2010 Round-up redesigned Logos

 1 ) Airbus logo: The new Airbus logo adds a more gradient effect to the colors and the signature circle has been shifted in line with the ‘AIRBUS’ text to make it more compact. 
Google logo
  2 ) Airtel logo: This year, we witnessed a complete revamp of the old and famous Airtel logo. Right from the fonts to the symbol, the airtel logo has been revamped to give a new and fresh look of the Indian telecom giant. 
MTV logo
  3 ) Wembley Stadium logo: The Wembley Stadium logo design has been made by London-based agency Bulletproof and is inspired by the new Wembley Stadium design and goes with the tagline “Inspiring memories”
EU organic logo
  4 ) Argos logo: Argos, the largest general merchandise and home retailer in the UK, redesigned its logo this year. The new design shows a smile beneath the ‘ARGOS’ typography. 
  5 ) UEFA Euro 2012 logo: The new official EURO cup 2012 logo was unvieled this year. The logo has a flower that represents both the host nations and a ball in the center symbolizing the emotion and passion of the competition. 
Yellow Pages logo
  6 ) Dodge logo: Dodge, after many years, changed its famous ram shaped logo design to a simpelr and sleeker design. The new logo has ‘DODGE’ written in grey gradeint color with two red stripes in the end. 
Skittles logo
  7 ) Doctor Who logo: The popular BBC TV show Dr.Who decided to revamp its logo for future seasons. The new logo has been stripped down to just the initials D and W with a siren on top. 
NET logo
  8 ) EU organic logo: This was officially launched through a logo design contest by EU in mid June. The new design portrays a green leaf, signifying organic products. 
Missile Defense Agency logo
  9 ) Gap logo: A series of online controversies forced Gap to revert back to its decades old logo within days of its revamp. The new proposed gap logo redesign was considered naive and inappropriate by the customers. 
Netcom logo
  10 ) Gmail logo: Although slightly, but Gmail logo design was revamped a few days ago. Minor adjustments were made to the color gradient, bevel and little tweaks were given to the placement of "by Google" from left to right. 
Rhapsody logo
  11 ) Skittles Logo This logo redesign was done by London logo designer Miles Newlyn, who gave the impression of a rainbow colored tounge in the new logo design. 
UEFA Euro 2012 logo
  12 ) London Science Museum logo: The London Science Museum logo contains the words “Science” and “Museum” in a computer code style font with the letters piled up in a stack of three. 
Scribd logo
  13 ) Windows Live Hotmail logo: WIndows Live logo design was revamped this year to a simpler version of a golden envelope. The old Microsoft Windows symbol was dropped out from the new Hotmail logo. 
Library of Congress logo
  14 ) Turkish Airlines logo: Turkish Airlines logo has been given a modern touch by adding bright gradient red colors. The major difference is that the red and white colors of the bird shape and the empty space have been inverted. 
Seattle’s Best Coffee logo
  15 ) UK Space Agency logo: UK Space Agency logo includes the typical UK color scheme including blue, red and white. While there is not much difference in its typography, the “UK Space Agency” part has been made more prominent. 
Bausch+lomb logo
  16 ) Virgin Atlantic logo: Virgin Atlantic, in their new logo design, decided to add ‘Virgin’ in the form of text and reduced the size of their signature Virgin symbol. 
Cousins Subs logo
  17 ) WTA logo: After many years, the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) decided to five a facelift to their identity. The new logo excludwes the female tennis player and has a tennis ball between the letter "A". 
The State University of New York logo
  18 ) Yellow Pages logo: The Yelow pages logo redesign conveys the brand’s move from a paper phone book platform to a digital one. It exemplifies a wide and ambitious increase in the brand’s scope and business strategy. 
Ubuntu logo

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