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Clever advertising pays off


Businesses need to present a prominent face to the buying public if they want to sell their products. This means promotion including advertising in the right places in order to reach the right audience. Cost-effective advertising must be matched to the type of business, its market and its marketing mix. For example,
Portakabin, supplier of modular and portable buildings, works in the 'Business-to-Business' market and does not sell directly to consumers. Portakabin mainly uses below-the-line methods to promote its products, with limited above-the-line promotion, such as articles in trade journals.

By contrast, Cadbury mainly uses above-the-line, multi-media advertising, particularly high-profile campaigns on TV to promote its products to the buying public. Cadbury needs to reach a mass audience as individual sales are small value in contrast to Portakabin with lower volume sales but of high value products. Clever advertising has played a big part in its chocolate sales and globally, Cadbury's worldwide sales rose by 5% last year (
The Times Online, 6 March 2009).

Advertising which captures its target audience can have a great impact on sales. Cadbury's 2007 TV advertising campaign, featuring the drumming gorilla, resulted in an increased market share despite a 40% increase in the price of cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate, which forced the company to raise prices last year (The Times Online, 6 March 2009).

Cadbury's 2009, £3.7million campaign, dubbed Eyebrows, in which two children move their eyebrows in tune to Freestyle's 'Don't Stop the Rock' was launched on 29 January 2009. The advert has been watched more than four million times online, prompted more than 50 video responses on YouTube and inspired a parody, featuring singer Lily Allen. The ultimate aim of these clever adverts is to capture consumers' attention so that there is a greater possibility they will buy.










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