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Samuel Adams| April Fools: Helium Beer

This is a perfect example of leveraging a holiday to create a viral piece of social content. The beer maker Sam Adams posted this video across their social media platforms, showing off their new helium beer as an April Fools prank. You have to watch the video to see why it was such a hit.


Heineken | Road to the Final


Beer and football- a perfect combination to reach a male audience. Hence why Heineken is the global sponsor of the UEFA Champions League (UCL), the most prestigious club platform for international football stars and their clubs. Every year, this sponsorship platform drives awareness and preference for Heineken amongst UCL fans. But in 2013, Heineken wa

nted to evolve the communication of its UCL sponsorship. To deepen its relationship with UCL football fans by offering them something unique. Something that this audience would really enjoy and would therefore drive deeper engagement with the Heineken brand.
The answer was simple- focus on the areas of UCL that resonate most strongly with the male, football-loving audience. Focus on the intense level of competition and comradery that is inherent in football. And provide its male audience with an opportunity to get involved and feel that sense of competition, that comradery for themselves.


The audience for this activity are men 21- 35, intense football fans who are highly competitive. They never pass up an opportunity to challenge a mate and would never back down when challenged themselves. To them, watching UCL football is inspirational- the epitome of athleticism and competition.
EBuzzing needed to find a way to extend the UCL experience from the TV screens, into these men’s hands. To bring the sense of competition to them. The central video asset developed for the campaign- “The Final”- was developed specifically focus to inspire these men. The video showcased the epic lengths that a fan will go to in order to be able to watch the UCL Final. Although the video culminated with the man arriving at the final match, the focus of the video is on the worldwide journey this man is willing to undertake to achieve something that is so important to him, everything from fighting through the jungle, hoping on the back of a stranger’s motorcycle, or managing to entertain harsh borders guards. He will do anything for his passion of the game. This video was used as the hook. It also needed something else to drive action.
Heineken knew its male target is highly competitive, so how could it trigger that passion? ‘The Kick’ online social game was created. An updated version of pinball, ‘The Kick’ was created to be highly addictive for our target- an easy to play, quick game that integrated the Heineken brand, elements of UCL football and was inherently social. The game would promote players to test their skills and to then challenge their friends to do the same. A social scoreboards was created to allow them to compare their results against their friends’, further driving the sense of competition and promoting gameplays.


‘The Final’ video ran on broadcast media around the world through local media and sponsorship packages. The reach of this asset was going to be huge. Heineken needed to capitalise on this awareness to drive engagement with The Kick game. It started with securing a global media world first! Heineken was the first advertisers to use YouTube’s trueview video product. Due to the lack to competition for this product, it delivered cost-efficient views of The Final asset across seven countries, specifically target users who were most likely to engage with the content and drive them to our game.
Through the use of a global video partner, the brand merged the video asset directly with the game in the custom-built widget, capturing the audience who was inspired by the video to immediately challenge them to test their own skills, all without leaving their current online environment. To ensure everyone, anywhere could play this game, a truly state of the art cloud-based hosting solution was created. This solution meant that that game could be played in any environment through the widget and would allow them to handle up to six million concurrent players! It identified a users’ location and tailored the language of the game to create a custom experience. Social media icons prompted players to share their results with friends and challenge them to try to beat their scores, something they knew their mates couldn’t resist! A social scoreboards was created to allow comparing of results, further driving competition and gameplays.


Online views of The Final video delivered over 35 million views, exceeding the target by 26%. The insight was right - this audience can’t say no to a challenge! 76% of those who viewed the video online went on to play The Kick game, with over 6.7 million gameplays of The Kick, smashing the target by 573%! And of those gameplays, over five million were unique players. And they didn’t just play it once - they successfully triggered their competitiveness to play again and try to beat their score.
Average time spent with the game was just under four minutes. With over 500,000 social engagements, they were eager to share with their friends too. Heineken research tracking demonstrated a 4% increase in Heineken’s awareness of UCL versus the previous year. Heineken’s activity brought the passion and competitiveness of UCL football into the hands of the audience.

