Prajwala|A prostitute only becomes one when you hire her.

You don't need a network ad agency to tell a straight forward messages. Small shops for some reason are doing better.

This ad campaign done for a NGO called Prajwala, which deals with human-trafficking/prostitution. They spread awareness and also provide care for rescued girls. We had kept the copy in a clean font and background, but the client wanted it to be more visually appealing. They were put up in railway stations/truck stops/taxi stops.

Advertising Agency: Bushtail, Bangalore, India
Creative Director: Jeevan Sebastian
Art Director: Deepak P.
Copywriter: Shikha Gupta
Published: May 2010

Prajwala: Job benefits
Job benefits include STDs, cancer, trauma, humiliation, and multiple abortions. Please apply in person.
A prostitute only becomes one when you hire her.

Prajwala: Age
Women candidates between the age of 6 to 57 can apply in person.
A prostitute only becomes one when you hire her.

Prajwala: Abused
Candidates willing to be abused, raped and locked up, may apply in person.
A prostitute only becomes one when you hire her. 

Why you should not pay me 15% media commission !?!?

[MBU] listen before its too late

  • Media planning & buying rising cost. MBU are media incentive driven not brand objectives.
  • MBU's  recommend expenditure in a medium that would best benefit them by ignoring emerging new media. Stands very true when you see the portion of innovative media or special operation in any media plan.
  • To reduce costs on all fronts, cut the additional layer. Buy media directly and have the balls to commit to 12 months investment and get your AVR (4-8%).
  • Use ATL and focus on initiating a dialogue with your users . Something MBU's don’t believe in, they think hammering MASS audience will get brands somewhere... it does not.
  • Lack of ‘value add’ in planning.. get your own media audit and analysis software’s/ links.
  • To me most important is return on investment on each $ spent and why I don’t get an army of journalists as my brand advocators as long I am paying their salaries with my ads.

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