TV commercials review: Ariston Aqualis

The song is called "Ask the mountains" and is composed by Vangelis.
It appears on Vangelis' 1996 album, "Voices". Stina Nordenstam contributes with the vocals.

Christina Aguilera Perfumes:::Sometimes it's all you need to wear

BRAND :Christina Aguilera Perfumes
BRAND OWNER :Procter & Gamble
REGION :Israel
DATE :Jan 2009

Based on the concept: "Sometimes it's all you need to wear", Diplomat Distributors wanted to create awareness of Christina Aguilera’s perfume and motivate them to buy the product in the midst of a global economic crisis, when people were reluctant to make unnecessary purchases.
Tens of thousands of quality clothes hangers were hung in public locations all over the country, each with a perfume sample and a branded Christina Aguilera label attached.

The hangers were hung in every possible location, mostly in crowded places outside malls and near Israel’s leading pharmacy chain, SuperPharm, where the perfume was exclusively sold. The message: “sometimes it’s all you need to wear” suggestively adorned each one. The hangers were placed on railings, on trees and in stores.
The total activity cost $30,000 and the campaign reached more than 1.5m consumers and led to the highest ever sales for a new perfume in Israel, with the scent selling out within a week.

The client also got extensive news coverage in newspapers, TV and online. Estimated worth of free publicity – more than $200K.

Conservative Party:::Sorry from Gordon Brown

BRAND:Conservative Party
DATE:Mar 2009 - Dec 2008

The UK opposition party, The Conservatives, wanted put the pressure on the governing Labour Party. The Tories were particularly keen on putting the pressure on him for his economic policy, which contributed to the fact that the country was in a state of recession and that banks have had to be bailed out by the Government.
The Tories launched a search marketing campaign that aimed to mock the Prime Minister for his economic track record.
The strategy was to buy the paid search key words “Gordon Brown”, so that any time anyone on Google entered the name, the first sponsored link that appeared along side it was a link to www.sorryfromgordon.com.
The site said it wanted an apology and claimed that: “Gordon Brown bottled out of saying sorry in his speech to Congress yesterday so write an apology for him and send it to your friends.” Users on the site could write a fake letter of apology from Gordon Brown from a selection of drop down menus featuring humorous options. Users could finish the sentence “Today, I feel duty bound to say sorry...” with one of the following options: “I genuinely believe that I have let you down”; “Britain is on the brink of bankruptcy and it is my fault”, or “Peter Mandelson told me to”.
The site also gives the option to send the apology to up to five friends, giving it a viral element.

Canon:::Human statues

CATEGORY:Electronic Goods
REGION:South Africa

Canon wanted to demonstrate the image stabilizer found inside the new Canon Powershot IS 2000 camera with a suitably “stable” media platform.
While performance artists who pose as human statues are nothing new, using them as a media platform is.

Their ability to stay still and cool under pressure is precisely the functionality that Canon was trying to highlight. Canon recruited a selection of such performance artists to stand on a Canon branded plinth in high traffic areas close to camera shops or in high action locations which would usually be photographed.

The plinths carried the message: “The ultimate in image stabilization”. The human statues would remain perfectly still for ages, before rapidly moving to the amusement or surprise of passers by.

Axe:::Dark Temptation Game

CATEGORY :Toiletries/ Cosmetics
REGION :Brazil

DATE;Apr 2008 - Aug 2008

Dark Temptation was a new weapon for Axe that enabled men to improve their seduction game. The aim was to make the man as irresistible to women as chocolate, hence the chocolate undertones to the Axe spray variant.
The overall campaign, including the TV commercial, featured the Chocolate Man – literally a man made out of chocolate who finds himself being chased by women who want to eat him.
Axe created a game, entitled The Dark Temptation Game Saga – where the consumer played the chocolate man, running away from the women who try and take parts of his body. The game brought together content from all the other elements of the campaign.

