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Lilly | Lilly - Get it out of the way


Getting men to visit a doctor is difficult in the best of circumstances. Trying to encourage a visit to discuss to Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH enlarged Prostate) is near impossible. And yet that was the primary objective of Lilly’s ED and BPH treatment education campaign.
Peeling apart the core target provided the insight that these “balanced men" (referred to as "Balanced Barry") – aged 40-65 yrs, active, healthy and in stable relationships - want to enjoy life with their partner and hope nothing gets in the way. As sensitive personal conditions, Balanced Barry is reluctant to talk about them, with anyone: partner, friend, let alone their doctor.
In fact, research has shown that it can take an average of two years to seek treatment for this condition, with many men not seeking treatment at all, instead viewing this as an untreatable part of the natural aging process. Against this backdrop of embarrassment and stigma, the internet is a unique vehicle which allows for understanding of the condition and the potential treatments available, whilst offering complete discretion. Trust is vital - Balanced Barry wants to ensure they are receiving accurate health information and when investigating the conditions, the first place they turn to would be a trusted medical source.


Discretion & Integrity. Due to the sensitive nature and strict regulatory requirements, OMD needed to accurately target Balanced Barry. Therefore, it needed digital vehicles that would serve a message against the specific profile. The efforts focused on encouraging men to deal with ED/BPH concerns by connecting them with information that enabled a meaningful conversation with their doctor, helping them realise these conditions are treatable and need not infringe on their relationship.
The overarching digital strategy was to own Balanced Barry's experiences, within laser targeted male interest sites, in trusted health resources and when they were seeking additional information within Search. The objective was to help support Balanced Barry on his journey to treatment, occupying all of his digital touchpoints, like a trusted friend offering guidance and prompting action. Establishing a long term (always-on) presence was a key goal within these trusted platforms. The agency recognised that standard digital advertising can sometimes be seen as wallpaper, so went deeper by integrating Lilly ED & BPH doctor-produced tools and advice into trusted 3rd Party medical environments. This allowed Lilly to embed content and form a deeper association where men and their partners were going to learn more. Search is also a key resource for men looking for guidance and information.
Of course, paid search is the backbone to many campaigns and OMD looked to own and optimise the core ED/BPH keywords, to establish real estate in this space, capture traffic and drive to Lilly content areas for greater education and engagement. These relevant partnerships and quality search implementations were further reinforced by serving highly targeted ads via a real-time display buying tool. Focusing in on Barry in their other core areas of interest - News, Sports, men’s lifestyle – these communications acted as reminder messaging, additional to offline media and encouraged prompt action.


The partnerships with flagship third party independent medical sites involve annual, always-on activity to establish a long term association within the ED/BPH space. While unique solutions were developed in each market, these partnerships delivered deeper engagement and integrity across a breadth of activity:
- Trusted Medical writers, commissioned to answer new questions on ED and BPH within the site
- Co-branded Medical Site / Lilly Hub, providing integrated content through an environment the reader trusts
- Case studies for readers to engage with
- Sponsorship of ED Health Centres
These editorial relationships gave understanding and credibility to the Lilly message and drove greater engagement to prompt action – supporting the goals of educating men and getting them to talk to a Doctor. Specific to Search, it concentrated on information seeking terms around ED and BPH, served with continually tested ad copy. Optimisation focused to the Talk to your Doctor and Questionnaire sections of the website (for Barry to print off to take to his doctor). Additionally, bidding on campaign terms and ED/BPH health related terms, connected the audience to content offline to online - allowing them to explore content relating to symptoms, causes, treatment etc., furthering the propensity to talk to a doctor.
To serve highly targeted messages to these men with limited wastage, OMD utilised digital programmatic buying. This technology offered both contextual and demographic data targeting, combined with the cost efficiency of biddable display media. This ensured it directed the display communications to Balanced Barry effectively and efficiently.


