Tim Tam Orchard


The relationship between chocolate biscuit brand Tim Tam and consumers was changing. It was continually on special at retailers, the buy-one-get-one-free variety. Its ‘magic’ relegated to 30 second TV spots. That special place that Tim Tam held with consumers needed to be rekindled.Tim Tam was becoming what it always was, just a biscuit. It faced the challenge of increasing engagement and sales and wanted a campaign designed as a celebration of the love and happiness that Tim Tams created amongst Australians. The brand wished to achieve this through social media to grow sales by 23%.


Tim Tam realised it needed to convey to people that it was not just a product. Tim Tam was a feeling. It needed to rekindle the truly, madly feeling of Tim Tam by getting it out of supermarkets and into consumer lives.


In response to Tim Tam’s Facebook post, a fan ‘wished’ that Tim Tam grew on trees. There was a seed of an idea in this and the brand came up with Tim Tam Orchard. It built this orchard in the biggest square in Sydney - Martin Place with thousands of Tim Tam’s just waiting to be picked in an embodiment of the truly, madly Tim Tam feeling. It released a series of posts on Facebook detailing a mysterious event to be held at Martin Place on 2nd May 2012.
The brand also wanted the Tim Tam Facebook community to share the experience with their friends. So it asked them if they would like to be in the new Tim Tam ad. The brand had an idea to capture the spirit of the Tim Tam Orchard by making TV ads, hundreds and hundreds of them so that people could share the day with their friends.
On the day of the orchard launch, the brand didn’t sample Tim Tam’s to Sydneysiders, people picked them from trees - 110,000 of them. It drove attendance on the day with geo-targeted Facebook and Google ads, coupled with social media check-ins through Facebook. The brand used Sydney DJs to direct audiences to Martin Place on the event day.
Attendees generated high volumes of UGC and shared the experience with their social networks. The brand sent  influential bloggers to the Tim Tam Orchard event to tweet and post content.


The campaign culminated in 1,570 TVCs made on the day that captured the Truly, Madly, feeling of the Tim Tam Orchard. The other 1,569 were personalised TVCs created for the fans who stuck up their hand to be in the TV commercial (from the search and social ads) who supplied their details so Tim Tam could personalise the ads. They were then able to view and share their TVC from Tim Tam’s YouTube channel - generating over 475,000 views on YouTube with an average time spent of 6 minutes.
Most importantly the brand managed a 23% baseline sales uplift over the campaign period, with a national penetration gain from 19% to 21. There were 4,500,000+ PR impressions. An additional 60,000 Facebook fans signed up over the campaign.

Tim Tam
February - May 2012
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