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Barbie| gets a makeover


Barbie, the iconic plastic doll, is famed for her glamorous clothes and pneumatic figure – now in a new burka-clad model.
The look is part of an exhibition, backed by Barbie creator Mattel, of the doll in multicultural outfits by Italian designer Eliana Lorena. Two of the Barbies are wearing the burka, the loose fitting robe with veiled holes for the eyes which is worn by some Muslim women.

The collection of more than 500 Barbies is being sold at a Sotheby's charity auction in Florence, Italy, in aid of Save The Children.

The sale is part of Barbie celebrations for her 50th anniversary this year.

Britain's biggest Barbie collector Angela Ellis, 35, who owns more than 250 dolls, said: "I think this is really important for girls, wherever they are from they should have the opportunity to play with a Barbie that they feel represents them.

"I Know Barbie was something seen as bad before as an image for girls, but in actual fact the message with Barbie for women is you can be whatever you want to be.

"I like the 70s, 80s and 90s ones that have reflected my life and I picked the really outstanding ones, the really different ones that have a message for my collection.

"I have a Barbie in a wheelchair that was only out for six weeks."

Rosie Shannon, from Save the Children, said: "We are delighted Sotheby's and the designer chose to auction the burka Barbie dolls for our charity.

"Save the Children is committed to helping children worldwide.

"One of the Barbies being auctioned wears a ring made by Italian jewellers Bulgari who are working in partnership with Save the Children.

"The money raised will also help children get back to school."

The money goes toward the Rewrite the Future campaign which helps millions of children around the world effected by conflict.

Barbie was first launched in March 1959 by American businesswoman Ruth Handler. The doll was joined by her long-term boyfriend Ken in 1961.

Trivial Pursuit Experiment


TRIVIAL PURSUIT, the ultimate authority on trivia, is throwing down the gauntlet and asking women and men to represent their team and take part in the experiment to find out if the age-old question of who's smarter than who can be answered once and for all through trivia. Played out on, simply log on to join in and earn points for your brotherhood or sisterhood by answering as many questions as you want. Each question you answer correctly will earn a point for your team.

Trivial Pursuit Experiment - Who’s Smarter than Who?
Trivial Pursuit Experiment: Points go to the Men
Trivial Pursuit Experiment: Points go to the Women

Minnesota Lottery:::Grow your moneystache

"Grow your moneystache
Promoting the new Mega Monopoly scratch tickets.
Client: Minnesota Lottery
Agency: Colle+McVoy
Art Director: Dustin Black
Via: Sharpe Online


Lego:::Making History.

Brandenburg Gate

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/ Alster Gmbh, Hamburg, Germany

Chief Creative Officers: Armin Jochum, Deneke Von Weltzien

Creative Directors: Fabian Frese, Gotz Ulmer, Daniel Frericks
Senior Art Director: Andre Price

Senior Copywriter: Sergio Penzo

Producer: Claudia Schildt/Fabian
Designers: Florian Zwinge, Tilman Gossner
Photographer: Claudia Schildt/Fabian