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Björn Borg | Björn Borg Party Training


Björn Borg is Swedish for “David”.
The sportswear category is dominated with brands like Nike and Adidas, world-renowned titans of both the category and marketing. Björn Borg also makes sportswear, but it has established itself primarily for its line of underwear. Unfortunately for Björn Borg, a trend of personal training has swept through its core markets and the hype and pretentiousness behind these global giants of sportswear came along with it.
Björn Borg was set up for a David vs. Goliath clash against these sportswear makers in its own backyard, but these global giants sell performance and winning for a living and aren’t used to losing. They play a game where the odds are in their favour. But as they invaded Björn Borg’s territory, Starcom Mediavest Group wanted to show them that Björn Borg sportswear plays something different altogether.


Choice: “Winning” or “Winning and Looking Good”.
The goal most people have when they train or work out is to look good – a trim physique and big muscles are more attractive than the alternative. They’re trying to impress others outside of the gym and while they’re at the gym as well. Having the right swag and fit of apparel is as essential as knowing the latest exercises and dietary supplements. But Björn Borg, with its heritage from sport, knows that although the clothes are essential it’s the psychology of how you feel that’s even more important.
These people have a separate goal than just trying to win, so SMG wanted to make Björn Borg sportswear stand for something else besides coming out on top and created the idea of “party training.”
Working out requires people to have free time which can also be spent enjoying oneself as well. Essentially, “Should I train or should I party?” It created true value and empowered them to do both.


What You’re Really Training For: To Party
The agency teamed up with online party and training enthusiast Ron Allen to create the world's first Party Trainer. It wanted people to realise that their real motivation for training is to look good when you go out to have fun with others.
To show its new sportswear collection in a cool way across all markets, SMG made the Björn Borg Tumblr page the hub for Party Training. It created a series of instructional videos of Ron Allen instructing people in how to Party Train — dressed in Björn Borg sportswear, of course. Tumblr even helped to re-skin the page and loved the design so much that the brand was able to editorially promote its videos on its home page.

With Björn Borg’s devoted fans ready and willing to spread the message, SMG created a way to let them create gifs of their Party Training by using LoopCam. This smart phone application captures and makes moveable images allowed fans to share their personal Party Training routine with one click to the Party Training hub. The reward? A chance to win a Party Training for a full year and a collection of the new Björn Borg sportswear.


Under assault from the Goliaths of the sportswear industry, Björn Borg proved that Party Training was the way to go, with sales skyrocketing over 25% internationally.
Virally, it generated over 2.5 million views of the instructional videos and over 60,000 unique visitors to the Party Training tumblr page.
The Party Training moves have been shared more than 40,000 times on Tumblr. And, it received enormous press coverage, equal to €350,000 ($479,000) in its target communities (fitness, fashion, gay, students).
Most importantly, people are having more fun combining partying and training.
Björn Borg
October - December 2012
Starcom Mediavest

    AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011

    We are young, small yet confident, determent and competent.. This is what the young boy symbolized in an epic ad 

    One more thing, sport will be always a tool of making peace and uniting nations.

    I am a big fan of Qatar brand and if other nations learn from how the this brand is managed, I believe the term third world will be obsolete.

    World Cup Advertising.

    There's only one event that displays more advertising clout than the Super Bowl and that's the World Cup. And the cool thing about the world cup is that—well, it includes the world—so we get an international peek into the industry and culture surrounding the sport of futbol, football, soccer or whatever you call it. Graphicology will be looking out for the best, worst, and most interesting work this year and posting them below. 

    1. Adidas |Star Wars Cantina.
    Snoop Dog. Daft Punk. Noel Gallagher. David Beckham. Actor Jay Baruchel. Agency, Sid Lee, of Amsterdam pulled out all the punches for this spot in a remake of the famous Star Wars Episode IV cantina scene. It's hard not to watch all two minutes of it and is one of the few longer format ads that still feels too short. A really fun idea. The only small issue I have with it is the emphasis on originality with the Adidas tagline, given the somewhat unoriginal remake. But I'm being picky here. It's enjoyable and just what we'd want from a Super Bowl spot: celebrity, pop-culture references, humor and a tie-in into the event ala Mr. Bend-it.

    2. Nike | Write The Future.
    This piece has already got a ton of press. And it seems like everybody loves this spot. One thing I'll say is this: It's a ride of a spot. It takes you with it, which is a huge compliment to the Wieden and Kennedy folks. I was talking to a friend about this short film and what struck them (and I think this is a very astute comment) is that it's obvious in a day when ad and ad production budgets are being slashed, who has the money to spend. This was one expensive spot to pull off and that really sticks out just as much as the concept does. Maybe more so. (And let's be clear, the concept is solid but not ground-breaking. It is helped a lot by the tagline and positioning too.) All that being said, it's another fun one to sit back and watch. I do wonder how they'll make the shorter format ads work, as I think the sum is greater than the parts.

