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Associazione Donne Insieme Contro la Violenza (Women Against Violence): Difference

“It takes a little to make a big difference. Call 0290422123.”
Advertising Agency: 1861 United, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Directors: Pino Rozzi, Roberto Battaglia
Art Director: Nicola Bolfelli
Copywriter: Emanuele Accurli Abenante
Photographer: Andrea Melcangi
Post Production: Martin&Rainone

35 Creative and Effective Public Interest Ads

Advertising, in its non-commercial guise, is a powerful educational tool capable of reaching and motivating large audiences. “Advertising justifies its existence when used in the public interest – it is much too powerful a tool to use solely for commercial purposes.” Attributed to Howard Gossage by David Ogilvy.
Public service advertising reached its height during World Wars I and II under the direction of more than one government. Here we have collated some of the most creative and effect public interest ads. Can you get the message from those ads too?

It’s Time To Get Your Hands Dirty.

Now that the well has been sealed and the leaking has stopped, do your part. Join A Bird In Hand Project and donate now.


The longer you live on the street, the harder it is to get off it.

Different Faces

When a tree falls, it takes other lives with it.

No Career Resists Alcoholism

Self Clean

Unfortunately the beach doesn’t clean itself.

Child Safety

Protect your child’s room from violence.

Don’t Suffer In Silence

Slut. Words hurt. You can’t see them but the scars from verbal abuse are real and can last for years. Don’t suffer in silence.

Animals Suffer Like We Do

Put yourself in a mink’s place.Don’t buy animal skins!

See You On The Road

For more understanding on the roads See You On The Road-> Use reflectors

Affiche Robot

Time to Neuter Your Dog

Biodiversity And Biosafety Awareness

What will it take before we respect the planet?

Don’t Drink and Drives

What’s the price of a bottle of beer?

Help Mother Nature To Fight Back

Nothing We will Ever Bring Them Back

Help Us to Keep The Ocean Clean

When we pollute the sea, we pollute for a long time.Help us to keep the ocean clean.

Smoke Deaths

Terrorism-related deaths since 2001: 11,377. Tobacco-related deaths since 2001: 30,000,000

The Gifts

Anatomy Model Woman

Vegetables are all your body needs.

Sleepiness is Stronger Than You

Sleepiness is stronger than you.ThaiHealth. Don’t Drive Sleepy Project

Poor Boy

You can lose more than your patience.

15th Annual Chief of Police Dinner Gala

Would You Care More If I Was A Rhino

Would you care more if I was a rhino?

When They Speak

When they speak, we listen. Conservação Internacional

Bossy Boot

When he controls your life, it’s no longer your life.

Feed on Milk

If you don’t help feed them, who will? Please call Concordia Children’s.

Polar bear

The earth is heating up.

Shark Tattoo

Set harm, get harm.

As Big As Its Benefits

Rodoanel, the biggest road work in Brazil, is ready. As big as its benefits. That’s the only thing people talk about: Rodoamel facilitates the draining of the national production to the biggest post in the country.

Talk to Someone Else

Talk. To someone else. Don’t encourage domestic violence.

The Tuna

Only a tenth of the catch in long line tuna fishing is actually tuna.

Regenerate Horse

Help neglected animals leave their old lives behind.

Saving a National Treasure

The Crayfish had pharmaceuticals for breakfast and a Catfish had him for lunch and you had the Catfish for dinner. The Susquehanna runs through you. Protect it. Protect yourself. Dispose of chemicals and pharmaceuticals responsibly. And limit fertilizer use.

Close Stool

Due to the lack of toilets that are specifically designated for their needs, our disabled friends run into many frustrating moments during the course of their day. Are you aware?


Before it’s too late

Pass love from one generation to the other

Filial Piety

“Filial Piety”, a television commercial commissioned by Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) and National Family Council, was recognised as the most popular local TV ad in Mediacorp’sViewers Choice survey in Singapore. The ad follows the journey of a young boy, as he sees first hand the importance of respecting, honouring, and loving his parents, through the best and the worst of times. “How one generation loves, the next generation learns.” The commercial is part of a campaign online at Facebook.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube (HD)

The concept of filial piety (Chinese: 孝; pinyin: xiào) is one of the virtues honoured in Confucian writing to be held above all else: a respect for the parents and ancestors. The campaign was developed in response to obvservations that more and more Singaporeans had been starting to interact less with their parents. The number of elderly being sent to old folks homes was on the rise.
Leo Burnett creative director Chris Chiu talks about the thinking behind the commercial. “We played with a couple of insights. Firstly, every parent loves their child unconditionally; whether or not the child is an angel or a brat. Just the way it is. But how do you make the younger generation reciprocate the love? Especially so when the parent isn’t the nicest of people? Primarily, filial piety is the interaction between 2 generations, so I thought it would be interesting to tell this story from a 3rd generation looking in (i.e. the grandson)”.
Filial Piety was shot straight after filming ‘Funeral‘ with Yasmin Ahmad in April 2009. Director David Tsui filmed over four days using multiple locations including the old Tan Tock Seng Hospital, using actors recruited off the street. “The father is actually a cab driver (the scene in which he drops his recently-widowed mum off is actually his cab) and the grandson is a student from SOTA (Singapore School of the Arts). The flashback mother and son are a real mother and son.”


