’ve decided it’s got to go.

How to Shave Your Chest

Sweaters should be bought, not grown. Guys with perfectly groomed chests, probably not born that way.

How to Shave Your Armpits

An empty stable smells better than a full one.


The animated videos were created by Proximity Canada in conjunction with BBDO New York.

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