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The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On

Barter Books created a short film that tells the story behind the iconic ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster. From it’s creation to it’s rediscovery to it’s meteoric rise to global icon.

France 24 Birds

French international news channel France 24 highlighted the power of internet freedom in “Birds”, an advertising campaign inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 film The Birds. A commercial and print/outdoor advertising campaign featured a Gaddafi-like dictator and other powerful figures threatened by the Twitter-like birds of revolution. Three posters, emulating the style of the original 1963 Birds movie posters, feature Gaddafi, Mubarak and Ben Ali.

France 24 Gaddafi

Online social networks played a significant role in spreading revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya earlier in 2011. France 24′s Arabic language version broke all audience records during this period. But the channel as a whole has benefited from an increase in audience. In March 2011 experienced a peak in traffic with nearly 14 million visits and about 59 million page views. The channel’s Twitter following grew quickly due to a large amount of tweets dedicated to the Arab Spring topic.

France 24 Mubarak
France 24 Ben Ali
Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds poster


The Birds ad was developed at Marcel Worldwide, Paris, by executive creative directors Anne De Maupeou, Veronique Sels and Sebastien Vacherot, art director Souen Le Van, copywriter Martin Rocaboy, agency producers Cleo Ferenczi and Fleur Laruent-Bruzy, art buyers Jean-Luc Chirio and Aurélie Lubot, account manager Cécile Henderycks, account manager Michel Kowalski, working with France 24 communications director Nathalie Lenfant.
Filming was shot by director Philippe Grammaticopoulos via Mister Hyde, Paris, with producer Hervé Lopez.
Music is by Christophe Julien.
Illustrators were Marie Morency (Gaddafi), Souen Le Van (Mubarak), and K.I.M. Florence Lucas (Ben Ali).

Sky TV Match Fit for Rugby World Cup

Sky Television in New Zealand knows that the Rugby World Cup 2011 is imminent. Will the mighty All Blacksbe match fit? More importantly, will Sky TV’s camera and sound crew be match fit? Gunnery Sergeant Cleaver takes the team through its paces, getting ready to show 48 games. The campaign is online atFacebook and Twitter (@sergeantcleaver). 

Sky TV Match Fit Challenges

Sky TV Get Match Fit

Sky TV All Blacks Crew


The Match Fit ad was developed at DDB New Zealand by executive creative director Toby Talbot, creative director Regan Grafton, copywriter Gavin Siakimotu, art director Natalie Knight, agency producer Judy Thompson, account director Danielle Richards, account manager Brad Armstrong, and managing partner Scott Wallace.
Filming was shot by director Tim Bullock via Prodigy Films with director of photography Geoffrey Hall, producers Jonathan Samway and Mark Matthews. Editor was Adam Wills. Post production was done atPerceptual Engineering.
Sound was produced at Liquid Studios.

10 Cool Uses of LED Sign in Times Square

When American Eagle opened its Times Square store in late 2009, most of the attention was on the retailer's sprawling 25,000-square-foot, four-story floor plan. But in the year and half since then, it's the brand's towering building-side LED display that's had the most noticeable impact, even in one of the world's most notoriously cluttered visual landscapes. By the numbers, this digital ziggurat is 15,000 square feet of LED, climbing 25 stories above Broadway and playing animations 18 hours a day. It's one of the nation's premium ad spaces, not only for American Eagle but for the brands and charities that buy (or are given) space there. We've compiled 10 of the more interesting ways the display has been used. Check them out after the jump.
  1. '15 Seconds of Fame'

    A signature use of the display comes from American Eagle itself—actually, its in-store photo studio, which lets customers pose for pictures that are then displayed on the LED tower, granting them a raucous "15 seconds of fame." Check out the finished product below, and R/GA's case study for more details: American Eagle - 15 Seconds of Fame (case study) 
  2. Foursquare

    It's not every day that an advertising display itself gets free advertising, but that's essentially what happened when American Eagle's space became home to a massive ad celebrating Foursquare. Sure, it was a great deal for Foursquare, which reportedly didn't pay a dime, but the flood of photos and blog coverage were also great publicity for the Times Square display itself.
  3. 'Hear to Help' Haitian Relief

