Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation [KSRTC]|Breath easy.

Bangalore in the last few years has seen such rapid development that its roads have become clogged and the traffic situation is frustrating. Concern India, an NGO in association with The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation [KSRTC] started an initiative "Breathe Easy" to encourage Bangaloreans to travel by bus to ease the situation.




1 bus means 40 less autos spewing toxic fumes.
Board a bus. Breath easy.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore, India
Creative Directors: Vipul Thakkar, Shamik Sengupta
Art Directors: Febyn Roy, Ajesh N
Copywriters: Devaiah Bopanna, Kunj Shah
Illustrator: Nitin Rao Kumblekar

Why would an energy company want us to use less energy?

Talking Energy’s a great little interactive campaign, and nice to see that E.ON is helping to raise public awareness of what it calls the Energy Trilemma – i.e. how to balance security of supply, reduction of carbon emissions, and affordability.
The campaign’s all about encouraging consumers to use less energy, and E.ON hopes that by doing this it will help reduce household bills, engender loyalty and customer support, and ultimately drive long-term profit.

This Body of Death (Lichaam van de Dood): Is that a dead body over there?

This Body of Death (Lichaam van de Dood): Is that a dead body over there?

To promote the book by Elizabeth George, a thriller called This Body of Death (In Dutch Lichaam van de Dood), we came up with this easy to retweet, easy to email and Facebook-friendly approach. We let the readers experience the first part of Elizabeth George's book 'live': the discovery of a dead body on a cemetery. It started out on Twitter and Facebook with messages like ' Is that a dead body over there? Check the live webcam!' And we let curiosity (and social media) do the rest...http://www.stokenewington-london.co.uk/index.html
Advertising Agency: Houdini, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Boris Peters, Wilbert Leering
Art Directors: Boris Peters, Jonathan van Loon
Copywriter: Wilbert Leering
Production: Area25
Online programming: Kitty van der Gijp
Published: July 2010

7 Skills for a Post-Pandemic Marketer

The impact of Covid-19 has had a significant impact across the board with the marketing and advertising industry in 2020, but there is hope...