Drafthouse Cimema :::Angry Customer Voicemail

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema does not tolerate people talking or texting in their theaters and they take this rule serious. In fact, before every film they give several warnings on screen to prevent such inappropriate theater etiquette. Occasionally however some people don't follow these rules and movie goers have to be escorted out. Case in point is this clever spot that takes an actual voicemail of a customer who was recently kicked out of a Texas theater for her this type of bad behavior. The joke is on her though, as the clever movie chain turned her hilarious customer complaint into a viral video. So watch out the next time you complain to a company, they just might use you in one of their commercials.

"We do not tolerate people that talk or text in the theater. In fact, before every film, we have several warnings on screen to prevent such happenings. Occasionally, someone doesn't follow the rules, and we do, in fact, kick their asses out of our theater. "
This video is an actual voicemail from a woman that was kicked out of one of our Austin theaters. Thanks, anonymous woman, for being awesome.
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Stihl::: Defeat the forest.

Stihl Germany has launched a print advertising campaign for Stihl MS 880 chainsaw, featuring miniature warriors acting out the tag line, “Defeat the forest. Stihl.” Swords and axes everywhere.

Stihl Warriors Defeat The Forest

Stihl Warriors Defeat The Forest
Stihl Warriors Defeat The Forest


The Defeat The Forest campaign was developed at Scholz & Friends, Berlin, Germany.

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