    After the devastating Haiti earthquake in 2010, American Eagle partnered with Filter magazine to sell a compilation CD, "Hear to Help," with all proceeds going toward Oxfam's relief efforts.
  4. Experience China

    This video featuring the people of China was commissioned by the Chinese government to help pave the way diplomatically for President Hu Jintao's visit earlier this year.
  5. Mexico: 'The Place You Thought You Knew'

    Rounding out our trio of international executions is this colorful tourism display for Mexico, which used the ad as part of a campaign aimed at convincing Americans and Canadians that their southern neighbor has more than just beaches.
  6. Milus

    Now here's a classy way to show the current time. The watch in the ad is accurate in real time and is shown as part of a video loop. You can see it in action here:
  7. 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1'

    Here's a nice wraparound video execution, made to promote Blu-ray sales for the first-last Harry Potter film. Luckily, some wandering muggle snagged a video:
  8. Fleet Week

    American Eagle ratcheted up the patriotism for Fleet Week. Not a bad idea when you've got thousands of sailors and Marines in town looking to check out Times Square.
  9. 'Mary Poppins' on Broadway

    A photo doesn't do this one much justice, so check out the full animation for the Broadway revival ofMary Poppins here:
  10. Audi

    What, no augmented reality? Audi seemed to pack every other hot bit of mobile tech into this display, which featured QR codes, SMS and location-based check-ins via Facebook Places or Foursquare. By scanning the QR code, you could access a mobile site that let you tweet a message to Times Square. Or learn about the new Audi A7, I suppose.
Before we wrap up, I wanted to show some love to the people behind the scenes. To build the display, American Eagle hired the Barnycz Group to design it, with the screens provided by Barco and the computer systems set up by Activate the Space LLC. R/GA creates much of the content, and the ad space is sold by ABC Regional Sports & Entertainment Sales (which we also thank for providing much of the art for this post).

Cape Times Newspaper| Medics -|- Police -|- War -|- Parliament

cape times_reader_medics_1
cape times_reader_police_1
cape times_reader_war_1
cape times_reader_parliament_1

“Immerse yourself in the news first thing every weekday morning. Know all about it.”

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull, Cape Town, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford
Creative Director: Alistair Morgan
Art Directors: Lisa Hodgkiss, Brendan Hoffman
Copywriter: Alistair Morgan

Aftonbladet|Digital concert experience

It's great to see a print title trying new things in the digital space. Sweden is one of the most exciting creative hot-spots of the moment, and work like this proves that traditional media owners can still be innovative, given the right environment.

Scandinavia's largest newspaper, Aftonbladet staged groundbreaking series of live online concerts to promote the Rockbjörnen Music Awards, giving away 140,000 free tickets to music fans around the world.

Previous Rockbjörnen award winners include legendary names from the music industry such as ABBA, Coldplay and Duffy, and Rockbjörnen Live is Aftonbladet's prize to the best live music of the year; celebrating festivals, concerts, artists and songs across eight categories.
Live-Löpet (or Live A-Board), saw a traditional newspaper develop a unique app to create an interactive digital live arena to present concerts from some of Scandinavia's hottest artists.
The artists performed live from the studios of Aftonbladet, and the performances were streamed live online at and were accessible via unique fan access codes.
This digital concert format was designed as much as possible to replicate a traditional live recording. In order to secure a place in the audience, Aftonbaldet readers and music fans had to apply for tickets. Ticket holders were assigned a "seat". Just like at a regular concert, the audience could interact with one another, and the artist "on stage".

