Axe |Get dirty.

Advertising Axe shower gel.  As usual, all revolves around sex.  And as usual approach is a little humorous writers, but very thoughtful.  At first glance we see a broken curtain from the shower.  Next to each mesh urwanego but women bear the name.  Creative imagination of the public works in this case better than any picture - everyone who will focus their attention on such advertising will think about it, what did the owner of that shower.  Which is the owner do not see.  For this perverse, ambiguous password promoting the products of this brand some time ago.  Password: Axe.  Get dirty.  The idea is simple in my opinion, and that simple ideas are usually the best, this ad is to me quite successful.  Is perhaps not spectacular, but still talks about sex without showing it.  As usual, Axe does not disappoint.
Axe shower gel. As usual, all revolves around sex. And as usual the approach  a little humorous , but very thoughtful.

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