Independent Millward Brown research proved achievement of the primary objective getting "Balance Barry's" to visit their doctor - on average those who saw the campaign were 45% more likely to visit their doctor. The extremely relevant partnerships dramatically improved our primary “Talk/Find a Doctor” measures. -
Sweden: In first 5 months 12.2k men read the partnered articles with an outstanding 31% clicking through to Lilly for more guidance
Spain: CTR jumped from 0.15% display, to 0.71% with the new partnership presence and Talk/Find a Doctor % post click conversion improved to 8.8%, versus 1.2% of previous activity across all markets.
Search improved the key KPIs during the April/May campaign with 1 in 10 going from homepage to take the ED/BPH health questionnaire and 1 in 16 to visit ‘Find/Talk to your doctor’ (28,000 ED/BPH questionnaire and 18,000 Find/Talk to doctor visits). Overlaying programmatic buying dramatically reduced the cost per KPI (Find/Talk to a Doctor) conversion, with reductions of 51% in Sweden and 67% in Spain vs. previous traditional display.
A challenging task but the campaign has prompted more "Balanced Barry's" to visit their doctor and solve their ED/BPH problems.

    The Netherlands
    United Kingdom
    Direct Marketing,Digital,Online,Print


    The World’s Biggest Hug

    Conselho Nacional Do Sesi, the national council of social services in Brazil, ran the world’s biggest hug over two days in October 2010 using the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. Over two nights the statue’s spotlights were turned off, allowing projections of cityscapes and 3D imagery to create the illusion that Christ was closing his arms around the city. The symbolic 3D hugs were linked to the number of visitors to the Carinho de Verdade (True Affection) campaign site, raising public awareness of the impact of sexual abuse on children and teenagers, and encouraging the development of healthy relationships of trust.
    Cristo Redentor Hug


    The True Affection campaign was launched on October 19, in Rio de Janeiro, by National Council of SESI in partnership with Globo TV, the Human Rights Secretariat of the Presidency, the Committee National Combat Sexual Violence against Children and Adolescents, Childhood Brazil, the SESC / SENAC, Petrobras, and Firjan
    various organizations that make up the networks to deal with violent sex in Brazil.

    The Carinho de Verdade campaign was developed at Agnelo Pacheco by creative directors Gui Pacheco and Paulo Bertoni, copywriter Tatá Marx, art director Juan Sales, agency producers Ozana Andrade and Suellen Rocha, graphic producers Ozana Andrade and Márcio Monteiro, account team Sabrina Ravagnani and Felipe Dória working with SESI marketing director Cleude Gomes.
    The World’s Biggest Hug event was developed at Monumenta (previously known as Casanova Comunicação), Brasília, by creative director Carlos Grillo, art directors Cloves Menezes and Glauber Dorotheu, copywriter Paula Cunha, planner Fernando Torres, account manager Martha Leticia Ferreira, account supervisor Livia De França, producers Rosely Youssef and Daniela Hemesath.
    Digital work was produced by Digital Group. Filming was produced at Cinevídeo.
    3D content production by VisualFarm, included architectural mapping of the statue, and involved eight 15,000 ansilumens projectors. Content was directed by Fernando Salis.
    The campaign won two Bronze Lions at Cannes 2011, two silver at the 2011 NY Advertising Festivals, and a silver at the CLIO Awards 2011.


    Sexy Fingers| another AIDS ad

    Aides: Sexy Fingers

    With just a finger, you can also test for HIV

    The new AIDES campaign, all about rhythm and technicolor is acting as a decisive argument for an important matter: Rapid HIV testing (results in 20 minutes or less) . Full of colors, energy, and originality, the message is simple: one finger is enough to play, but also to get tested for HIV.
    Advertising Agency: JWT Paris, France
    Creative Director: Ghislain de Villoutreys
    Art Director: Elodie Matyjasik
    Illustrator: Jean-Michel Tixier
    TV Production: Charlotte Saint-Paul
    Music: Flairs
    Production: Frenzy
    Website: Anonymous
    Published: July 2011

    AIDS is boldly relevant, In addition they are quite fun their video, this is the  spot of the penis , "  Clever Dick  ", the  Chat Smutley  or  Popol tourists 


