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The World’s Biggest Hug

Conselho Nacional Do Sesi, the national council of social services in Brazil, ran the world’s biggest hug over two days in October 2010 using the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. Over two nights the statue’s spotlights were turned off, allowing projections of cityscapes and 3D imagery to create the illusion that Christ was closing his arms around the city. The symbolic 3D hugs were linked to the number of visitors to the Carinho de Verdade (True Affection) campaign site, raising public awareness of the impact of sexual abuse on children and teenagers, and encouraging the development of healthy relationships of trust.
Cristo Redentor Hug


The True Affection campaign was launched on October 19, in Rio de Janeiro, by National Council of SESI in partnership with Globo TV, the Human Rights Secretariat of the Presidency, the Committee National Combat Sexual Violence against Children and Adolescents, Childhood Brazil, the SESC / SENAC, Petrobras, and Firjan
various organizations that make up the networks to deal with violent sex in Brazil.

The Carinho de Verdade campaign was developed at Agnelo Pacheco by creative directors Gui Pacheco and Paulo Bertoni, copywriter Tatá Marx, art director Juan Sales, agency producers Ozana Andrade and Suellen Rocha, graphic producers Ozana Andrade and Márcio Monteiro, account team Sabrina Ravagnani and Felipe Dória working with SESI marketing director Cleude Gomes.
The World’s Biggest Hug event was developed at Monumenta (previously known as Casanova Comunicação), Brasília, by creative director Carlos Grillo, art directors Cloves Menezes and Glauber Dorotheu, copywriter Paula Cunha, planner Fernando Torres, account manager Martha Leticia Ferreira, account supervisor Livia De França, producers Rosely Youssef and Daniela Hemesath.
Digital work was produced by Digital Group. Filming was produced at Cinevídeo.
3D content production by VisualFarm, included architectural mapping of the statue, and involved eight 15,000 ansilumens projectors. Content was directed by Fernando Salis.
The campaign won two Bronze Lions at Cannes 2011, two silver at the 2011 NY Advertising Festivals, and a silver at the CLIO Awards 2011.

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