By pressing buttons on the Flash app users could applaud for an encore, take pictures to share via Facebook or email or call out to the artist or friends in the virtual arena. Concertgoers could see what their Facebook friends were up to during the concert. The artists could interact with fans through cues received on a large screen placed back in the studio.
Each of the seven concerts had capacity to entertain 20,000 fans, of which 8,000 were VIP tickets, which allowed viewers to see the concerts in HD. Concert tickets could be sent and posted on Facebook to invite friends along to the gig.
A series of video-enabled Aftonbladet headline A-Boards were placed around Sweden announcing the concerts, complete with countdowns to the event. These boards also screened the actual concerts.
Live-Löpet featured appearances by Mando Diao, Robyn, The Ark, Eric Saade, Salem Al Fakir, Ola and Anna Bergendahl. Samuel Giers, drummer, Mando Diao said: "This is definitely a move in the right direction and it's so cool to be a part of Live-Löpet. We have a lot of international fans and many of them can't get to our ordinary concerts, so this format suits us very well."
Nils Franchell, communications director, Aftonbladet said: "The Rockbjörnen Music Awards has been an institution in Sweden since its launch in 1979. Over the last decade we have seen massive shifts in the way people consume and enjoy music. CD sales have taken a hammering and digital music has become inextricably woven into the fabric of our lives. We asked: what is the relevance of our awards in an environment where our customers have already changed their buying behaviour?"

"We thought, given the massive shifts towards online buying, that the Rockbjornen Awards should reflect how people are enjoying their music right now rather than a retrospective look at last year's sales of CDs to decide who the winners are. So we shifted the timing of our awards from the traditional "awards season" in February/March to catch the end of the festival season just after the Summer and put the focus on awarding the best "live" performances."
"The technical mechanics of putting 20,000 people in a small room is something we could not have done without the guys from Prime. What they have produced, as people will see for themselves, is an experience that is amazing, just like actually being at a concert with one of these music stars."


45,000 fans from 63 countries logged in for the seven live concerts
2.4 million digital interactions took place across the total 105 minutes of broadcast (7 concerts of 15 minutes)
Outside Aftonbladet's own channels, Live-Löpet reached 2.1 million users. Previously, Rockbjörnen's homepage has averaged 85,500 unique visitors during the most intensive period. During the Live Löpet activity, this number reached 337,000 unique visitors - an increase of almost 300%.
BRAND:Rockbjörnen Music Awards
BRAND OWNER:Aftonbladet
CATEGORIES:EntertainmentPublishing &Broadcasting
DATE:August - August 2010
MEDIA CHANNEL:Branded Content,Digital,Events,Online,Out-of-Home,PR,Print

Why you should not pay me 15% media commission !?!?

[MBU] listen before its too late

  • Media planning & buying rising cost. MBU are media incentive driven not brand objectives.
  • MBU's  recommend expenditure in a medium that would best benefit them by ignoring emerging new media. Stands very true when you see the portion of innovative media or special operation in any media plan.
  • To reduce costs on all fronts, cut the additional layer. Buy media directly and have the balls to commit to 12 months investment and get your AVR (4-8%).
  • Use ATL and focus on initiating a dialogue with your users . Something MBU's don’t believe in, they think hammering MASS audience will get brands somewhere... it does not.
  • Lack of ‘value add’ in planning.. get your own media audit and analysis software’s/ links.
  • To me most important is return on investment on each $ spent and why I don’t get an army of journalists as my brand advocators as long I am paying their salaries with my ads.

Yellow Pages 'Hidden Pizza Shop'

Yellow Pages Pizza ShopTo raise awareness of Yellow Pages as both an effective way of finding businesses, and an effective way of growing business. The campaign is centred around Hidden Pizza Restaurant, a temporary pop up store in Fitzroy, Melbourne with living breathing basil wall, run over two weeks in April by Tony Fazio. 500 pizzas a night were served in sturdy bags made from hand-stitched recycled paper along with a glass of home-made lemonade in a recycled jam jar.

Fazio sent out the message online with the message, “We’ve hidden a new pizza restaurant somewhere in Melbourne. If you can find us, the pizza is free. One pizza per order, per day”. The location of the restaurant was only placed on Yellow Pages online. “Finding the restaurant is easy, just look it up the way you would any other business from April 12 – April 25 and the pizzas are free. Make sure you phone ahead to order as no pizza orders are taken at the door. And get in quick, our restaurant fills up fast.” *Limit one per day. Melbourne callers only. Subject to availability.