    PRIA|Golden Targets PR winners

    The Public Relations Institute of Australia, the trade body for public relations professionals has named its best PR campaigns of the year at its Golden Target Awards.
    The winners:
    Government Sponsored Campaigns:
    Water & Vine campaign by Peter Fuller of Fuller for the Grape and Wine Research Development Corporation
    Australia experienced what became known as “the worst drought in 100 years” from 2005 to 2009. Severely reduced water allocations threatened the livelihoods of wine grape growers, as well as the $4 to $5 billion wine industry and dozens of regional communities along the Murray River. A Federally funded $1.3 million integrated communication strategy was delivered by Fuller and the Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation.
    Public Affairs:
    Regional Cities Victoria – A Growing Solutions campaign for Regional Cities Victoria by Rachael Sweeney and David Hawkins of SOCOM
    In 2008, new population projections indicated the State Government had substantially under-estimated how many people would be living in Melbourne by 2030. A rapid and unplanned increase in population would threaten the city’s highly publicised liveability, and the State’s productivity. Regional Cities Victoria believed encouraging significant population growth in the regions would ease the pressure on Melbourne and create a productive, liveable regional Victoria. Socom worked with the group to ensure the State Government’s policy for managing Victoria’s population growth included increased government investment in Victoria’s regions to stimulate population growth.
    Issues Management:
    Adelaide: Australia’s Learning City campaign by Mark Osborne of Education Adelaide
    During 2009 Australia was labelled “racist” by the Indian media following attacks on Indian students. Australia’s reputation as a safe place to study was in tatters and the lucrative Indian education market was in danger of drying up as enrolments dropped and students returned home. South Australia’s international education marketing agency Education Adelaide, which has overseen the tripling of student numbers since 2002, launched an issues management strategy to re-establish South Australia’s reputation as a safe destination.
    Community Relations:
    Jesus. All About Life campaign by Sharon Williams and Sharon Ghatora of Taurus Marketing for Bible Society NSW.
    In September 2009, the Bible Society launched the largest promotional campaign ever undertaken by Christians in Australia. Nearly 1800 Churches from 15 different Christian Denominations in NSW came together for the first time to focus on one task – bringing Jesus back into everyday conversations. The campaign presented a huge challenge with no product, service or event to promote, with a 2000 year old intangible.
    Internal Communication:
    Turning Around Morale and Employee Engagement within a Dispersed Construction Business campaign by Susan Pantall of Leighton Contractors
    Employees of Leighton Contractors Western Australia were experiencing low morale and job insecurity after a period of negative publicity. This was largely due to industrial action on a high profile Perth project and organisational changes that significantly reduced the company’s revenue base. With no existing internal communication program in place, the challenge was to build morale, deliver communication that met the needs of the employees and build the company’s reputation.
    Investor Relations including Merger Acquisition Communication:
    Maintaining a Strong, Independent Profile For St George Bank Following its Merger with Westpac campaign by Robyn Sefiani of Sefiani Communications and Simon Covill of St George Bank.
    After the St George merger with Westpac was passed in November 2008, Westpac committed to have St George operate an independent brand within the multi-brand Group. Over 2009 St George and Sefiani executed a national media relations campaign, themed “St George is open for business”, that leveraged consumer-centric surveys, sponsorship and executive profiling for maximum effect. St George achieved its key objective – maintaining its No. 1-ranked reputation among major banks – and St George brand consideration among consumers increased.
    Consumer Marketing and Social Marketing – New and/or Existing Product or Service Including Prescription Medicines:
    First winner -Intense Tomatoes Australian Launch campaign by Shay Ashton of BBS PR for SP Exports
    SP Exports, Australia’s largest supplier of fresh field grown tomatoes, appointed BBS in 2009 to manage the Australian launch of the world’s first no mess tomato – Intense® tomatoes. BBS’ strategy incorporated traditional communication methods with an online social marketing program to target opinion leaders, generate a sense of excitement and drive sales.
