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Missed the last 100 years? Find them in Jabal Amman

Wild Jordan is running a Jabal Amman photo treasure hunt on May 21st. There are clues hidden to help competitors find “some of our city’s
oldest treasures”.

Registration fee is 60JDs per a 4-person team, and it starts at 9:00 AM (the money will be used to protect the wild life in Jordan).
The first three prizes are:
- Accommodation for four at Feynan Ecolodge and a gift vouchers from The Nature Shop for the amount of 25JD/person for all of the members of the first winning group.
- Gift Voucher of 100JD for lunch at The Café (Wild Jordan)
- A trip for four to the Wadi Mujib water trail


Tanmia Chicken|Summer Nuggets

Ice cream



Djeje mfakkra 7ala booza

Djeje mfakkra 7ala farache

Djeje mfakkra 7ala samke

Djeje mfakkra 7ala marse

 Agency: Leo Burnett


Brand Review:::Batatee5

Brand: Batatee5

Brand Owner: Batatee5 Creations

Geography: Jordan

Launch Date: 2008-2009

Value Proposition

  • Batatee5 is truly engaging brand, it was created by lovers and consumers not by marketing departments to tap into basic mind slots of Cold, Healthy & Fresh nuggets watermelon.
  • Users inspire and drive brand presentation.
  • User immediate reactions approves / disapprove consumption.


Batatee5 amazes consumers with innovations and offers new creative ways of serving watermelon.

Supply Chain

A team of branded enthusiast are creating those unique moments with consumers in a welcoming, relaxing and enjoyable experience

Invested the hype and buzz SOUK JARA is making in Amman and fit perfectly in the buildup of the surrounding atmosphere.


Unique and extremely differentiated & highly supported by natural combination of watermelon RED, Green colors


At this age of a newly launched brand , existence of brand owners is developing high networking impact and recruiting daily brand advocates .

An intervention of an expert in fruit photography & food stylist will add value to brand communications materials.

Growth Potential

Once the business idea formulated out of –only- summer related concept, all indicators are skewed towards creating viable, sustainable brand .

Marketing communications is a key driver for the brand to be developed and elevated, and there is an noticeable evident for the need to combine a brand expert in the business model at this stage ...

Utilizing social media is not yet employed strategically, Facebook page and a fan page is not enough to reach and create business developer word of mouth .

For Batatee5 brand to progress up, I believe the need to look & to be inspired by the below innovative concepts and initiatives.

They could inspire Batatee5 for the brand to benchmark and outperform..


Korean... Made in Amman

Wonho Chung monologue ...
Won-Ho Chung, a Korean born in Saudi and raised in Jordan

Small Business SMM

If you own a small business, it seems like everyone is trying to get you to use social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twit...