    3. Pepsi | Oh Africa.
    I guess that whole we're-not-really-advertising-anymore approach is already gone out the window. Pepsi pulls a few football stars together in ridiculously stupid-looking Pepsi shirts and challenge a few african kids to a game, where the pitch is formed by all the locals who of course try to make it more difficult on the star players. Honestly, there are a few nice moments but this spot feels like it was produced in a third world country. It's production value and art direction falls flat, which is a shame b/c the concept of the pitch being made up of people was rather well thought out. It tries to be epic, featuring the 
    Oh Africa song by Akon and just comes up a bit short.

    4. Mars Bar | For England.
    Those rascals at Mars are rooting for England? I'm pretty sure Mars is an American company, right? It sure is tough for multi-nationals to appeal to a local market in the digital age when people all around the world can see the ad on YouTube. I'm sure the loyal US soccer contingent will boycott Mars brand candy bars throughout the World Cup as a result of this post. What? There is no loyal US soccer contingent? Oh, you're right. Nevermind. Anyway, this spot is pretty bad and features England footballer John Barnes rapping a stupid song which apparently is a resurrection of his rap that was once popular back in 1990. And you guessed it, everybody joins in singing. I get the sense that there will be a lot of instances where the whole world comes together in advertising to sing something in harmony. Too bad it only happens in commercials and because that's true this also feels like a European ad that is somehow below industry standards.

    5. Visa| Run to the Game
    Here's a little concept that I like. It's simple. Interesting to pull off. And like the Nike and Adidas spot is fun to watch. It features an overweight guy who gets excited by a goal and decides to run to South Africa where the World Cup is being played. He grabs his Visa card and uses it all along the journey and in doing so, he becomes extremely fit, athletic and in shape enough to run out onto the field and score a goal himself. It's a rather ingenious way to work in the client's benefit while being cinematic enough for such an event. Agency Saatchi & Saatchi, London is responsible for this effort. Well-done guys and gals.

    6. Powerade | Inner Thoughts
    Powerade is doing something rather interesting. Instead of releasing one or two spots for the games, they are releasing 16 inner thoughts that you have to find within the timeline of a never-ending game. It's not difficult to 'find' them and I wish the search played a bigger part of the concept. Each inner thought is a take on a player's mindset as well as the product benefits during athletic events. Each has a different storytelling style and are worth checking out. You can't embed the video here, so just click on the still below to take you to their YouTube channel.

    7. Coca-Cola | History of Celebration
    Perhaps the spot that connects with the actual game the most so far, Coke's History of Celebration does just that, takes the viewer through goal-scoring dances throughout the last few decades. It lacks an importance that some of the other spots have, but the spot features some pretty funny choreography that would make the touch=down performances in the NFL seem like elementary school theater. (Ol' Ocho Cinco would do well in FIFA.) I think the voice-over is redone depending on where the spot is airing and it's fun to compare the different reads. Below is the British version, I believe, followed by a better quality German VO.

    8-GOOGLE Promo Spot for 2010 World Cup | Search story - get ready for south africa
    Great promo spot by Google, another of The Google Search Story videos, this time for the FIFA 2010 World Cup - Get Ready For South Africa.

    Client: Google
    Agency: Google Creative Lab (In-House)
    Tagline: Search On.
    Prod Company: 1st Ave Machine
    Director: Aaron Duffy
    EP(s): Serge Patzak, Sam Penfield
    Producer(s): John Burger, Crystal Campbell
    Head of Creative Development: Claire Mitchell
    Concept Art: Carlos Ancalmo
    AE Artists: Joon Park, John Stanch, John Loughlin, Will Decker, Anthony Serriano, WeiTo Chow
    EP: Alan Zahn
    Composer: Jeremy Turner
    Sound Design: Analogue Muse
    Sound Designer(s): Geoff Strasser, Nick Cipriano
    Producers: Alan Zahn, Jeremy Turner
    Audio Post: Muse Mix
    Mixer: Nick Cipriano

    9- Hyundai |Giant vuvuzela

    For a little plastic horn, the vuvuzela sure stirs up a lot of passion. Some have called for banning it from the World Cup because, in great numbers, it creates deafening noise in packed stadiums. Right or wrong, it's become synonymous with soccer in South Africa. Pereira O'Dell wants to help fans toot their own vuvuzelas with a new iPhone app. The Pocket Vuvuzela lets you blare four different virtual vuvuzela sounds in support of your team by shaking the app or tapping an on-screen soccer ball. If you're looking for something a little bigger and less virtual, you'll have to travel to Cape Town, where Hyundai has built a 114-foot-long vuvuzela and mounted it on top of a building. Check out the test blow below.

