The Gun Violence History Book| Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence

Agency: FCB Chicago
Client: Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence
Country: United States

For over a century, gun violence has been a deadly issue in the USA. One of the reasons for this problem is a loophole in the law.

FCB Chicago needed to create a campaign, with a small budget, that could gather support for Universal Background checks which would help close the loophole. There has been so much gun violence in America that if it was all captured in a book, it would probably stop a bullet. Introducing The Gun Violence History Book.

Dracula Billboard| BBC

Agency: Talon Outdoor

Client: BBC

Country: United Kingdom

With so many incarnations of the horror icon already out there on film and TV, BBC Creative wanted UK audiences to engage with the Dracula legend in a really surprising way. 
So it created a special build poster using light and shadow to bring the out of home campaign to life, like the count himself, as night fell. It engaged viewers online with a 10-second time lapse of the transformation at sunset, which drove the online conversation pointing viewers towards the show.

Never Standing Still | Hong Kong Ballet

Agency: Design Army

Client: Hong Kong Ballet

Country: Hong Kong

In 2018 a new artistic director took the helm at Hong Kong Ballet, facing dwindling membership, a city in turmoil, and perceptions that ballet was for the elite. After successfully rebranding in 2018, the goal for the Ballet’s 40th anniversary was to establish it as a national institution and reach new audiences.

The strategy was to blend traditional and pop culture to celebrate the Ballet’s heritage and innovative spirit. Design Army’s work helped increase subscriptions by 33%, and elevated Hong Kong Ballet’s position as a cultural institution nationally and one of the most vital ballets in the world.

Eyes Say More Than Words| Georgetown Optician

Agency: Design Army

Client: Georgetown Optician

Country: United States

Georgetown Optician is a purveyor of luxury eyewear with multiple retail locations in Washington, DC. The challenge was to create an integrated brand campaign to showcase its 2020 collection. The campaign includes in-store, online, in product and print, but the focal point is the film. 
Our world is louder than ever before, so Design Army imagined a place where eyes say more than words. They took visual cues from eccentric 1970s style, specifically high school yearbooks. Georgetown Optician has since been recognised as one of the most creative and innovative retail brands in global eyewear.

AirPods – Bounce | Apple

Agency: Apple / TBWA\Media Arts Lab / Apple / TBWA\Media Arts Lab\Apple / Framestore

Client: Apple

Country: United States

Bounce captures what it feels like to experience the extra burst of freedom provided by the even-more-wireless new AirPods. In the film, the whole environment of a city becomes a trampoline, turning a young man’s everyday commute into a wonderful musical experience.

Sound Images| Berlin Philharmonic

Agency: Scholz & Friends Berlin

Client: Berlin Philharmonic

Country: Germany

In 2019, the Berlin Philharmonic – one of the world’s leading orchestras – was looking for an eye-catching visual concept for its new concert season. Scholz & Friends put the focus on what fascinates people the most about the orchestra: its unique sound. 
With a metal plate and the laws of physics, the musicians are able to portray their exceptional sound. Making visible what could so far only be heard, the Sound Images became a unique visual concept for the entire season’s communication, lending visual fascination to the orchestra’s acoustic perfection.

The Long Fight / Gender Gap| The New York Times

Agency: Droga5 New York

Client: The New York Times

Country: United States

The New York Times has a history of providing unparalleled coverage on gender in sports. When 2019 saw female athletes fighting a public battle for equality, it used the US Open as a backdrop to demonstrate how its journalism has been there at every step. This film takes 50 years of archival headlines and shows how hard women had to fight to level the playing field. 
As the rally unfolds, each word brings viewers through the years. The sound design mimics the setbacks and breakthroughs, bringing you to the headlines of the present day. Online, readers got a deeper look into the featured article.

Web of Infamy| Smirnoff

This is no fairytale. It’s the true story of how Smirnoff became the world’s number one vodka. It exposed all 155 years of deception, revolution, exile, bankruptcy, and resurrection with an evidence wall on Instagram. 
A peek inside the brand’s illustrious past, littered with secrets hidden within videos, images, carousels, and gifs waiting to be uncovered. Things no brand would ever admit to.

Agency:  72andSunny New York

Client: Diageo

Country: United States

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