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NASA | #GlobalSelfie

In 2014, NASA found a way to get people excited about collaborating on a creative project it called the Global Selfie. By gathering photos that people posted of their environment, NASA created a mosaic of the entire world. The result is pretty incredible.

Philosophy or Strategy | Anti Urinal Message in Arabic Language

The islamic religious authorities have found the radical solution to prevent people from urinating in publicplaces ...they write messages in Arab languge which is the language of the Quran to stop people from pissing ,what we read written in red arab letters " HERE IT'S FORBIDDEN TO URINATE” and it works !

Tourism Victoria | Remote Control Tourist


Unlike other Australian destinations, Melbourne is not known for its iconic buildings or amazing natural landmarks. Instead, it’s more about ‘experiences’ – food, fashion, music, the famous laneways and its overall creativity. In fact, the best bits of Melbourne are hidden away. They are things that take time to discover - but once you do, your curiosity is rewarded.
The primary objective for this campaign was to highlight the fact that Melbourne is a very different destination that is constantly changing, and there’s much more to it than initially meets the eye. Its main focus was to give the domestic audience new reasons to visit Melbourne – whether they had visited previously or never considered coming.
So Clemenger BBDO Melbourne created the Remote Control Tourist – a way to let people from anywhere in world explore the hidden secrets of Melbourne before they visit in person. To literally let them ‘go before they go’. Remote Control Tourist is a tourism marketing world-first; a real-time web experience which allows visitors from around the world to truly experience the depth of all Melbourne has to offer, in the closest way possible to actually being there. They could ask the Remote Control Tourists to explore anything: stepping on to the MCG, drinking coffee in a laneway, checking out a designer store or sampling one of Melbourne’s gourmet restaurants.


The campaign strategy was built around the idea of allowing people in other cities to experience Melbourne’s depth first hand. By harnessing the power of social media and combining it with some clever streaming video technology, the Tourists truly became the users’ eyes and ears in Melbourne. Part guide, part humble servant, the Tourists helped the audience explore the twists and turns of the city.
Potential visitors simply had to tweet or message via a specifically designed website, and the most interesting suggestions would be actioned by a Remote Control Tourist. The campaign included a number of distinct phases of activity – from pre-launch and the five-day live period, right through to a calendar of promotions and assets that can be used for a number of purposes. The strategy relied on the creation of first person video content that told the deeper and more interesting stories of Melbourne. This content is essential to provide information and to help people explore Melbourne in the future.


As the Remote Control Tourist was a world first campaign, Tool had to do a lot of work behind the scenes to work out how to even make it happen. It had no blueprint for it. The campaign itself was run on a custom built platform that allowed people from anywhere in the world to watch and control the Remote Control Tourists live as they were on the ground in Melbourne. The Remote Control Tourists were controlled by requests made on the website, Twitter and Facebook. Live requests were moderated and then fed to the website and in turn, to the Remote Control Tourists on the ground. Aside from the real-time HD video stream, viewers could also follow the journey on an interactive Google Map that provided information on the nearby places of interest.

To enable the constantly moving Tourists to stream HD footage in real-time, their backpacks contained cutting edge technology that enabled the digital video data to be split across four 4G LTE Mobile data connections. The four streams were then received at the RCT headquarters and stitched back into a single stream and then encoded for the various devices (desktop computers, smartphones, tablets) and distributed across the Internet via the Akamai network.
The resulting experience was a website that delivered a real-time HD video stream, map-based location tracking and a social feed of the user-generated requests and dialogue. The teaser campaign was launched the week before the campaign live period that incorporated bespoke designs from respected artists, Craig and Karl. The teaser campaign and live period consisted of press, outdoor posters, digital screens and banners but was complimented with a large scale social media and PR presence.


From October 2 – November 20:
- Estimated unique reach of media coverage: 150,980,058
- Twitter impressions: 41,464,450
- Facebook impressions: 7,906,130
- Total visits to site: 138,980
- Unique visits to site: 107,830
- Return visitor: 22.40%
- Average visit duration: 6:18
- Cities: 5324
- Countries interacting with the website: 171
- Positive sentiment: 96%

    Tourism Victoria
    Government/Public Sector
    October - October 2013
    Clemenger BBDO

    Victim Support |Find The Strength

    Victim Support, a UK charity giving free and confidential help to victims of crime, witnesses, their family and friends, is running a print, radio, television and ambient advertising campaign featuring the stories of people affected by crimes. Launched in May 2010, the campaign began with the narratives of victims of attack, burglary and domestic violence, written in handwriting across the faces of the victims, with a reference to the role of Victim Support in helping each one find the inner strength to face life again. The campaign, promoting Victim Support’s new logo and strapline, “Find the Strength”, was followed up with a further campaign with the tagline, “Invest Now”.
    Victim Support Face with story of domestic violence

    Victim Support Face with Mugging story
    Victim Support Face with Burglary story
    Victim Support Face
    Victim Support Face
    Victim Support Face
    On Saturday 11th June, 27 volunteers performed a mini flashmob drama in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens. Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube (HD)


    The Find the Strength campaign was developed at MWO, London, by art directors Steve Williams, Mark Hurst, Jo Webb, copywriters Martyn Smith, Natasha Freedman, Jez Cripps, and photographer Jad Oakes.