    Second winner – Oroton Blogger Outreach campaign by Natalie Musico and Jaselyn O’Sullivan of bellamyhayden: chatterbox
    bellamyhayden:chatterbox was engaged to promote Oroton’s The Studio, their new online store. Through highly targeted and individualized blogger outreach program to the top 10 influential fashion bloggers in Australia, bellamyhayden:chatterbox engaged these influencers and recommend their readers visit the Oroton website.
    Third winner – Fresher Tastes Better campaign by Melanie King of 303 for the Australian Olive Association
    303’s challenge was to find a sticky and compelling idea that would get the Australian media and general public behind an Australian product to get maximum exposure for a very deserving primary industry. In creating the ‘Fresher Tastes Better’ concept using blind taste tests at food shows and in the media led by campaign spokesperson chef Matt Moran, 303 generated a tremendous amount of coverage by more than 58 million pairs of eyes and increased sales by 20 – 30% in the six month campaign.
    Business to Business Marketing – New and/or Established Product or Service: Recipe For Foodservice Success campaign by Lee McLean of Professional Public Relations for the Incremental Marketing Group on behalf of Unilever, Simplot and Fonterra.
    In 2009, IBIS World research was forecasting that the next two years would see negative growth for the foodservice industry. Recipe for Foodservice was developed as a business-to-business program to better equip hospitality businesses in the running of their restaurants and eateries during an economically turbulent 2009. Foodservice companies Unilever, Simplot and Fonterra partnered to provide collective support to their customers and other eateries by sponsoring this program which offered practical business advice and encouragement in a non-competitive environment.
    Special Event/Observance: Back to Burrinjuck campaign by Liane Sayer-Roberts of Sauce Communications for State Water.
    To celebrate Burrinjuck Dam’s centenary, the program was designed to engage Yass residents and downstream communities in recognising the significance of NSW’s first major irrigation dam and the contribution of the people connected to it. The pinnacle of the program was the opening of the dam wall to the public for the first time in 20 years, with demand so high that the scheduled tour program was doubled.
    Environmental: Developing a Long Term Plan for the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth campaign by Judith Bleechmore and Janet Pryor of the Department for Environment and Natural Resources.
    Drought, over-allocation of water and climate change have left the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth region’s internationally significant wetlands on the brink of suffering irreversible damage. An opportunity existed to plan a community engagement strategy that informed, consulted and collaborated in a way that developed the best possible long-term plan for managing the region’s future.
    Health Organisations: FebFast 2010 campaign by Sally Tyrell of Haystac Positive Outcomes for FebFast.
    FebFast is an education and charity campaign encouraging individuals to work towards a healthier lifestyle by inviting people to forgo alcohol during February and secure sponsorship for their efforts.
    Corporate Social Responsibility: DDA: Community Engagement Program by Celina Weis of QR Passenger.
    The Queensland Rail Disability Discrimination Act Community Engagement Program is an initiative developed to obtain community input into the development of non-discriminatory and accessible Rail services. Since the introduction of the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Queensland Rail has worked to systematically identify and remedy the barriers that have historically impeded access for our customers with disabilities. To engage with customers who have disabilities a variety of strategies and activities are used including, reference groups, forums, consultations, information sessions, educational experiences, marketing materials and community sponsorship. The program has ensured Queensland Rail achieves its obligations under the DDA and ensures their services are in line with community requirements.
    Low Cost/Pro Bono: Cat Haven Christmas campaign by Jessica Reid for Cat Haven.
    In 2009, as an unpaid volunteer, Jessica Reid implemented the shelters first Christmas media and communication campaign. The campaign addressed the euthanasia of thousands of cats at Cat Haven occurring when the shelter is inundated with animals leading up to and during Christmas. Nearly 200 more cats lives saved during the largest cat dumping month and nearly 700 more saved between July and December compared same periods the previous year. These rates are also the highest the shelter has seen in its statistical history.


