Competition Centric strategy [ MOBILY /STC rivalry war]

Consumer-Centric strategy
There are a many companies especially those in the Consumer Package Goods (CPG) market that adopt the theory of running their business centered on Consumer, Shopper & Retailer needs. Their Marketing departments spend quality time looking for "Growth Opportunities" in their categories by identifying relevant insights (both mindsets and behaviors) on their target Consumers, Shoppers and retail partners. These Growth Opportunities emerge from changes in market trends, segment dynamics changing and also internal brand or operational business challenges. The Marketing team can then prioritize these Growth Opportunities and begin to develop strategies to exploit the opportunities that could include new or adapted products, services as well as changes to the 7Ps.

Competition-Centric strategy
Eroding Shopper Loyalty is result of:
  • Changing tastes and lifestyles
  • Fickle and demanding shoppers
  • Ever-growing number of choices in the marketplace
  • Shorter product life cycles
  • Misalignment of prices with shopper needs and wants
  • Little or no consumer loyalty to retailers
  • Declining market share and gross margin losses
  • Channel leakage due to retail channel blurring
  • The impact of “big-box discounters”
  • Vendor-led rather than retailer-led negotiations
  • Fast-changing global economy that impacts both retailers and shoppers
STC Brand needs to dig deeper. They need to turn their perspective from inside-out to outside-in in order to get the depth and breadth of the insight they need to be truly customer centric.
Today's markets are places of conversation, connection and interaction. They are places where customers seek information and share their ideas and opinions. Customer-centric brands not only accept this shift, but embrace it by collaborating with their customers to define, create and deliver value.
So. What STC trying to establish with this ad???

And the reply came fast …Mobily thanks STC for exposing knockoff broadband device and urges it’s clients to look for Mobily original logo when purchase!!!!
But This is how all started, get internet without disconnection or wires..

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Update 10/2009, Hurry up and order your DSL from STC, you might have it when your-newly born baby- in university ... oops All operators are busy

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Update 12/1/2011

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