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World Record for the most people showering together set on Bournemouth Beach on 13th August 2011

Lynx World Record for the most people showering together set on Bournemouth Beach on 13th August 2011. 
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Axe |Get dirty.

Advertising Axe shower gel.  As usual, all revolves around sex.  And as usual approach is a little humorous writers, but very thoughtful.  At first glance we see a broken curtain from the shower.  Next to each mesh urwanego but women bear the name.  Creative imagination of the public works in this case better than any picture - everyone who will focus their attention on such advertising will think about it, what did the owner of that shower.  Which is the owner do not see.  For this perverse, ambiguous password promoting the products of this brand some time ago.  Password: Axe.  Get dirty.  The idea is simple in my opinion, and that simple ideas are usually the best, this ad is to me quite successful.  Is perhaps not spectacular, but still talks about sex without showing it.  As usual, Axe does not disappoint.
Axe shower gel. As usual, all revolves around sex. And as usual the approach  a little humorous , but very thoughtful.

AXE| The Puppet Master


DE-Marketing Axe

Dear Axe marketing manager..

in Amman, Jordan Axe does not work!

please take note and action.



AXE|Transpirador Precoz

There are men out there who suffer from.. premature sweatulation......?

Gutsy TV spot| marketing for woman!

Check out these two videos for Quattro for Women, with the bikini area trimmer. The first one is pretty much how you'd think they would introduce the new product. I

t's about 90 seconds long so I am guessing they trimmed it down for a TV spot are using the longer form on their website. The second....well, it's not what I would have expected.

One is incredibly safe...the other, not so much. But, which one do you think will actually sell more razors?

'Mow the Lawn' 
Created by JWT New York to build awareness and drive trial for the new Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Bikini

Gillette Survey: How Do You Like It Shaved?

Axe girls cleaning the balls

Extreme. Entertaining. Roguishly symbolic, and its Axe.

Axe | Virtual Hair Action

Axe's new campaign to promote the new brand products. The three campaign commercials were made with audio 3D, which really makes a difference and gives viewers a perceptive and memorable listening experience. 


Girls Look Hot Wet Guys Don’t

Unilever is promoting Lynx Dry antiperspirant in Australia with an integrated advertising campaign, including television commercials and an interactive site with the message, “Girls Look Hot Wet. Guys Don’t”. The campaign capitalises on two sets of emotions associated with seeing women in wet clothing and being rejected because of sweaty clothes. The Lynx Effect site provides men with the lure of slow motion footage of girls getting saturated, linked with their efforts to keep the guy dry.

Lynx Dry Girls Look Hot Wet Guys Don't site


The interactive campaign was developed at Soap Creative by creative director Brad Eldridge, copy writer Alex Bodman, developers Jim Boswell and Mark Fennell, producers Alice Le and Josh Hunt.

Naughtiest 'Axe effect' commercials

A list of Naughtiest ‘axe effect’ commercials.

He wants

Have you seen that marvelous movie Perfume? well, this ad makes me remember the last part of the movie. sexually hungry women are running from all corners to devour one man- the axe man. oh, man, that is hell lot of woman. and still he is smiling.

Axe may tempt your girlfriend to give a pat to the waiter’s butt

Axe creates ripples in relationships. so guys, better armed with axe. Or else men like that waiter will take advantage over you. well, the woman’s expression and the sound are quite funny.
Axe effect- dentist office

oh, helpless girl! What can she do other than yeild to the powers of 
Axe and act hysterical?

She steals a bit of sensuous touch

she is not the massage therapist. she is just a maid. she is stealing a quick touch on the 
axe-showered man before the massage therapist comes.

Girls fighting

Girls fighting for 
axe man’s cloth.
Axe elevator 

There are actually several versions of this commercial. Here, the 
axe-man is having some unexpected pleasure at the elevator. The story is not over. The next one is a guy(gay)
Please don’t open the notebook completely, man

This commercial for touch, the body spray from 
axe, everything the man touches make a corresponding impact on the women around him.
The lady doctor

Lady doctor loses her patience to control the 
axe effect and forgets that he is her patient
Look, funny things are happening

Let them sing. But what happens amid this seemingly decent situation?

Lady forgets everything

The lady forgets everything, even the grandma in the wheelchair, and helplessly follows the 
Call me...

Library. A girl is pretending to search for her lost mobile phone, in a sensuous way. She needs the man’s smell phone to find out hers. She makes a call from his cell phone, oh; hers was in her pocket! She hands over the phone to the man who gazes at the number. As he watches her in joy, she gestures gracefully -‘call me’

The Indonesian 
Axe effect

Man comes to the deli counter. The girl gets a whiff of the body spray. She artfully writes her phone number with tomato sauce while sensuously watching the puzzled guy. After handing over the spicy number, she gestures (what an expression)- ‘call me’

Sexually stinking axe-commercial

Axe, the wholesalers of male sex victory, presents another commercial which shows amorously horny ladies, bitten by the lust for an axe-showered man.
Like in every Axe ad effort, this commercial too is centered on the power of smell and the sexually fragile nature of (ladies) naughty noses. The first lady is proudly makes the other one to smell her finger.

