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Smelly Postage Stamps
Australia Post spokesman Noel Leahy said the stamp was a sensory explosion "sure to rekindle warm feelings for every romantic out there".
Mr Leahy said he hoped the initiative would encourage lovebirds to shy away from sending a less romantic email or SMS on February 14 this year.
"Sending an SMS or email doesn’t have the same impact as a card you choose personally and accompany with a hand-written message of love," he said in a statement.
"The value of a heartfelt love letter and scented stamp is priceless."

Smelly packaging shall enforce impulse purchases
The scent of chocolate is now being incorporated into a new packaging method with hopes that it will induce impulse purchasing in would-be consumers. ‘Chocolatine,’ as the product is being called, doesn’t have any specific product ties yet. At this stage, it’s basically a new style of glass capsule designed to emit fragrances and distribute them over long periods of time. The project combines technologies from Eastman Chemical Company, Eurofragance, Rotuba and EJ Pack.
Rotuba is responsible for the development of the jar lid that captures the fragrance of Chocolatine, which also has notes of vanilla and orange. In time, project developers say that the smelly packaging could be used to market products such as DVDs. Also, here’s a Chocolatine press release from EMG

A Commercial You Smell
Nivea was the first company to utilize scent to add a new dimension of realism to cinema advertising. As moviegoers watched a typical beach setting, the scent of suntan lotion filled the theater. The ad, ending with the line, “Nivea. The smell of summer.” engaged a sense that is always on. The scent tapped into people’s memory and invoked a psychological trigger that significantly increased the ad’s impact. Exit polls showed a 515% higher rate of recall compared to the same ad shown without the scent.

Collateral You Touch
In Portugal, 4,500 new cases of breast cancer are detected annually. Roche, the world’s largest cancer-treating drug company, is raising curiosity and generating awareness regarding the importance of self-exams using stress balls with a “lump” inside and the message: “You don’t see breast cancer. You feel it. Do the self-exam.” By physically squeezing the ball, women were shown what to look for and just how vital self-exams are. There program has inspired a 22% increase in mammograms and 28% in hospital visits

A Billboard You Taste
Instead of just talking about how good their chocolate tastes or showing an appealing visual, Thorntons Chocolate Company decided to actually let people try their product with an edible billboard. Thorntons created the world’s first chocolate billboard (just in time for Easter) consisting of ten massive chocolate bunnies, 72 giant chocolate eggs and 128 panels made of pure chocolate. People walking by were encouraged to sample pieces of the 860-lb. 14.5×9.5 foot billboard and have a literal taste of the product.

A Master’s Degree in Social Media

Next year, Birmingham City University in the UK will be offering a one-year master’s degree course in social media. Students will learn the ins and outs of social networking applications as public relations, communications and marketing tools.

Jon Hickman: MA in Social Media from Kasper Sorensen on Vimeo.

Designed to accessible to anyone, the course takes a scholarly look at services like Facebook, Twitter, Bebo and so on.Although learning the nuances of social media in the business world may have a place as part of a larger curriculum, it seems like too little to base an entire Master’s program on.
Early responses to the class have people scratching their heads at the relevance of a line of study that could essentially be completed for free by just getting hands-on experience with the social media tools out there.

Korean... Made in Amman

Wonho Chung monologue ...
Won-Ho Chung, a Korean born in Saudi and raised in Jordan

FP7 Doha::: forced to apologise after Jesus ad scandal

The ad has been called "an attack against Christian symbols", after it was published in the Lebanese newspaper Al Mostakbal last week.

Samsung had not commissioned FP7 to create any ad campaigns, and argued that the agency had only created the spot in order to pick up some honours at the recent Dubai Lynx Awards.

The investigation follows the publication of a damning entry on bloganubis, in which the legitimacy of FP7 Doha's work for clients Higeen Mouthwash, Samsung and Nissan was questioned.Steve Lane, festival director of the Dubai Lynx, confirmed that complaints had been received from numerous agencies as a result of the blog, as well as from clients.

Sunny Hwang, the president of Samsung Electronics Levant, said: "At no time was Samsung Electronics aware of these advertisements and the company has not approved or commissioned FP7 to create any advertising campaigns. "Samsung has the utmost respect for all cultures and religions and would never produce or approve the use of such culturally insensitive advertisements."At the award ceremony, FP7 picked up two golds and a silver for its Samsung work, as well as winning the agency of the year title.

The agency is now being investigated by the event's organisers, and is expected to be stripped of its honours. Phillip Thomas, the chief executive of Cannes Lions, the organiser of the Dubai Lynx Awards, said: "It appears in this case that FP7 Doha has knowingly tried to mislead ourselves and our jury regarding work they claimed to have created on behalf of Samsung Electronics, which in reality the client had never seen or approved."

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