Toyota IQ:::When driving becomes writing / Full making of iQ font


Happiness Brussles, and agency based in Belgium recently completed a project to design a new font for the Toyota IQ to demonstrate the small car’s agility. Instead of going the usual route on sitting down at the computer and tweaking vectors, they decided to let the car design the font itself. Assisting the process were two typographers, a motion capture programmer, and a racing driver. The car was filmed in a warehouse and the movements were translated digitally into each corresponding letter.

iQ font - When driving becomes writing / Full making of from wireless on Vimeo.

The car movements were tracked using a custom software, designed by interactive artist Zachary Lieberman. ( openframeworks.cc )

Download the font here: nl.toyota.be/iqfont
More pictures here:

Tengu Instant Noodles


Designed by Rory Phillips, "The goal of this project was to create a brand and design it's identity and various deliverables to support the brand.

Instant noodles are super yummy, but they are also unhealthy because they are made with processed ingredients and fried. The idea was to market a brand of noodles that was made from organic whole grain and baked not fried, with high quality delicious gourmet flavors.

Tengu is a type of mischievous Japanese demon, in this case a fox. The fox in Japaneses mythology is the guardian spirit of Daikoku the god of the harvest and kitchen. Fox shrines are found all over japan and people leave treats for the fox spirits for good fortune. After a lot of research Tengu became the name and symbol for the brand. The food of Chef Chen Kenichi was the inspiration for the different flavors of the noodles.

In order to differentiate the healthy delicious Tengu noodles from the processed junk noodles, the packaging is of a longer rectangular shape instead of the usual square. This was meant to evoke the idea of fine gourmet pastas.

The packaging was designed to be made from unbleached recycled materials to remind the consumer of the unprocessed nature of the product and to avoid the bright and cheap mass produced look of the junk brands. The message is this is a premium handcrafted item.

The 'obi' or sash around the packaging designates the flavor this allows the company to easily add new seasonal flavors without changing and printing entirely new packages. The inside of the 'obi' has more information on the brand message; Tengu makes traditional Healthy, Delicious and Sustainable noodles everyone can enjoy."


Perrier’s Conversations

Perrier’s ‘Social Media’ Packaging

HartlandVilla, a graphic studio based in Paris developed Perrier "Conversations", a limited edition series, this year, the theme is “conversation”.

We used the “French” aspect as it is an important value attached to the brand abroad. We played with words and “bubbles” to recreate surreal conversations, collages of words that work well together and evoke sensual and creative conversations in an ironical way. The idea is to leave room for the audience’s imagination to fantasize about situations and ambiences.

The choice of words projects the idea of “learning French with Perrier”: as many of the expressions we chose evoke clichés of French culture, they make up a totally absurd French language lesson. In this absurdity lies the humor, creativity and as such, the quality of the project."

perrier bubbless.gif


Vaseline - Resilient / Skin - (2009) :45 (USA)

The ad shows surface materials wasting away, even the toughest materials like steel and wood.


  • Advertising Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, New York, USA
  • Production Company: Park Pictures, Bicoastal
  • Post Production Company: MassMarket, New York, NY

Stop motion animation treatments...

Chateau Bonne Entente - Summer - (2009) :30 (Canada)

  • Advertising Agency: Brad, Québec, Canada
  • Production: 6ix degrés
  • Music and sound: Studio Expression

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