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Absolut Vodka: Glimmer

Absolut Vodka: Glimmer
Absolut Glimmer
Make the present exceptional

Latest global campaign for Absolut Vodka, Absolut Glimmer. It's a global initiative where brand have changed the iconic bottle shape for the first time since its conception. The campaign concept is "Make the present exceptional" and the design idea is about dressing the bottle for this moment in time. In today's world, where everything can be recorded, copied or streamed by the press of a button the "here and now" is the new super exclusive. To celebrate this Absolut created a glimmering Absolut Bottle that only will be available for a short time.

Advertising Agency: Team Family Business, Sweden
Creative Directors: John Lagerqvist, Mårten Knutsson
Design: John Lagerqvist, Fredrik Lindquist
Copywriter: Tove Norström
Original: Christian Styffe
Fotography: Jens Mortensen

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