Indomie opens N60m promo

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Dulfil Prima Foods Plc has announced the commencement of a N60m ‘Instant Millionaire' promotion for its Indomie brand of products beginning on Friday.

The Managing Director of the company, Mr. Deepak Singhal, said, ‘the objective of this promotion is to reward our loyal customers and 60 people will be rewarded with N60million in 60 days.

It is an in carton promo, where consumers who buy a carton of Indomie will find a scratch card there in. Scratch it and what you find in it is what you win.

Go to the nearest redemption centre to redeem your prize or call our consumer care centre.'

He also added that each carton has one scratch card only, adding that promotional cartons could be differentiated from regular cartons with the instant Millionaire promotion designed on it.


"Brands are forever striving to go one-bigger or one-better than their competitors in an effort to get attention but the subtle sophistication of this campaign from old-timer Guinness is what makes it noteworthy."

Pints can pop up in the funniest of places, usually your hand on a Friday night, more often than not with a pool cue resting in the other. But with its latest piece of ambient advertising Guinness had cut out the middle man – that is, you – and put the pint onto the pool cue.

Guinness has built a deserved reputation over the past decade or so for creating big-budget memorable ads, but with this latest stunt it has taken its advertising in the opposite direction. This campaign is more in-keeping with the Guinness hats seen out on the streets on St. Patrick’s day, albeit a more subtle, sophisticated vision.

Designed by Chicago-based communications agency, Tank, the Guinness pool cue has the tip of a traditional cue replaced with a miniature version of the iconic black and white pint: the black becoming part of the neck, the white, the hair tip. The stylish photography of a low-key pool game, reinforces Guinness’ core brand identity and targets its predominantly male demographic.

The campaign, only just launched, is already gaining significant exposure online.



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DATE:Sep 2009




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