The Axe Effect In Discos | Glass

The Axe Effect In Discos : Glass
AXE contracted bars in the main discos in the Uruguayan night life, where beautiful bar-girls served a passion-red drink in a unique AXE GLASS, specially designed for the brand. As the boys drank and the level of liquid descended, they undressed a gorgeous girl. 

As a result, at the end of the night, the AXE GLASS was the only one that didn’t end up on the floor, but in the boy’s homes.

AgencyLowe Ginkgo, Montevideo, Uruguay

The Axe Effect.


"Because as soon as you stop thinking about football, you start think about woman again.
Axe Play 2010."

Advertising Agency: Ponce, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Creative Director: Ricardo Armentano; Joaquin Cubria; Analia Rios
Creative: Juan Pablo Lufrano; Norberto Vatrano
Director: Armando Bo
Production: Rebolucion
Producer: Mariano Avellaneda; Axel G Linari
Director of Photography: Cristian Cottet
Post Production: Pickle
Editor: Gustavo Macri; Patricio Pena
Music: Animal Music

Axe Play: Sofaurus

Advertising Agency: Ponce, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Creative Director: Ricardo Armentano; Joaquin Cubria; Analia Rios
Creative: Juan Pablo Lufrano; Norberto Vatrano
Director: Armando Bo
Production: Rebolucion
Producer: Mariano Avellaneda; Axel G Linari
Director of Photography: Cristian Cottet
Post Production: Pickle
Editor: Gustavo Macri; Patricio Pena
Music: Animal Music

Axe|Save water by showering together

ShowerpoolingToday is Earth Day, and Axe Canada and ad agency Zig are sexing up the proceedings by recommending that you share your shower with significant others to conserve water. 
A facebook app created by Zig that encourages people to showerpool. Check facebook/axecanada. Popout

Specsavers | Specs Effect

Can anything overpower The Lynx Effect? This brand new spot answers the question in true Specsavers style. They say the only thing harder than reaching the top is to stay there. The Axe
Effect will drive all the hot babes towards you but can it retain them? Probably
not if you are using anything but Specsavers. A nice parody of Axe ad.

Axe, also known as Lynx in some markets, has been consistent for years now on its positioning of ‘gets you the girl’. The idea too has stayed fresh with several great executions. The common factor among all the executions is the portrayal of ‘in your face’, physical attraction of girls to the Axe man. 

The ad seems to have had a teaser with a link to a Twitter and Facebook page. There are two other executions: catch and stretcher.

AgencySpecsavers Creative
Creative Director: Graham DaldryCreatives: Simon Bougourd, Neil BrushAgency Producer: Sam Lock
Production Company: Rattling Stick, LondonDirector: Daniel KleinmanProducer: Johnnie FrankelEditor: Steve Gandolfi/Eve Ashwell @ Cut+Run
Post-Production: FramestoreAudio Post-Production: Simon Capes @ ClearcutDigital Production: Infinite Corridor

AXE | Hair Action


 AXE on Youtube.

Lynx|Get in there

Lynx continues its successful repositioning as the fragrance of choice for young men with a new line of digital applications to help guys use “the Lynx effect”.
Most men’s fragrance advertising contains heavy connotations of sex and masculinity. Although while the fine fragrance houses choose to use sensual campaigns with impossibly well-groomed models, Lynx eschews this trend by using more realistic models, in more recognisable settings.
In 2008 Lynx, known as Axe in some territories, created the “Get In There” campaign. Aimed at guys who needed help breaking the ice with girls, Lynx came up with a series of hints, tips and apps so guys could get offline, and get dating. The basic premise that if a guy could successfully start to chat a girl up, the “Lynx effect” would do the rest.
With the second phase, Lynx has produced a selection of light-hearted mobile apps for guys to use in icebreaking situations. With ‘say cheese’ the user asks a girl to take his picture using his phone. When she does, the camera will display a pre-loaded image (Lynx suggest a photo of the user in his underwear) to amuse and, presumably, entice. In ‘perfect man revealed’, the user asks a girl to take a multiple choice test to find her perfect man, with the results rigged to reveal a pre-loaded image of the mobile owner. The most useful application is a digital version of the classic “spin the bottle”, in which the user can control the outcome of each spin by pressing a specific key on their mobile, correlating to the location of the desired target.
These digital extensions to the “Get in there” campaign, demonstrate Lynx’s continued success in finding a digital role in fragrance marketing.



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