    "Australia"Golden Targets PR awards winners revealed

    The winners of The Golden Targets, the Australian PR industry’s main awards event, have been revealed.

    They were announced at the Public Relations Institute of Australia conference in Brisbane.

    The winners were:


    • COMMENDED: 100 Faces, 100 Stories commissioned by Commonwealth Bank of Australia – Liz McLaughlin from Horizon Communication Group (NSW)

    Business to Business

    • HIGHLY COMMENDED: Clarius Skills Index – Chris Newlan from Lighthouse Communications Group (NSW)

    • COMMENDED: Identifying the Gap: The Telstra Productivity Indicator commissioned by Telstra Enterprise & Gov. – Kieran Moore from Howorth (NSW)

    • COMMENDED: Profile of Nursing Workforce in 2020 commissioned by Kronos Australia – Adrianne Kern from Text 100 Public Relations (NSW)

    Community Relations

    • WINNER: Delivering Eastlink commissioned by SEITA, ConnectEast, Thiess John Holland – Jo Weeks from SEITA (VIC)

    • WINNER: The Vision Van commissioned by Novartis Pharmacuetical – Anne-Marie Sparrow from Cube PR (NSW)

    • HIGHLY COMMENDED: Gap Creek Road Upgrade commissioned by Brisbane City Council – Donna Marshall from Marcom Communication (QLD)

    • HIGHLY COMMENDED: Landsborough to Nambour Rail Project commissioned by DEP of Transport and Mains Roads – Marissa Brazier from Bayley Willey Holt Pty Ltd (QLD)

    • HIGHLY COMMENDED: Re-inventing Jezzine – By the People, For the People commissioned by Jezzine Barracks Community Trust – Jo-Anne Modesti from The Phillips Group (QLD)

    • HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Ring Road – Linking our Communities commissioned by QLD DEPT of Main Roads – Mary Balfour from Balfour Consulting Pty Ltd (QLD)

    • COMMENDED: Futures Plan 20 – Georgina Inwood from City of Canada Bay (NSW)

    • COMMENDED: Guiding Bass Coast Towards 2030 commissioned by Bass Coast Shire Council – Tricia Tsondropuro from Socom (VIC)

    • COMMENDED: Queensland’s Solar City – Shining a Light on Sustainable Living commissioned by Ergon Energy – Allison White from Ergon Energy (QLD)

    Consumer Marketing and Social Marketing – new and/or existing product or service including prescription medicines

    • WINNER: Visit Scandinavia commissioned by Scandinavian Tourist Board – Susanne Carpenter from Carpe Diem PR & Events (NSW)

    • HIGHLY COMMENDED: Orchestrating a Paradigm Shift in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes commissioned by Allergan Aust. – Kirsten Bruce from VIVA! Communications (NSW)

    • COMMENDED: How do you like your Vegemite & One Billionth Jar Campaign commissioned by KRAFT – Richard Amos from Royce Communications (VIC)

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    • WINNER: Leighton Contractors Develops Safer Young Drivers – Eva Ford-Murphy from Leighton Contractors (QLD)

    • HIGHLY COMMENDED: Amcor – Corporate Social Responsibility – Simone Ferrier-Clingan from Amcor Limited (VIC)

    • HIGHLY COMMENDED: Sony Ericsson time2rock: Volunteer Now to Rock Later commissioned by Sony Ericsson – Michelle Hutton from Hill & Knowlton (NSW)

    • COMMENDED: Transform Homelessness Campaign – Amanda Little from Edelman (NSW)

    Emergency/Crisis Communication

    • COMMENDED: Emergency Response to Victorian Bushfire Crisis – Brendan Carroll from Alfred Health (VIC)


    • HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Big Light Switch – Elizabeth Graetz from Three Plus (QLD)

    • HIGHLY COMMENDED: Chocolate Murray Cod commissioned by Waterfind Environment Fund – Anna Jackson from Ball Public Relations (SA)

    • COMMENDED: MobileMuster Guinness World Record Campaign commissioned by AMTA – Peter Lazar from Professional Public Relations (NSW)

    • COMMENDED: Sustainable Futures Forum commissioned by AIIA – Gabriel Wong from Max Australia (NSW)