    Drinks (alcoholic)
    South Africa
    United Kingdom
    April - May 2013


    ohnnie Walker | Diageo | Dads Deserve Better


    Diageo is focused on using technology to influence brand preference in an increasingly connected retail world. Specifically, to leverage the mass penetration of smartphones to disrupt how people shop and influence decisions right up to point of purchase. Diageo’s brief was to make Father’s Day 2013 in Chile bigger and to position premium whisky brands Johnnie Walker and Buchanan’s as a thoughtful gift for Dad. The ambition was to increase the retail focus on the occasion, drive premiumisation and frequency of consumption.


    Research conducted by Diageo showed that shoppers spend on average 30% more on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day. Why? Sons and daughters find it more difficult to express their feelings towards Dad and he’s harder to buy for than Mum. Driven by the insight that a gift is more intimate if it’s personalised, Evrythng positioned Johnnie Walker and Buchanan's as a way to celebrate fatherhood by connecting thousands of bottles of whisky to the Web, so they could carry a one-to-one digital video message from sons and daughters to their dads. Provoking consumers via the campaign message ‘Papa Merece Más’ (Dads Deserve Better).


    The idea was simple but delivery was technically demanding. The campaign leaned on Diageo’s mobile technology platform +More to make every bottle ‘smart’. This breakthrough application of Internet of Things technology gives each product a unique, addressable digital profile on the Web triggered by a unique QR code printed on the sleeve, which consumers scan using their smartphones. In three easy steps, sons and daughters could create a personal film tribute for their Dad and digitally attach it to a bottle of whisky, using their smartphone.

    When Dad received his gift, he enjoyed not just the whisky but also a personal one-to-one video message right there on his own smartphone, accessed via the same QR code – putting theatre and emotion back into the act of giving. Described by Diageo's Head of Customer Marketing in Chile as “The most ambitious platform for modern trade ever in Chile,” campaign activation was conducted at scale via hundreds of tailored POS promotions, mall interventions and sampling events, a disruptive YouTube ‘gift destruction’ channel and a PR and key social influencer strategy.


    The campaign drove a 25% year-on-year sales uplift of Johnnie Walker and Buchanan’s whisky, with a campaign ROI of 64%. The Dads Deserve Better message reached a massive online audience, with over one million YouTube hits and eight million Twitter impressions via celebrity influencers. 24% of all users who visited the mobile website created a personalised video for their dad, reflecting a highly engaged audience.
    And the innovative application of mobile technology gained traction with the press, earning significant PR coverage across Chile as well as global media interest in +More, including a report in the Harvard Business Review.
    Johnnie Walker
    Buchanan's Whisky
    Drinks (alcoholic)
    May - July 2013

    Redd's Apple Ale | Redd's Apple Launcher


    In a crowded marketplace filled with “up-and-coming” alcoholic beverages, from craft beer to hard ciders, MillerCoors needed to set its new Redd’s Apple Ale apart. While an apple-flavoured beer was something different than other beers on the market, it still presented a tall task, especially in targeting a consumer group moving away from all beers except craft.
    The war for market share in the beer category is brutal. With millions of Millennials venturing off into spirits and wines—compounded by increasing competition from the growing cider category—Initiative had its work cut out. Redd’s is the first (and only) hybrid beer-cider in the field, but having a unique product isn’t enough in today’s landscape. It needed to position the drink in a way that not only appealed to a notoriously fickle audience, but gave legitimacy as a real beer option, instead of merely a passing fad.