The models used in the out of home strategy were converted into 3D to become game characters. In order to do well, the player could throw chocolate “fingers” away as traps to distract the women and continue without being attacked. Axe hid special codes on the brand’s blog and in a rich media ad which caused the women in the game to be dressed only in their underwear.
The campaign was supported via posters in cinemas, in a widget with more information about the game, in key gaming magazines as well as in print. During the campaign, the best players were weekly rewarded with kits containing AXE products, game posters, t-shirt, cap and backpacks signed by the artists Will Murai and Guilherme Marconi. The fight for the grand prix lasted 8 weeks. The overall winner won an arcade machine with The Dark Temptation Saga game installed in it, which was delivered to his house, along with an Axe kit.
In four months of campaign, there were more than 2 million unique visitors, with users spending an average of 10 minutes on the site.

The Dark Temptation Saga Game was such a great hit in Brazil that ended up being translated and used in the launching strategy of AXE Dark Temptation in other countries: USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


Axe Dark Temptation localisation strategy
DATE: Jan 2008 - Nov 2008

Axe’s brand platform is “Gives You The Edge in the Mating Game” – the eternal interplay between guys and girls in the territory of attraction.
Their new fragrance for 2008, Dark Temptation, had to bring this proposition to life locally.
Axe wanted to create a fragrance so good that women would want to eat it.
An ice cream tasting session with women revealed rich chocolate was the flavour women wanted most. Axe translated it to a fragrance, Dark Temptation, and set out to inform guys of its 'effects' – the insight being guys want to be as irresistible as chocolate! From the brief, the 'Irresistible as Chocolate' platform was born and developed into core advertising – a chocolate man who represented this idea

In digitally advanced France 200,000 guys received “chocolate nibbles & licks” from girls on social networking site Skyrock. While real life 'Chocolate Guys' caused a stir in youth ‘energy centres. Less developed Romania wrapped huge Axe posters in foil and gradually peeled back daily to reveal Dark Temptation, reflecting in-store work. Belgium surfed a national obsession, creating luxury chocolate love tokens to pass on. Pulling professionals challenged UK guys to test their pick-up power armed only with a bar of chocolate, released as virals. Markets shared ideas for sexy local celebrity ‘chocolate ambassadors’- tempting guys with the 'effect' chocolate had on them providing huge PR on chocolate as an aphrodisiac. Portugal tempted guys in confectionary aisles to seize the moment, buy chocolate, seduce girls, and win a visit to the Chocolate Pleasure Mansion.
Dark Temptation was the fourth most successful launch in Axe’s 25 year history, and surpassed all major global and European sales goals. After only six months, it was among the top 20 global deodorant launches ever, across all brands.

Reebok:::Rondo ringtone

BRAND OWNER :Adidas Reebok
CATEGORY :Accessories/ Clothing/ Footwear
DATE :Jun 2008 - Dec 2007
In 2008, the Boston Celtics reached the NBA final for the first time in over 20 years. Reebok wanted to create a campaign that would magnify the excitement and magic of this sporting moment, with only 8 days to turn around the campaign.
The key objectives were to activate the Reebok brand during the highest profile basketball series, establish authenticity and credibility in the basketball category and drive sales of Reebok’s basketball merchandise.
The Reebok-sponsored player Rondo was the number one asset. Reebok wanted to build on the growing popularity of the player while driving traffic to the mobile site.
The key was to encourage people to download a “You Got Rondo’d” ringtone to their mobile phones and sign up for ring backs before each of the games.
This meant that when the games happened, the phones were set up to go off whenever Rondo played a good move. As soon as he made a great play, all of the phones rang out with the ringtone “You got Rondo’d”. When people picked up the calls, they heard further messages from ex-Celtics legends providing an instant payoff for the consumer in real time as they watched the game unfold.
The personalized WAP site also featured NBA player info, links to product cataluge, send to a friend mechanism and bespoke videos based on the same theme
This was supported by mobile and online ads, flyering in bars in and around the stadiums where the finals were being played, as well as a key in-stadium presence on the big screen. There was also a Reebok homepage takeover, targeted mobile banners, videos seeded on YouTube.
As a result, the mobile site received over half a million unique visits.
Mobile ringtones and videos were downloaded by more than 200,000 people. Sales of Reebok’s Celtics and basketball merchandise exceeded US and international targets. The phrase “You got Rondo’d” has also now entered into household vernacular.

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