    10- Nationwide| 'Little Britain' - Capello
    Campaign: Nationwide highlights its sponsorship of England's World Cup team by recruiting some colorful characters from the hit TV series Little Britain to put a little laugh next to the brand. Funny.

    11-IRN-BRU|A Bruzil Lullaby

    Campaign: Brazen Scottish beverage brand brews a funny World Cup campaign dubbed "Bruzil." The lullaby theme (above) is complimented by a more energetic "Ya Beauty"pregnancy test version. The concept: Scotland hasn't been a World Cup contender in years, so let's get Brazil to breed the next team Scotland! Inexplicably compelling.
    12-SureMen|Rube Goldberg machine

    Campaign: Wow. SureMen goes a totally different direction by constructing a complexRube Goldberg machine replete with World Cup thematic elements. 

    13- Carlsberg |Team Talk
    Campaign: The lager brand goes for the heart with its 2010 "Team Talk" campaign, a stirring call to all England fans. Sprinkled with historical elements and paced to a rising finish.

    14-Kit Kat| 'Cross Your Fingers'

    Campaign: The Nestlé-owned chocolate finger brand is facing censure in the UK following a cry of "foul!" by rival Mars, an FA sponsor this World Cup season, for this campaign. Kit Kat goes the sincere route, asking England fans to "cross your fingers." 

    15-Louis Vuitton |Zidane Pele Maradona

    Campaign: Soccer (sorry: football) legends Zidane, Maradona and Pelé, as captured by American photog Annie Leibovitz for the 2010 World Cup trophy-case maker. What else is there to say? Pelé! It's a header summit!

    16- MTV|SPOOKY

    17-Nandos| "Take your tops off… for our visitors."

    18-Wimpy|National breakfast

    19- Argentine Sports Channel TyC|Argentinos

    Cultural differences of each country, especially in football.
    It is known that Brazilians love to hate the Argentines and Argentine hate to love the Brazilians.More than that, however, the Argentines have a vision of themselves that does not match the one the world have them.

    Agency: Young & Rubicam, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Executive Creative Director: Martín Mercado
    Creative Directors: Diego Tuya & Darío Rial
    Photographer: Rolo Pulpeiro
    Music: Kronos Quartet
    Aired: March 2010

    20-Budweiser | "Kick"

    In 2006 Budweiser experienced the unfortunate insult of being boycotted by the host country's fans. So what has the brand done for 2010? Girls! Frat boy humor! Oh Bud, please never change. By July you will come to loathe this ad

    21- MCDONALD'S|World's Cup

    22-Castrol Magnatec|2010 FIFA World Cup

    23-Sony BRAVIA|Superstar

    Imagine reliving the greatest games - Sony provides several different entries, including a humorous retail-specific ad and a broader "Feel What They Feel" brand messaging bit. But both pale in comparison to the unexpectedly moving spot featuring children (above). While the Sony brand isn't explicitly tied into the theme, the ad perfectly captures the true fun of the sport and takes you back to when you dreamed you might someday yourself play in the Cup. Of FIFA

    24- Hyundai|World Cup Pre- launching

    25-Bebe |World Cup

    26-Danoninho - Copa do Mundo

    27- Guardian and Observer's World Cup 2010 

    They are running a television and print advertising campaign to promote their World Cup guides, wall-charts, match day programmes,
    The campaign pivots the striker who scored a goal with his bum (haha), and Guardian campaign centers around the hype created by that goal.
    Guardian is also showing its strong web presence 
    through its updates
    Advertising agency: Wieden+Kennedy
    Creative team: Ben Terrett, Rob Burleigh and David Stevens
    Agency producer: Gill Oglethrope.
    Animation: Peppermelon, Buenos Aires
    Director/editor: Tomas Garcia

    28- Adidas: Jabulani Outdoor

    Advertising Agency: Lew’Lara/TBWA, San Paulo, Brazil
    Executive Creative Director: Jaques Lewcowicz, André Laurentino, Felipe Luchi, Manir Fadel
    Copywriter / Art Director: Marcos Almirante, Marcelo Rizério
    Account manager: Márcio Oliveira, Ricardo Forli, Guilherme Bernardes, Felipe Oliveira, Thibis Rebellato, Camilla Gouvea