    When the agency delved into the consumer (males 21-34), one thing struck: More than any other demographic, these consumers needed to be the first to try new food and drinks—almost as a badge of honour. Initiative had the beginnings of a strategy, as it now knew that positioning Redd’s as a “must try” beverage was the way in. 
    But do this, it needed to create a buzz loud enough to influence the target in a fun, new way. So the agency set about developing a fully interactive campaign that felt fresh, new, and most of all, buzzworthy.  Initiative needed to engage the consumer in their everyday life by selling the idea of “embracing the unexpected” and branching out from the drab and normal. After brainstorming and testing dozens of ideas, it settled on a two-prong strategy to bring the insight to life.
    The first goal was to visualize how different Redd’s is, and in the process mark its stake as a brand trying to do something different. To accomplish this, Initiative set out to highlight the apple’s iconography in American culture and show the fruit in out-of-the-ordinary ways using various out-of-home executions, 60-second spots, in cinema, and on pages in Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly. 
    The second part of the strategy was to put the power in the consumer’s hands and execute a completely new way to show the product “in action.”


    Enter Redd’s Apple Launcher: a first of its kind interactive experience that allowed online and app users to launch real apples at a real target, in real time. Users that logged on the website were greeted with several options at the “Redd’s Bar” where they could select what and who they wanted to shoot with the apple launcher.
    But the fun didn’t stop there. Because only one user could shoot the launcher at a time, Initiative created a way to let those waiting in the queue engage with the brand, whether that was choosing the song that would play next or what should happen in the funhouse. Users also received points for their performance and were entered to win daily prizes, including Living Social Deal Bucks, sunglasses, and glassware.
    It also developed a TV partnership with Big Bang Theory and Myth Busters to promote the event, and partnered with uStream to launch a “uStream Takeover” that got cross-channel pollination from media outlets including CNN, Yahoo!, Washington Post and Monocle.


    The Redd’s Apple Launcher campaign “literally” catapulted the beer into consumer’s consciousness and allowed it to overtake its main competitor to become the fifth-fastest growing beer brand in only four months, according to Nielsen.  Volume goals were exceeded six months prior to the first year of sales and it became the #1 selling FMB six-pack at 7-Eleven and Harris Teeter within four months. Awareness from the target for Redd’s reached 57% seven months into launch (Millward Brown, ACT tracker) as well.
    The Redd’s Apple Launcher website received over 175,000 visits across just five days with a 92% new visitor average (Google Analytics) and over 27,000 sweepstakes entries were submitted (Ignition) via the app.
    Brand integrations also showed considerable success with media platforms including BuzzFeed, Discovery, and Yahoo, delivering over 52 million impressions (Media Mind). Social integration through 13 launcher-related posts reached over 1.5 million people with 6,000+ likes, 439 comments and 320 shares (Facebook Analytics). Integrations into Maxim magazine resulted in over 12K scans and over 2K video sweepstakes entries, while digital promotions through Maxim beat interaction benchmarks by 17 times the average (Data provided from Maxim, benchmark via Media Mind). Now, only a short time after launch, Redd’s has become a household name.
    Redd's Apple Ale
    Drinks (alcoholic)
    United States
    June - July 2013


      A masterpiece in wine

      Wine labels are similar to luxury brands in that as a group, they have been collectively resistant to marketing innovation, believing that the quality of the product is good enough marketing in itself. This interactive billboard and the wider art project it comes from is a beautiful idea supported by a clever use of SMS technology.

      They don't drink a lot wine in Latin America. Drinkers in France and Italy happily quaff between 50-60 litres of the stuff annually per capita, which makes the Colombian average of 0.26 litres seem a particularly restrained amount.

      But the local market for wine has been steadily increasing over the past decade, and Argentinean label Bodega Navarro Correas has been capitalising on this trend and celebrating the work of local artists with its 'Arte por dentro y por fuera' campaign. Translated as 'art inside and outside', this campaign is based on the idea that if Bodega Navarro Correas produces a masterpiece inside the bottle, its consumers can produce masterpieces on the outside.

      This amazing billboard in Colombia is the latest expression of 'Arte por dentro y por fuera', and proves that you can create an arresting work of art with wine, robotics and a little bit of SMS technology.

      BRAND: Bodega Navarro Correas
      BRAND OWNER: Diageo
      CATEGORY: Drinks (alcoholic)
      REGION: Colombia
      DATE: August - August 2011
      AGENCIES: Alpha 245, Leo Burnett

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