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Qdoba | Queso Bliss Showdown

Popular restaurant chain, Qdoba, created a campaign where their fans could vote for their favorite queso, deciding which one the company would keep and which one would have to go.
The best part about this social media campaign was that the Qdoba team updated the results in real-time, keeping everyone engaged, and building suspense around the showdown. 

The drunk thief | Mahiki Night Club / Anti Drink and Drive – 2012

Antral Taxi Company  / Anti Drink and Drive – 2007
Source : Cannes BRONZE LION
Agency : DraftFCB Lisbon (Portugal)

The Drunk Thief
Mahiki Night Club / Anti Drink and Drive – 2012
Source : Adsoftheworld
Agency : Bates Pangulf (UAE)

Mahiki, Dubai's newest and hottest nightclub, wished to promote the use of taxis instead of drinking and driving, as one of their social responsibility initiatives so Bates PanGulf created this idea

Category: Public interest
Client: Mahiki
Agency: Bates PanGulf
Country: United Arab Emirates
Creative Director: Richard Nugent
Creative Director: Prasanna Hegde
Art Director: Haja Mohideen
Art Director: vidhu pv
Art Director: Abdul Shafeek
Copywriter: Sheldon Serrao
Creative Group Head: rajaram ojha

McDonalds Baby»»»I nominate this Ad for Most Outstanding Commercial

McDonalds “Baby” is one of the nominations for Most Outstanding Commercial at the Primetime Emmy Awards being held on September 18 in Los Angeles. The commercial, launched in April 2010, features a dad whose attempts to keep his baby asleep involve driving around in the car in the night. He manages to get an order into the McDonald’s Drive Through attendant, but only by circling a few times.

McDonalds Baby

The McDonalds Baby ad was developed at TBWA\Chiat\Day by chief creative officer Mark Figliulo, copywriter Erik Fahrenkopf, art director Anthony Decarolis, executive producer Matt Bijarchi, senior producer (Media Arts) David Fisher.
Filming was shot by director Fredrik Bond via MJZ, Los Angeles, with director of photography Joost Van Gelder, executive producer Eric Stern and line producer Anita Wetterstedt.
Editor was Gavin Cutler at Mackenzie Cutler with assistant editor Mona Salma and executive producer Melissa Miller.
Music was produced at Human Worldwide.

McDonalds"“A to Z”

McDonalds in the UK is running “A to Z”, an integrated advertising campaign deisgned to reassure parents about the high quality of McDonalds food, commitment to corporate social responsibility, staff training opportunities, environmental initiatives and its commitment to their local communities. “Everything from our ingredients to our people. Discover what makes McDonald’s.” A 60 second television commercial has kids, parents and farmers interacting with each letter of the alphabet to bring to life behind-the-scenes stories. The campaign is carried over online at, instore (trayliners), in print ads and on the side of McDonald’s trucks. Intricate illustrations build on the handmade feel of the TV, each depicting an individual letter and the story it represents or collecting the entire 26 stories together.
McDonalds A to Z

McDonalds A to Z site
McDonalds A to Z
McDonalds A to Z
McDonalds A to Z
McDonalds A to Z
McDonalds A to Z Truck - Farmers
McDonalds A to Z truck - Eggs
McDonalds A to Z tray liner


The A to Z campaign was developed at Leo Burnett, London, by copywriter Graham Lakeland, art director Richard Robinson, planner Jessica Summerfield, working with McDonalds marketing manager Jo Webster.
Media was managed at OMD UK, London, by planner Andrew Lloyd.
Filming was shot by director Sara Dunlop via Rattling Stick, London, with producer Stuart Bentham and director of photography Nanu Segal.
Editor was Bill Smedley at Work Post. Post production was done at The Moving Picture Company (MPC), London, by VFX producer / supervisor Anandi Peiris. Audio post production was done at Wave Studios, London. Voiceover is Mark Wooten.
Print work was by illustrator Kate Forrester.

McDonalds| come clean

Integrated Campaign

Problem: People feel guilty about eating McDonald’s food because of negative publicity around its nutritional value. Local governments have even banned McDonalds advertising targeted at children.
Insight: Healthy eaters spring for McDonalds as a guilty pleasure but are ashamed of their secret McDonalds habit. The majority of McDonalds related tweets deal with people rewarding themselves with McDonalds or feeling guilty about eating there.
Solution: Let closeted McDonalds fanatics know that they’re not alone. Have people come clean about their McDonalds habit by publicly confessing.



We created the twitter account: @McDsConfession and the hash tag #McDsConfessionFeeds for both of these handles display all the McDonalds Confessions worldwide in realtime on the website



MY ROLE: Concept development, copywriting and twitter creation/updating.
AD: Warner Whatley
CW: Adam Aceino
CD: Mark Fenske

Dunkin Donuts | ”giving it 110%”

Problems: The recession  forced commuters to cut back on coffee, breakfast and lunch from fast food franchises. What consumers don’t know is that Dunkin Donuts was founded on and helped fuel America out of The Great Depression. Most importantly, Dunkin Donuts is a quasi-bakery that doesn’t serve a bakers’ dozen.

Insight: Dunkin’s customers, hard-working Americans, pride themselves on their cliched  ”giving it 110%” work ethic.
Solution: Inspire Americans to keep giving 110% by setting a good example. Give Americans a bakers’ dozen worth of everything Dunkin Donuts sells.
To do this, we created a line of promotional Bakers’ Dozen products to be sold next to their pre-ground coffee in supermarkets and at franchise locations.
To get the word out about the promotion, we created a campaign targeting morning commuters. The target market spends a lot of time with traditional media, especially while commuting. So our campaign features: print, radio, outdoor and point of purchase poster ads to remind commuters to stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way to work.
Dunkin' Donuts Bakers' Dozen Promotion Product Line




In-Store Poster

MY ROLES: Concept development, copywriting, product development/design. 
AD: Stuart Knowlan
CW: Adam Aceino
CD: Cabell  Harris

Making Mona Lisa copycat-sad

The copycat(er)
Big Mac - Mona Lisa - McDonald's Belgique

The 2nd copycat(er)
Neviot - Mona Lisa

The Original

Brunch Mona Lisa