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How to Measure Employee Brand Engagement

A traditional measure of employee brand engagement is a net promoter score taken from a quantitative survey where you ask employees how likely they would be to recommend the brand to others.
However, there’s another way that can help guide employee brand engagement efforts to actually create more brand champions to drive the business forward. This approach measures employees’ brand knowledge with specific questions about the brand, such as knowing what it stands for, and how committed they are to the brand and what it stands for.
With this methodology from, employees fall into four categories.
  • Brand champions: High knowledge + high commitment
  • Apprentices: Low knowledge + high commitment
  • Skeptics: High knowledge + low commitment
  • Disengaged: Low knowledge + low commitment
Apprentices are the low-hanging fruit for conversion to brand champions. Identifying where those apprentices are by geography or line of business, for example, can help target more learning activities to bolster their knowledge. Increasing opportunities for learning also impacts the knowledge measure for the disengaged.
Increasing commitment is a harder metric to move because lack of brand commitment can be caused by many things. But for a corporate brand, making more employees aware of pride-evoking reasons can help. 
Without engaged, knowledgeable and committed employee brand champions, even the best strategy alone can’t drive the business. This measurement approach can you help you tailor and target your brand engagement and enablement efforts to foster more.
You must arm your employees with the knowledge and resources they need to be effective brand ambassadors. They must know what your organization stands for and what makes it different from others in the marketplace; (they must) understand your brand promise and be able to explain the most important elements of your brand identity…

Kleenex| for Good Times and Bad

Kimberly-Clark has commissioned three posters by illustrator Gail Armstrong used to promote their internal staff awards. 

Each poster shows two images reflecting the potential positive and negative aspects of the same scenario – YES/NO for love, GLORY/FAILURE for footballer and KING/FOOL for the rockstar. The campaign is associated with the Kleenex “Let It All Out’ drive, assuring staff that Kleenex is there for the good and the bad.
Kleenex Yes and No

Kleenex Glory and Failure
Kleenex King and Fool

Because Kleenex promises to mop up your tears, and the success of this brand is actually based on the tears of people like you.

You pretend that you are in love. But actually your have been ditched by your lover. You put on a brave face in front of the whole world, but you are really a shattered individual who inwardly drinks the bitter medicine of grief and failure. But, don’t worry, no you can worry, just let your tears out. The rest will be done by Kleenex.

This print campaign for Kleenex remorselessly urges you to express the real you and shed tears. So that the products can be sold.

Advertising Agency: JWT, London, United Kingdom
Creative Directors: Russell Ramsey, Dominick Lynch-Robinson
Art Director: Christiano Neves
Copywriter: Christiano Neves
Illustrator: Gail Armstrong
Photographer: Jonny Thompson.
Art Buyer: Coco Weir

Project Manager: Kevin Noble