Filial Piety was developed at Leo Burnett Singapore by creative director/art director/copywriter Chris Chiu, planner Saurabh Varma, account management team Kurt Viertel, Claire Chan, Lee Min Qi, Tay Yi Ling, Stella Pok, Brenda Koh, agency producer Anthony Lee
Filming was shot by director David Tsui via Moviola, Singapore. Post production was done at Touches, Hong Kong, and VHQ, Singapore. Sound was produced by Ricky Ho at Yellow Box, Singapore.

AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011

We are young, small yet confident, determent and competent.. This is what the young boy symbolized in an epic ad 

One more thing, sport will be always a tool of making peace and uniting nations.

I am a big fan of Qatar brand and if other nations learn from how the this brand is managed, I believe the term third world will be obsolete.

Beitech: Anorexic Funeral

“15% of woman who suffer from anorexia will die this year. 
For donations:

Beitech is a non profit organization for woman with eating disorders.

Advertising Agency: Mccann Erickson, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Vice President Creative Directors: Eldad Wienberger, Tal Raviv
Creative Director: Igal Hazan
Art Director: Ifat Shleziger
Copywriter: Asaf Zelicovitch
VP Accounts: Ifat Wieder-Arad
Account Director: Chen Biran

Why would an energy company want us to use less energy?

Talking Energy’s a great little interactive campaign, and nice to see that E.ON is helping to raise public awareness of what it calls the Energy Trilemma – i.e. how to balance security of supply, reduction of carbon emissions, and affordability.
The campaign’s all about encouraging consumers to use less energy, and E.ON hopes that by doing this it will help reduce household bills, engender loyalty and customer support, and ultimately drive long-term profit.

Prajwala|A prostitute only becomes one when you hire her.

You don't need a network ad agency to tell a straight forward messages. Small shops for some reason are doing better.

This ad campaign done for a NGO called Prajwala, which deals with human-trafficking/prostitution. They spread awareness and also provide care for rescued girls. We had kept the copy in a clean font and background, but the client wanted it to be more visually appealing. They were put up in railway stations/truck stops/taxi stops.

Advertising Agency: Bushtail, Bangalore, India
Creative Director: Jeevan Sebastian
Art Director: Deepak P.
Copywriter: Shikha Gupta
Published: May 2010

Prajwala: Job benefits
Job benefits include STDs, cancer, trauma, humiliation, and multiple abortions. Please apply in person.
A prostitute only becomes one when you hire her.

Prajwala: Age
Women candidates between the age of 6 to 57 can apply in person.
A prostitute only becomes one when you hire her.

Prajwala: Abused
Candidates willing to be abused, raped and locked up, may apply in person.
A prostitute only becomes one when you hire her. 

Makes you love biking again

"A true holistic approach for both strategy build up and designe process."

Americans are riding bikes more than ever, yet cycling is still held up as some sort of cultish hobby relegated to aggro dudes with messenger bags who live and die by their fixed gears. 

So maybe it’s time for a new image, yeah? Colle+McVoy, a Minneapolis ad agency, has partnered with the coalition Bikes Belong to design People for Bikes, an ingenious bike branding campaign that presents a refreshingly sunny view of life on two wheels. The effort includes a Web site, posters, TV spots, products, and a push from the cycling king himself, Lance Armstrong, all in the name of growing a national front for promoting bike-friendly policies. “Each piece is meant to inspire people from all backgrounds and levels of ability to bike and join the movement to make biking easier and better,” a Colle+McVoy spokeswoman tells us in an email. Put another way: It’s advocacy gussied up as lifestyle branding. And it’s pretty damn clever. The heart of the campaign is this cheery graphic, one of the best logos we’ve seen in a long time. (And at last, a smiley face we don’t associate with Walmart.)

Here’s the Web site, also well-designed, with a simple interface, and lots of round buttons and type (round like wheels, get it?). Its primary goal is to get a million people to sign a petition “for bikes."


The campaign is clever because it lifts riding from the fringes of greasy-haired Mission Street cool kids and sets it down in mainstream America, where, if bike advocates are going to have more sway, it has to be. For bike dorks who lament the encroaching conformity, fear not. You can always slap that smiley logo onto a messenger bag.

Lidl Supermarkets “The Marathon for Water”

In Guiné-Bissau, women have to walk the equivalent of a Marathon to reach the most basic things such as water. Lidl, a german supermarket that has been in Portugal for over 15 years decided to do something to change this and forever shorten these distances. This is the Marathon for water.
Agency: Leo Burnett Iberia.

Greenpeace in Zurich all down to earth


At 24:15 last May 25, 131 people have fallen to the ground simultaneously in different parts of the city of Zurich. 131 is also the number of accidents from January 1, 2000 saw the four nuclear plants Beznau, Mühleberg, Gösgen and Leibstadt in Switzerland.Implemented a demonstration by Greenpeace to protest the use of nuclear energy, stressing the unpreparedness of Swiss citizens to a possible nuclear accident.
In support of the activity, to generate traffic to the site of the project "Reliable Electricity"and to inform the population on three areas involved in the review by Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (HSK), almost 300 billboards have directed motorists and pedestrians on right direction.
Remember the meme Playing Dead recently revisited on Chatroulette?