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At the 2010 World Cup, Paraguay ( which was eliminated by Spain in the quarter-finals ), and the world, discovered an unusual supporter in the person of Larissa Riquelme , who proudly showed off his passion ( and buxom ) for its national team nicknamed "The Albirroja".
A year later, while playing Paraguay in the Copa America ( the equivalent of the European Cup of Nations ), another supporter, which is unknown at this time the name, is about her becoming the new darling of Paraguayan media. A rival for Larissa Riqueleme ( we will not complain eh ... )?
Seeing her wear his cap "Tigo" (a telephone Paraguay), one can doubt the sincerity of the girl (since when women love football? ^ ^) But who cares, Larissa Riquelme had been recovered by Axe last year, right?
For information, Larissa Riquelme has recently vowed to strip the public square if they win selection to the Paraguayan Copa America. So we all hope that Paraguay Rétière his performance in 1999 (3-0 win in the final against Brazil) and the two young ladies can agree! First step tonight in Mendoza, in the 1 / 2 final between Venezuela and Paraguay in 1 / 2 finals ...

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Creative Director: Saman Rahmanian
Account Director: Joshua Lenze
Copywriter: Hunter Simms
Art Director: Sherina Florence
Sound Design: Antony Demekhin
Programming: Andronicus Riyono
Voice Talent: Steve Brauntuch

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