    Australian Government |Clean Energy Future

    The Australian Government has launched “Clean Energy Future”, an integrated advertising campaign design to provide the Australian community with information about the Government’s plan for a clean energy future. The campaign, online at, Twitter (@cefgovau) and Youtube, provides information on what the Government’s plan means for households, businesses and communities. Television commercials feature real Australians who work in large and small organisations involved in creating a clean energy future for Australia. The campaign also includes print and radio advertisements, along with brochures.
    Clean Energy Future

    Click on the image below to play the Australia’s Clean Energy Future video in YouTube (HD)

    Click on the image below to play the Creating a Clean Energy Future video in YouTube (HD)

    Click on the image below to play the Cutting Carbon Pollution video in YouTube (HD)

    Click on the image below to play the Household Assistance video in YouTube (HD)

    Click on the image below to play the Why act on carbon pollution now? video in YouTube (HD)

    Click on the image below to play the How does carbon pricing work? video in YouTube (HD)

    Greg Combet, Minister for the Environment, introduces the Clean Energy Future concept. Click on the image below to play the Greg Combet video in YouTube (HD)

    Professor Will Steffen, Executive Director of Climate Change institute, Australian National University, and Commissioner, Climate Commission, talks about the risks of rises in temperature and sea level. Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube (HD)

    The campaign includes a range of videos outlining the ways households will be helped to deal with the effects of the Price on Carbon. Click on the image below to play Mick’s video in YouTube (HD)

    The following three commercials are currently set as “private”. Dr Doone Wyborn is Chief Scientist at Geodynamics. Chris McGrath is Development Manager, Infigen, a company responsible for building wind farms. Alex Wonhas is director of the Energy Transformed Flagship in CSIRO, the government’s scientific research community.


    The Clean Energy Future campaign was developed at Smart, Melbourne. The site was developed at Osky Interactive, Canberra.

    Mirror Eggs|by Joe La Pompe

    Office of National Drug Control Policy – 2006
    Source : YouTube
    Agency : Unknown (USA)
    Lebanese Ministry of Interior against Drugs– 2011
    Source : YouTube
    Author : Neshan Der Haroutounian (Lebanon)

    Hariri Foundation Khede Kasra

    Leo Burnett Beirut has won another award for “Khede Kasra”, a campaign developed for The Hariri Foundation, an organisation in Lebanon focused on empowering women. The integrated campaign, online at Facebook, centered around a simple “kasra” accent to inspire Lebanese women to bring about gender equality in society. The campaign won the Grand Prix for Outdoor at the Golden Drum awards in Slovenia, adding to the Gold PR Lion at Cannes, five golds and two silvers at the Dubai Lynx Festival, and a Grand Prix at the Cristal de la Mena.

    Khede Kasra Posters

    The Hariri Foundation and Leo Burnett Beirut had the challenge of designing a campaign that would help to raise awareness about the inequalities and disadvantages suffered by women, and that would hopefully lead to widespread cultural reform. Lebanese women cannot give their nationality to their children if married to a foreigner. Lebanese women automatically lose custody of their children above 9 years of age in any divorce battle. Domestic violence against women is widespread. Lebanese women need to actively participate in society and stand up for themselves.

    Khede Kasra Posters

    The Hariri Foundation’s research into depiction of women in the media and revealed that spoken and written words in the Arabic language are often assumed to be addressed to men, not women. The agency chose to tackle gender inequality with the use of the a “kasra” accent, transforming words to indicate that they were addressed to women. Lebanese women were called to “make your mark” by adding the red kasra accent on posters strategically placed in public places. Knowing that the Lebanese watch a lot of television, their favorite shows were used as yet another channel to communicate the campaign.

    Khede Kasra Posters

    The integrated campaign was taken to the whole country with the use of a mobile interactive billboard, along with posters and stickers. The campaign was introduced digitally through emails, YouTube and Facebook. On International Women’s Day (March 8, 2009), TV personalities were invited to wear the “kasra” on air and endorse the campaign. As the highlight of the campaign, during a filmed event, the Minister of Education distributed stickers and encouraged prominent women in society to get metaphorically involved with the interactive billboard as well as literally involved on the ground.

    Khede Kasra was picked up by newspaper reports, magazine editors, bloggers and became the topic of everyday conversations. As hoped, the campaign sparked debates and roundtables about female regulations in the Lebanese judicial system.


