Marks & Spencer|Boobed

Marks and Spencer celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2009 with “Quality Worth Every Penny”, a marketing campaign showing how they have provided ‘quality worth every penny’ since 1884 and highlighting how their commitment to sustainability is undiminished despite the global recession. ‘Quality worth every penny’, applied to both fashion and food, asserted the retailer’s commitment to bringing the best quality to its customers and tied in with its origins as a penny bazaar, highlighted with special in-store ranges.

Marks and Spencer Bra Quality Worth Every Penny

The most well known of the print/billboard advertisements, featured in Campaign’s Outdoor Hall of Fame sitethis month, was the work featuring Islington model Natalie Suliman, wearing a green silky D cup bra (with matching panties in print ads). As well as forming a campaign to promote the new range of quality silk underwear for M&S, the photograph was chosen by M&S for the ad apologising to the nation for charging £2 on bras above a DD cup. Online orders of the green underwear set featured in the ad soared by 163 per cent. The newspaper and billboard campaign helped to triple Marks and Spencer’s underwear sales over the following year.
Marks and Spencer Bra Sorry We Boobed
Marks and Spencer Coat Quality Worth Every Penny
Marks and Spencer Swimwear Quality Worth Every Penny
Marks and Spencer Strawberries Quality Worth Every Penny
Marks and Spencer Eggs Quality Worth Every Penny
Marks and Spencer Pears Quality Worth Every Penny
Marks and Spencer Turkey Quality Worth Every Penny
Marks and Spencer Pudding Quality Worth Every Penny


The Worth Every Penny campaign was developed at RKCR/Y&R (Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Young & Rubicam), London, by creative team Paul Angus, Ted Heath, Mark Roalfe, art director Stuart Elkins, copywriter Graeme Cook, typographer Lee Aldridge and photographers Uli Weber and Patrice de Villers.

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