Nomis :: Vangaurds

Client:Nomis Sports Innovations
Agency:Johannes Leonardo
In lead markets Johannes Leonardo knew that 80% of people who try on Nomis boots buy them. With retail store shelves dominated by the big sports brands they needed to get boots to customers without the hype and seduction of the retail environment. Nomis Vanguards were introduced - a fleet of mobile retail stores, 50 vans across 6 countries. The vans were driven by brand advocates made up former coaches and players to get the Nomis message and product out to onto the pitch - where players could put the boots to the ultimate test

Tetris game::: TVC's case study"Happy 25th birthday!"

Tetris is 25 years old today!

Google have changed their home page logo in honour of the Tetris birthday:

Tetris Google logoand other sites are running retrospectives - check out the Telegraph's Tetris gallery here.

There is no doubting the impact that Tetris had on driving the gaming market. Created by Russian computer engineer Alexey Pajitnov, Tetris has sold more than 70 million copies and been systematically re-worked and re-released for almost every video-game platform of the past 20 years.

Over time the influence of Tetris has also reached into popular culture in a number of areas - the Telegraph gallery showcases Tetris fashion and Tetris furniture too:

Tetris tshirtTetris fashion

Tetris kitchenTetris Kitchen

and Tetris was so popular that it even resulted in Doctor Spin having a UK hit record with a dance version of the Tetris theme music, seen here on Top Of The Pops in October 1992 (!):

Happy birthday Tetris!

It's been 25 years since Alexey Pajitnov, then a 29-year-old artificial intelligence researcher, came up with Tetris while working at the Soviet Academy of Sciences in Moscow. "A quarter of a century later," the Guardianreports, "it has a legitimate claim to being the videogame that has truly conquered the world. In all its forms, Tetris has sold more than 70 million copies around the globe; it has spawned architecture, art and music; it has earned multiple Guinness World Records; and is regularly voted one of the top games of all time." It's also enjoyed its share of goofy ads. .

Nissin Ufo Noodles website

Nissin Ufo Noodles


It's also interesting to see such an unusual artistic approach to food marketing. No fancy perfect pictures of the food, but rather a colorful chaotic browsing through illustrations and animations.


Maybe because the only way to make instant yakisoba noodles appealing is to avoid showing the product and rather focus on the aesthetics of the digital experience :-)



[Agencies] Small Vs. Big

1. Nimble. Because we don’t have a lot of people to get in the way of progress, we can turn on a dime for a client. They like that.

2. Loyal. Genuinely and to a fault. We need our precious clients to be successful, or else we’ll we’ll cease to exist. So we tend to act like we’re their partner. And really, we are.

3. Honest. Maybe too much at times. The rest of my team jokes about how “blunt” I can be with a client. Hey, if their hours suck, their staff is surly, the inventory dated, or the prices too high, someone needs to tell them…might as well be a “partner”. I care. (See Number 2.)

4. Efficient. Time is money. We’re small and don’t have the luxury of waxing poetic about a piece of creative for months. We study the issues and then work hard to sell something. Isn’t that what advertising is supposed to do, after all?

5. Hungry. We don’t eat till someone sells something. And we all know it, so we take nothing for granted.

6. Cost-conscious. Small agencies “feel the pain” of our small clients. We have to make money, but we don’t nickle and dime a client for every breath we take on their behalf.

7. Ego-less. Well, somewhat. If you think you’re the smartest one in the group, then you can’t work in a small shop. Arrogance just doesn’t work. Collaboration does.

7 Skills for a Post-Pandemic Marketer

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