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The story of Nelson Beer

This is a story of multi-national chasing down the elusive Melbourne Hipster market.

In December 2008, beer Goliath Foster Group decided to take on the unattainable beer drinking market of the Melbourne Hipsters. They hired their brains, Gen-Y focused agency
The Taboo Group. They were set to work on creating a lifestyle beer brand for this fickle market.

Their first move caught the Hipsters by surprise, Taboo dropped white cooling containers (normally used to transport human organs) into influential media and creative offices across Melbourne. The coolers had no description on them just the beer inside. It created chatter and hype about the beer. They then went back to these people asking how they could make it better and on the naming of the beer?

Then it was time for a big reveal, they got some shit hot designers (Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney) to come up with the design on the bottle and they threw a party for the launch.

The beer was then released in a small section of hipster bars (the likes of Revolver, Mr Wilkinson, Electric Lady Lounge, Trunk, Nevermind, Windsor Castle).

In the latest chapter, they have teamed up with local/international band
The Temper Trapto come up with a limited edition bottle design.

MasterChef - Digital Campaign

Network 10 reality TV cooking show

Finding the show - Google (1/5)

So you have just watched the show you go online type in 'MasterChef' or 'MasterChef Australia', searching for the site MasterChef Official site is no where to be found. There should of been an SEO/PPC campaign implemented. Using Google Insights you can see the rise in interest in the show. All these searches are now being missed by the main site.

Edit: I think they have been getting into my heads because they now have a Google Advertising/PPC in place for the keywords.

Mainsite (4/5)
The site is actual quite good when you get to it, simple layout, alot of rich content, including behind the scenes footage, catch up television and they have a forum which is humming along with a good numbers of guests. Everything you would expect from a reality show site.

Youtube (1/5)

I would think that Network Ten would have at least sunk $15,000 into this Youtube Advertising deal. You think the least they could of done was named the channel something else instead of 'TenMarketing'?!?!?!

Masterchef fan '
Wingscancer' has been uploading all the episodes onto his Youtube account, this probably could of been done by Masterchef official page.

Facebook Page (3/5)

It looks like they have a fan page, they have actually been quite smart to link up the conversation going between the forum with status updates to the Facebook page. This keeps the conversation going and is also a good way to update people of upcoming episodes.

Bloggers (4/5)

There was a number of cooking bloggers talking
about the show (Foodchaser) and theauditions (Grab Your Fork). Host, Sarah Wilson also did an interview with fashion bloggerGirl With A Satchel. MasterChef has also been getting a fair bit of coverage in the Number 1 Australian Television blog TV Tonight with over 10 posts on the show and also Reality Ravings

Bonus - Twitter:

It would be great if they had a twitter stream going onto the main site. As there is a great back channel going on behind this show. Or even just the insights to one of the contestants, they already have
Brent Parker Jones and Linda Kowalski who are in the final 20 and is on twitter. They also have an unofficial Twitter channel MasterChefAus, you would hope that they are relaying important information to them. Is this a missed opportunity?

There are some limitations with this analysis, without knowing everything they are doing and what they're goals are? What do you think of this as a concept for blog posts? What information do you think I should include/I have missed in looking at Digital Campaigns?

Case Study - Football Superstar : Running a successful Facebook Page

Last night was the final episode of the Fox8 reality TV show
Football Superstars. We looked after the online promotion of this show. One of our tactics was to create an official Facebook Page. We knew their audience used Facebook and that it would be a great way to keep an on going dialogue with these fans.

We found an existing page for Football Superstar, which we took over from a fan from last season. The group had 347 fans. It was amazing how effective the Facebook Advertising was for finding fans of the show. We grew the group to well over 5,400 fans.

It will not win any awards but god damn it was effective with a ridiculously low cost per acquisition rate of 20c.

4. Key Learnings

1. Female Skew
We originally set the advertising to just Male (14-23) but what we found was that the show had a strong female teen audience, who were actually the most vocal online.
Page Demographics

Demogaphics on who was interacting

2. Stars were active
A number of the stars from the show were really active on the page. This was great for fans to feel closer to the show.

3. Facebook Pages still have a few glitches
You cannot create an event that invites everyone from a page to an event, this is a little annoying. However the Status updates get amazing responses and a great upgrade.

4. Some things are out of your control
State of Origin and a Soccer Final on the same night as your finale and launch is going to seriously affect your ratings.

Half-baked rip-off

Brand: Lurpak butter
Agency:Wieden + Kennedy London

The Copy
Brand:Qatar Airways
Agency:Batey Singapore

Brand Review:::Batatee5

Brand: Batatee5

Brand Owner: Batatee5 Creations

Geography: Jordan

Launch Date: 2008-2009

Value Proposition

  • Batatee5 is truly engaging brand, it was created by lovers and consumers not by marketing departments to tap into basic mind slots of Cold, Healthy & Fresh nuggets watermelon.
  • Users inspire and drive brand presentation.
  • User immediate reactions approves / disapprove consumption.


Batatee5 amazes consumers with innovations and offers new creative ways of serving watermelon.

Supply Chain

A team of branded enthusiast are creating those unique moments with consumers in a welcoming, relaxing and enjoyable experience

Invested the hype and buzz SOUK JARA is making in Amman and fit perfectly in the buildup of the surrounding atmosphere.


Unique and extremely differentiated & highly supported by natural combination of watermelon RED, Green colors


At this age of a newly launched brand , existence of brand owners is developing high networking impact and recruiting daily brand advocates .

An intervention of an expert in fruit photography & food stylist will add value to brand communications materials.

Growth Potential

Once the business idea formulated out of –only- summer related concept, all indicators are skewed towards creating viable, sustainable brand .

Marketing communications is a key driver for the brand to be developed and elevated, and there is an noticeable evident for the need to combine a brand expert in the business model at this stage ...

Utilizing social media is not yet employed strategically, Facebook page and a fan page is not enough to reach and create business developer word of mouth .

For Batatee5 brand to progress up, I believe the need to look & to be inspired by the below innovative concepts and initiatives.

They could inspire Batatee5 for the brand to benchmark and outperform..

7 Skills for a Post-Pandemic Marketer

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