Turkcell:::Tone & Win

Turkcell wanted to increase mobile marketing revenue and create customer loyalty.

Turkcell launched a ring-back advertising platform, Tone & Win, which rewards customers with credits or minutes for willingly allowing their phone to become an advertising medium. By opting in, the customer’s incoming ringtone when a friend calls them is replaced with a brand’s jingle instead. This means that anyone calling the person who has signed up to the service, even if they are signed up to a competitor mobile phone operator, will hear this advertising. The consumer can select which sort of advertising jingle to use as a ring-back tone, thus essentially recommending that brand. Some ads get more rewards than others.

So when Whirlpool ran a campaign during Christmas, listeners heard an actress wishing them Merry Christmas. Meanwhile Turkish bank Isbank ran a message wishing people a happy near year. The payment model works a bit like Google Adwords – they get more availability by offering higher rewards than the rest. The cost per listen model charges the advertisers based on the amount of ring-back tone (RBT) the caller hears. Advertisers include Axe, Adios, Turkcell, Dacia and Pinar.

As a result, Turkcell has achieved a 338% monthly increase in Tone & Win members. They create a monthly impression rate of 100,000,000.






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Brand movie::: New trend in luxury advertising




The latest Lady Dior film already looks like it is going to eclipse the much anticipated (and deeply disappointing) Coco Chanel spot

Titled, The Lady Noire Affairs and shot in a Hitchcock style the six and a half minute short will include romance, gangsters, the Eiffel Tower and of course a beautiful heroine in Marion Cotillard.

One clue to the story being released each day over the coming week via a Twitter account and a widget is available to embed into sites and blogs.

Directed by
Oliver Dahan of the BAFTA nominate La Vie En Rose, the preview is available online now, with the film being released on May 20th at ladydior.com. It will also be backed by a print campaign, shot by Peter Lindbergh atop the Eiffel Tower.


Hall of Shame:::someone is calling these things ...Ads


The Holy [thing]

Climate Coolers | 1 Million Women


I will never do cliche’ ads again

A cliché (from French, klɪ’ʃe) is a phrase, expression, or idea that has been overused to the point of losing its intended force or novelty, especially when at some time it was considered distinctively forceful or novel. – Wikipedia.

 amhistory.fullsize  amkate.fullsize 

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Beirut, Lebanon

Creative Directors: Bechara Mouzannar, Chermine Assadian
Art Directors: 
Joumana Ibrahim, Nayla Baaklini
Samir Fayez, Amin Kurani
 Mark Calina
Jihad Hojeily

Year: May, 2009.


Agency: Team Y&R

Published in Arab Ad magazine on December, 2003. Vol. 13. No. 11.

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