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advertiser-in-arabia portfolio (Toya) 2008

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advertiser-in-arabia portfolio (Siwak.F) 2007

Brand: Siwak.F Toothpaste
Category: Pharmaceuticals/ Healthcare,
Date: 2008

To develop a packaging facelift for the Siwak toothpaste brand to upgrade and modernize its image and appeal
•Siwak F is an Indonesian made toothpaste brand that has been present in Saudi Arabia's oral care market for the past 12 years. 
•It's key difference from other toothpaste brands is simple: it is the only brand containing the extracts of the Arak tree bark, which was traditionally used by Arabs in the region as a toothbrush… 
•Over and above the cultural/religious significance of being associated with the Siwak, the case for the brand Siwak F was made after the World Health Oragnization  recommended the use of the siwak (or miswaak as it is also called)  in 1986, and after recent research by Dr Otaybi from Saudi unlocked new areas on the systemic effects of the Miswaak; revealing its positive effects on the immunity system.  
•Overall, past performance of the brand has not been very impressive… It failed to reach out to a consumer base beyond the conservative older segment of the population, and in terms of quality perception did not succeed in attaining a high score: a major set back for a dental care product


•To put Siwak.F in the consideration set of toothpaste shoppers beyond the traditionalists and older conservatives 
•To lure in undecided buyers who skim the shelves thru status modern and stylish 
•To smoothly incorporate the offering . 
•Offering products in thru- and value-attractive, professional  packaging 
•To induce purchase, trial and drive an expansion in shares by appealing to consumer segments that have not historically considered the brand
Consumer insights
•Siwak F Brand is: –A brand I'm not too sure about… looks cheap, and does not reassure me on the quality side either… I've never seen them do any advertising and I've hardly seen them around in any house I've visited… don't know, but if I had to choose between them and between Signal, I would pick up the brand I've known to do the job for years now immediately without hesitation –It miswak’s your system while it cleans your teeth Siwak.F is safe and clinically proved 
•Siwak F Brand wants to be: –Hmm… This is interesting… Well they've taken their package a long way… is this actually the same Siwak Brand that I used to see on the shelf and never give a second look? May be it is a quality (?) toothpaste… may be they do have something to add to the age old tradition of siwak, may be it is effective and clinically proven… it certainly gives that impression of a modern twist on traditional oral care 

Target Group
•Younger mothers and fathers… the heads of the new smaller, better exposed and less traditional Saudi family unit are less nostalgic about culture and heritage and much, much more brand savvy than past generations… 
•They are notorious for toothpaste brand promiscuity… they switch between brands very often, but keep the list of toothpaste options limited to a know and recognized multinational few… Close Up for the eccentric flavours, Signal when they feel a bit clinical, Colgate or Crest when they want to count the benefits they get out of brushing…
•Getting the kids to brush their teeth is a daily battle for mom, who has to chase them to do it every night before they head or bed, and uses every trick in the book to do it… most relevant here is how she is always seeking new, colourful flavour options to get them interested and keep them interested in the brushing…
•A brand like Siwak F is something these people would have seen in their parents' house when visiting… and it would be something they look at with a condescending smirk… it doesn't meet their quality expectations… it looks cheap and very unprofessional

•Successful merge of ingredients ( Siwak + Fluoride) position it as all in one brand for your  mouth hygiene 
•Reduces Plaque gathering on the teeth 
•Eliminates Tartar 
•Prevents Gum infection 
•And most importantly, Modern packaging that looks authentic, professional and trustworthy

Call to action
•Revitalizing the brand with a more modern, more authoritative image and the packaging will be the starting point 
•Feel the confidence that comes from a more professional looking brand of toothpaste  
•Try out Siwak F other and try out their different varieties

Strategic solution

"The Siwak Has Been Completely Redefined"

Creative solution

Upgrade &modernize ( image & appeal ):
 Key Elements 
- typography
- graphic device
- color
- strap line

The unique presence of both Siwak and Fluoride together gives double strength and better performance.

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