The Hidden Pizza site now serves as a case study for potential Yellow Pages clients, building opportunities for participants in the free pizza case to connect through Facebook and tag themselves in the 14 day timeline. User participation was built on the Hidden Pizza Facebook page.
Yellow Pages Hidden Pizza Shop site


The Hidden Pizza campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne by creative chairman James McGrath, copywriter Ant White, art director Russel Fox, executive producer Sonia Von Bibra, producer Karolina Bozajkovska, interactive producer Dean Wormald, interactive director Tommy McCubbin.
Media was placed by OMD.
Filming was shot by director Patrick Hughes via Radical Media with director of photography Cameron Barnett, executive producer Karen Bryson, producer Victoria Conners Bell and editor Nigel Karikari.
Post production was done at Iloura and Digital Pictures.
The Hidden Pizza restaurant, constructed mostly from recycled materials was designed by Joost Bakker. Bakker recruited Tony Fazio, formerly of Stokehouse and I Carusi, who had just sold his pizza restaurant Porcino in Collingwood. The yellow-and-black vinyl covering on the stools came from recycled Yellow Pages billboards.

Avatar : 3D billboard

Stretching 60 metres across and featuring blue halo lighting, sculptured front-lit lettering 2.5 metres tall and a variety of 2D cut-out characters exploding out from the poster, the interlinked billboards are the longest advertising face in the UK. This is the first time in more than a decade that the opportunity to dominate one of London’s most famous outdoor locations has arisen. Located between Heathrow and the West End, this campaign will deliver almost 6 million impacts, according to data from the Department of Transport .

Advertiser name: Twentieth Century Fox Product: Avatar Campaign dates: December - four week campaign Format and weight: Clear Channel Create special build Creative Agency: TEA Media Agency: Vizeum and outdoor specialist Posterscope

Zaman Newspaper: Prejudices

A quietly powerful metaphor for prejudice in this effort for the Zamannewspaper in Turkey. We get surreal scenes of average folks who literally run up against their ignorance in the form of unseen, transparent barriers that inhibit their progress. They become trapped, unable to move forward or connect with others. In effect, they are no longer full and active participants in daily life. They've exiled themselves to a no man's land where they're on the outside looking in. The ambient soundtrack works with the bleak visuals to evoke a mood of sad isolation. The climactic "breakthrough," though predictable, provides catharsis and hope. "Our prejudices. Our invisible walls. Isn't it time to demolish them?" says the copy. At 1:45, this is the director's cut (there's also a :60), but the length allows for an almost hypnotic effect to take hold.

The Zimbabwean:::Not worth the paper it's printed on

Throwing money at a problem isn’t usually the best solution. But that’s exactly what the owners of Zimbabwe’s national newspaper, The Zimbabwean, did to focus the world’s attention on the difficulties currently faced by its countries people.

Under the dictatorship of Mugabe, Zimbabwe has sunk into such a state of hyperinflation that its currency is now practically worthless. The Zimbabwean itself has become an unaffordable commodity for most in the country as a 55% luxury tax was placed on it – The owners are currently in exile after printing a story about Mugabe’s election rigging.

Rather than describe the difficulties faced by its paper and the country’s inhabitants, The Zimbabwean decided to go with something more tangible. A team of volunteers from around the world, led by London based editor Wilf Mbanga, founder and first chief executive of Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe, produced print advertisements using the devalued currency as paper.

Billboards and wall murals ran with the slogan ‘Thanks To Mugabe This Money Is Wallpaper’, printed on Zimbabwean Trillion dollar notes. The campaign message was also printed onto individual currency used as flyers and sent to media personalities to raise awareness.

The Trillion Dollar Campaign won the Cannes Grand Prix for Outdoor. More importantly, though, it has highlighted the plight of the people of Zimbabwe – a story with a tendency to flit in and out of the public eye - in a visually striking and immediately comprehensible way.

BRAND:The Zimbabwean

CATEGORY:Publishing & Broadcasting

DATE:Apr 2009



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