    The Khede Kasra campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Beirut by regional executive creative director Bechara Mouzannar, creative director Chermine Assadian, art directors Tania Saleh, Nayla Baaklini, Reem Kotob, Lea Salibi, Roula Asmar, art director/designer Yasmina Baz, Rana Najjar, copywriter Rana Khoury and Rana Najjar, deputy managing director Nada Abi Saleh, account executive Dima Kfouri.

    Filming was shot by director Ghada Oueidat at The Post Office, with editors Marwan Ziadeh and Farah Fayed and composer Ahmad Awad.

    Million Baby Crawl

    Babies on a Soapbox (We'll Crawl)

    Babies Seen Crawling Through a Crosswalk

    WWF:::The Impact on Global Climate Change"meltdown"

    Most people only get to experience the Arctic region through nature programmes on TV, so the problem of Arctic warming is not something we are immediately aware of.

    WWF wanted to make sure that ‘out of sight’ did not mean ‘out of mind’ by highlighting the risks of Arctic warming and show the direct effect of climate change in the Arctic on the whole planet. A major report compiled by WWF, entitled Arctic Feedbacks: The Impact on Global Climate Change, reveals that rapid retreat of ice could lead to the sea level rising by one metre in this century alone, threatening a quarter of the world’s population. Warming in the Arctic could also substantially increase carbon dioxide and methane emissions in the atmosphere as a great quantity of those gases are stored in the Arctic’s frozen soils or wetlands. WWF wanted to ensure that climate change was seen as a political priority for the months leading up to the United Nations Climate change conference in December.

    To coincide with the release of the report, WWF teamed up with Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo to create 1,000 tiny ice sculptures of people. These were positioned on the steps of the music hall in Gendarmenmarkt public square in Berlin.

    The sculptures began melting in 30 minutes, perfectly illustrating the impact of melting ice caps on humanity.





    DATE:Sep 2009



    COI: Choose A Different Ending

    Immagine 1

    Choose A Different Ending is an interactive film that allows you to decide what happens next. You can interact with it, choose what to do and decide how it ends. In Choose A Different Ending you decide whether to live or die.

    Advertising Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, London, United Kingdom
    Agency Producer: Ben Catford
    Director: Simon Ellis
    Production: Mad Cow Films
    Post Production: The Mill
    Brand: COI

    Print: Denver Water: IQ “Grass Is Dumb”

    Released: July 2009
    Avertiser: Denver Water
    Agency: Sukle Advertising & Design
    Country: USA


    Advertising Agency: Sukle Advertising & Design, USA
    Print Producer: Gail Barker

    Stupidgrass copy

    Sukle Advertising + Design has a new conservation campaign for hometown client Denver Water that asks people to curtail their lawn watering by two minutes a day. You'll get away with this, the ads suggest, because "grass is dumb" and won't know the difference. The work includes quote bubbles stuck in the ground that reveal the depths of grass's stupidity, and a couple of TV commercials (the one below and this other one) in which a few personified blades fail to grasp even the basics of the reality that surrounds them. Sukle's "Use only what you need" campaign has been down this road before, of course, with the pretty great drunk-flowers spot.



    NATO 60 Years of Peace and Security

    NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a set of three videos designed to remind people of six decades of solidarity, collective defense and the shared goals of peace, security and stability. The three commercials show what at first appear to be situations of danger, each one resolving into peaceful activity. The treaty was signed on 4 April, 1949, by Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

    Nato Stairs TV commercial


    Children run and fall over. Dogs bark… People often take freedom and security for granted. We don’t.

    Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube (HD)


    Is this a prison? Is that the cold sweat of fear or the hot sweat of exhaustion? Freedom to do what you want. We help that happen.

    Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube (HD)


    A woman closes her windows and checks security while outside the sky lights up with explosions. You want a life of freedom and stability. So do we.

    Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube (HD)


    The 60 Years campaign was developed at Scholz & Friends Antwerp

    Filming was shot by director Nico Beyer (Represented by Crossroads) via United Visions, Berlin.

    Editor was Tom Seil. Post production was done at NHB, Berlin, by creative producer Yesim Altilar. Sound was designed by Lars Lohn.

    Buzzing the Art Institute of Chicago’s Modern Wing

    Energy BBDO helped create buzz for the Art Institute of Chicago’s Modern Wing using OOH, Print and Digital media - in short, they went all out.

    The basis of their idea is that the most modern thing of the modern Wing is the museum itself - architecht Renzo Piano has created a fitting masterpiece to host all others.

    OOH work included: train cards, bus kings, double-decker bus wraps, two-sheet posters, bulletins, retailer windows; while the Print included newspapers and magazines; and the digital space utilized banner ads. All elements worked together to bring news of the new wing of the AIC to Chicago, Mid-West and NY art enthusiasts.

    Welcome to Modern. Circa Now.
    The First Masterpiece
    Cubism or Abstract impressionism?
    all ads

    Client: Art Institute of Chicago
    Project: Opening of the AIC's Modern Wing
    Agency: Energy BBDO
    Photographer: Dave Jordano