Visit Denmark Tourist Board:::a Danish woman looking for he baby's daddy

A viral stunt for Visit Denmark Tourist Board.

This is a
viral stunt made by Visit Denmark. However, cleverly crafted it has caused a rhetorical battle between journalists and marketing people concerning the right interpretation of the video. Is this way of branding unfair as its based on lying in order to make people aware on Denmark, or is it a success story due to the explosive amount of viewings it has received in a very short time?

A Youtube video purporting to represent a pretty young Danish single mother looking for the foreign father of her son, may have garnered Denmarks national tourist agency VisitDenmark some 800,000 clicks but the story behind the video is a lie.

According to confirmed reports, the national tourist agency VisitDenmark generated the story of a one night stand with a foreign man producing a son, to get more people to visit the home of Shakespeare's 'To be or not to be'.

The video, however, is definitely 'Not to be' the young woman in the video is a Danish actress and the baby is not hers.

I dont understand the advertising agency that has produced this story. What do they think people will think, says Roskilde University Sociologist and Womens Affairs Researcher Karen Sjørup.

Theyre obviously trying to sell a type of promiscuous Danish woman and exploit the idea that you can lure quick, blonde Danish women home without a condom, Sjørup says, adding however that foreigners who come to Denmark with that idea will be very disappointed.

VisitDenmark disagrees.

Karens story shows that Denmark is a broad-minded country where you can do what you want. The film is a good example of independent, dignified, Danish women who dare to make their own choices, says VisitDenmark CEO Dorte Kiilerich.

Why have you chosen to market Denmark as a country with drunken women who have unsafe sex with casual acquaintances?

That is not a story that I recognise. We tell a good and sweet story about a mature, responsible woman who lives in a free society and shoulders the responsibilty of her actions. And she uses a modern social medium, Kiilerich says.

Ad agency
The Grey advertising agency that produced the video says it is a major success.

It is the most successful viral advert ever. We have got through the media noise and it cost the same as a 30-second spot shown a couple of times on TV2, says Peter Helstrup from Greys.

Since last Thursday, the video has notched up 1.9 million Google searches, 773,000 YouTube viewings and is linked to 83,000 websites.

No reproach
In the video, the young woman, claiming to be called Karen says: I dont reproach you, but I think you should know that (a young boy called) August is here.

Karen, however, is the actress Ditte Arnth Jørgsensen, the baby is not hers, and the viral advert was produced using taxpayers money.

The fabricated story behind the video is that the young woman met a tourist by chance in the Nyhavn area of Copenhagen, introduced him to the Danish concept of hygge or cosiness. The next morning his side of the bed was empty when she woke up, and nine months later the now one-and-a-half-year-old August appeared on the scene.

Johannesburg::: Luv Jozi fake campaign

Word of mouth marketing works!

Brand 'Love Jozi' (after the nickname for Johannesburg) created a range of iconic t-shirts with the idea of getting people to think differently about South Africa's ...and to make the range go beyond the minority that shop in designer clothes stores, they created their own cheap Chinese style fakes that they called 'Luv Jozi', the name obviously being a nod to the ridiculous rip-offs you sometimes see along the lines of 'Kelvin Klein' and the like.

They sold the cheap stuff at flea markets and 'robots' (traffic light junctions) - at a third of the price of the original stuff - and built a fake website. Love Jozi designer Bradley Kirshenbaum intends to do exactly that, creating a range of "cheaper and more accessible Love Jozi products."

Amazingly, Love Jozi actually kept up the sideline business in cheap rip-offs for two years.


Blog: http://www.thelovejoziblog.co.za/

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