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This week, music download website unveils the launch for new website

The campaign idea I am my music. I am music masterencourages consumers to explore their individual musical tastes. The focus of the campaign is on a series of ambient portraits of real people made up from QR codes. Within each of these portraits, live codes link to free downloads of the subject’s top twenty tracks. The user is encouraged to snap the codes with his smartphone and download the free tracks to his computer. The three executions appear in malls around the UAE.

The campaign is also supported in press, on radio and online.

“The idea behind this campaign is beautifully simple. People are defined by the music they listen to. We all have our own unique soundtracks to our histories, and in the case of the ambient posters, consumers are able to explore and download other people’s personal soundtracks for free. What appears to be purely functional technology comes to life to tell a story.

 A fresh and intelligent approach for this campaign is produced. It’s something that 16-27 year-olds can really get involved with. Given that the technological know-how and ability to understand this visual language is unique to this target, it has something of the feel of an exclusive club. Beyond the ambient and print, the online banners and radio bring the Music Master message to life in a direct way and tell an engaging story.

CAMPAIGN CREDITS:Project: Reveal phase announcing launch of
Client: Music Master
Brief: To drive traffic to and create buzz and talkability around the site.
Creative Agency: DDB Dubai
Senior Art Director: Diya Ajit
Senior Copywriter: Camilla McLean
Group Account Director: Edward Harris
Digital support: Navin Ashokan, Najeeb Puthuveettil, Naeem Hussain
Retouchers (Ambient/Press): Firstbase London
Photography (Ambient/Press): Paul Emous
Photography (Online): Natasha Carella
Sound Design (Radio): Reiner Erlings, Gayathri Krishnan

Scandinavian Airlines 2D code mobile boarding passes - SAS go fully paperless

After a successful trial earlier this year, Scandinavian airlines have announced that passengers can now use 2D code mobile boarding passes on flights operated by SAS and Blue1 across Scandinavia and Europe.

SAS Scandinavian airlines mobile boarding passSAS mobile boarding pass (with 2D Code)

- When passengers check-in via SMS or the SAS Mobile Portal (, check-in confirmation contains a web link and when clicked the Mobile Boarding Pass is displayed on the phone

- The Mobile Boarding Pass contains details of flight number, seat number, departure and arrival time - and it also contains a 2D Bar Code

- The 2D Bar Code can be used to register baggage at SAS Self Service Kiosks. Holding a mobile boarding pass up to the bar code scanner starts the baggage check process

- To board the plane the bar code is simply held up to a bar code scanner at the gate

SAS Scandinavian mobile checkin benefitsSAS Mobile boarding pass benefits

Scandinavian Airlines / SAS have been pushing mobile services this year as they strive towards having 80% of passengers check-in using the internet or mobile. A few months ago a hard copy of the Scandinavian Airlines tongue-in-cheek 'Love At First Flight' guide to mobile travel solutions was sent to a large number of customers to promote SAS mobile products:

SAS Scandinavian airlines mobile Love At First FlightLove At First Flight guide to mobile solutions (read the whole story here)

The SAS mobile initiatives are a good example of how mobile marketing is more than just 'banners on a different screen.' Mobile should be seen as an enabler and there are great opportunities to harness mobile to improve customer experience. Full mobile check-in is a good example of this - making life easier for passengers and streamlining process for the airline at the airport.

Mazda:::Mazda opens its layer

It is imperative for car companies to be associated with cutting-edge technology, but at the same time avoid anything potentially seen as superfluous. So, Mazda’s announcement that it was using augmented reality in its latest campaign came as something of a surprise.

Augmented reality has, until now, been rather gimmicky – 3D lapdancing girls appearing out of 2-D paper, and the like. However, JWT’s new augmented reality application – Layer – is something different, something potentially very useful. By integrating Google maps into its service it allows users to see what is happeningaround them by displaying real-time digital information on top of reality.

Mazda has built the first ‘layer’ on the new network. Through a combination of QR codes and barcode technology consumers can scan special Mazda ads in the traditional press with a smartphone and find all available Mazda dealers within the vicinity. The tagline on the video demonstrating the new service is: ‘From magazine to Mazda in 80 seconds’.

And where Mazda lead, it looks like others will follow. 10,000 applications were downloaded in the first two days and JWT says it has clients wanting to build ‘layers’ in Amsterdam and Russia.

BRAND: Mazda
CATEGORY; Automotive
DATE: Aug 2009

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