    Government Sponsored Campaign

    • WINNER: Prove That You Love Me commissioned by Darwin City Council – Tracy Jones from Creative Territory (NT)

    • HIGHLY COMMENDED: Victoria’s New Graduated Licensing System commissioned by VIC Roads – John Scully from VICRoads (VIC)

    • HIGHLY COMMENDED: Big Country Big Opportunities – Jane Machin-Everill from Department of Education and Training (WA)

    • COMMENDED: Relief in Sight commissioned by AusAID – Angus Braithwaite from AusAID (ACT)

    • COMMENDED: Advanced Technology Trials commissioned by Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government – Terri-Helen Gaynor from Reputation Pty Ltd (NSW)

    • COMMENDED: Premier’s Active Families Challenge commissioned by DPCD – Melanie Wilkinson from Fenton Communications (VIC)

    Health Organisations

    • WINNER: Blood Watch – The Transfusion Question commissioned by Blood Watch – Melanie King from 303 (NSW)

    • HIGHLY COMMENDED: Social Network is Livewire for Sick Kids commissioned by Livewire – Kieran Moore from Howorth (NSW)

    • COMMENDED: Launch of KIDS ABSORB YOUR DRINKING commissioned by Drink Wise Australia – Lelde McCoy from The Reputation Group (VIC)

    Internal Communication

    • WINNER: Take 2 Safety Communication Campaign commissioned by Leighton Contractors – Vivian Lim from Leighton Contractors (QLD)

    • HIGHLY COMMENDED Employees ‘Invest in the Rewards’ Share Plan Campaign commissioned by Ausenco Limited – Helen Besly from Rowland Pty Ltd and Paula Lammey from Ausenco (QLD)

    • COMMENDED: IAG: Building the Corporate Office – Louisa Mackay from IAG (NSW)

    Investor Relations incl. Merger Acquisition Communication

    • WINNER: Cape Lambert Iron Ore A$400mil Asset Sale commissioned by Cape Lambert – Peter Harris from Professional Public Relations (WA)

    • COMMENDED: Manchester Unity – HCF Merger – Robyn Sefiani from Sefiani Communications Group (NSW)

    Issues Management

    • COMMENDED: Xstrata Zinc’s McArthur River Mining Temporary Mining Closure Puts Jobs and Community at Risk commissioned by Xstrata Zinc – Helen Besly from Rowland Pty Ltd (QLD)

    Low Cost/Pro Bono

    • COMMENDED: Make a Date with Amy commissioned by CEO AiMIA – Michael Henderson from Spectrum Communications (NSW)

    • COMMENDED: Hailey Turner for ‘The Best Job in the World’ commissioned by Best Job In the World – Margaret Lawson from Cole Lawson Communications (QLD)

    Public Affairs

    • WINNER: Keeping the Wheels Turning For Queensland Volunteers commissioned by Queensland Meals On Wheels – Margaret Lawson from Cole Lawson Communications (QLD)

    • HIGHLY COMMENDED: Toowoomba Bypass Petition Campaign commissioned by Toowoomba Regional Council – Penny Townley from The Phillips Group (QLD)

    • COMMENDED: From $0 to $3 Million in 6 Months commissioned by Exec.DIR LCC Q – Elissa Jenkins from Lifeline Community Care Queensland (QLD)

    Recovery Communication

    • COMMENDED: IAG: The Road to Recovery commissioned by IAG – Carolyn McCann from IAG (NSW)

    Special Event / Observance

    • WINNER: Celebrating 160 years of The Royal Melbourne Hospital commissioned by Melbourne Health – Catherine Lander from Melbourne Health (VIC)

    • HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Consecration of Bishop Kay Goldsworthy commissioned by Anglican Diocese of Perth – Marie Mills from Mills Wilson Communication Consultants (WA)

    • COMMENDED: Bidwill Blitz Build commissioned by Habitat for Humanity Australia – Emma Jane Granleese from Weber Shandwick (NSW)

    Small Business SMM

    If you own a small business, it seems like everyone is trying to get you to use social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twit...