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Emirates Wildlife Society, WWF: Al Basama Al Beeiya Initiative (UAE Ecological Footprint)

Brief: Highlight the concept of the Ecological Footprint, outline its constituents, call attention to its excessive size in the UAE and enumerate ways of reducing it.

Advertising Agency: AYA Middle East
Creative director: Kal Dreisziger
Copywriter: Kal Dreisziger
Director: Ben Falk
Producer: Phil Vanier
Production Company: Asylum Films
Post production / Animation: Asylum Films

Waste Management| Shrinking Ad

Announcing the West Carleton Environmental Centre. It's all about reducing things.
To same ad was reproduced on consecutive newspaper pages, getting smaller each time, to dramatize how the Environmental Centre would reduce waste.
Advertising Agency: Agency59, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Brian Howlett
Art Director: Chad Burnie
Copywriter: Brian Howlett
Photography: Stock
Additional credits: Jared Smith
Published: April 2010

Ireland Innovation Comes Naturally

IDA Ireland, Ireland’s Industrial Development Agency, is running “Innovation Comes Naturally”, an international advertising campaign in television, print, online and out-of-home media, online at

Ireland Clean Energy

“Clean energy. Green technology. And fresh thinking. Why businesses are putting down roots in Ireland.”

The television advertisements emphasise the sometimes spontaneous nature of innovation. It depicts the lines left by a piece of chalk as it sketches out an idea on a blackboard. As we watch, the chalk doodles and dashes about the board. Finally it comes to a successful conclusion, as we see a chalk representation of fireworks above a doodled map of Ireland.

Actor Stanley Townsend provides the voiceover. “Innovation. What it isn’t is something that happens step-by-predictable-step. It doesn’t always stop at the lights. Sometimes it goes backwards to go forwards. It goes up blind alleys. It zigs and it zags. It wiggles. And then… And then it lets rip. Your job is simple. Just give it the right environment. Ireland. Where innovation comes naturally”

“New thinking is not about the dollars you invest,” one ad asserts. “It’s about the people you invest in.”

Ireland New Thinking Ireland Finance

“See how your business can benefit when a nation thinks laterally.” “Step by step logic will only take your business so far.”

Ireland Think Laterally Ireland Step by Step

“Facebook found a space for people who think in a certain way,” the headline of one ad proclaims. It’s called Ireland.” “Google googled the planet for the perfect location for their business. They came up with Ireland.”

Ireland Facebook Ireland Facebook

“We’ve created clusters of expertise in many different technologies”. “New thinking is not about the dollars you invest”.

Ireland Clusters Ireland New Thinking

Mudie told the New York Times about the inspiration for the campaign coming from stencil maps of Ireland that came out as whie on black, looking as though they were drawn on a black board. That led to thoughts about the famous picture of Einstein at a blackboard, which triggered images of a group of people, trying to think of something, using a chalkboard because you can stand back and take a look at what is written. All that inspired the concept of a green board.

The TV commercials are appearing on the Bloomberg and CNBC cable channels. The print and online ads are running in business magazines and newspapers, and their related Web sites, like The Economist, Fortune, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.


The Ireland campaign was developed at McConnells, Dublin, by creative director/copywriter Laurence Keogh and creative director/art director Tim Mudie. Media planning and buying in the United States are being handled by BCA Marketing Communications in New York.

Save your logo

Backed by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), the World Bank, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the French-based Save Your Logo was founded to support the biodiversity of the plants and animals represented on logos across the world. The initiative also focuses on education and community engagement in efforts to help preserve a healthy planet.
Clothing company Lacoste, whose iconic crocodile logo has adorned tennis shirts for over 80 years, is one of the first companies to embrace the initiative. The brand will actively support projects selected by the program to “safeguard or protect endangered crocodile, alligator, caiman or gavial species, whose loss would jeopardize the biological balance of their natural habitats.”
Advertising campaign announcing Lacoste’s Save Your Logo initiative.
Advertising campaign announcing Lacoste’s Save Your Logo initiative.
In 1927 when René Lacoste chose the crocodile as his emblem, he hadn't imagined that 80 years later millions of people would bear this logo. He hadn’t imagined either that the crocodile would be threatened to disappear one day. Today, within the Save Your Logo initiative, Lacoste commits itself to…the preservation of Earth biodiversity.
Lacoste, MAAF, Val d’Isère: three supporters of Save Your Logo
French insurance company MAAF and ski resort Val d'Isère have recently signed on to protect the dolphin and eagle, respectively.

Discount Bank turns on its green credentials by turning off.

Discount Bank - Israel - Dim Thinking
Discount Bank in Israel declared itself a ‘Green Bank’ but rather than have this as a meaningless soundbite it sought a practical, long-term way to make a difference to global warming. Its solution was to create stickers reminding people to switch lights off and save energy.
Empty skyscrapers with their lights left on at night, consuming vast amounts of unnecessary electricity, are an all too common sight. Discount Bank knew that by taking simple steps it could make a big difference to the environment. It was also aware, however, that many campaigns of this type are over and forgotten almost as quickly as they are implemented, so it wanted to leave a permanent reminder for its staff to think ‘green’.
A sticker was placed over every light-switch in the Discount Bank tower – and in a financial skyscraper, that’s a lot of light-switches. At the top of the sticker was written ON, at the bottom OFF and in the middle, GLOBAL WARMING. The message being that when you switch on the light, you switch on global warming; when you switch off the light, you switch off global warming.

In just one day, the Discount Bank tower became a green tower. Every single employee is now exposed daily to the strong connection between electricity consumption and global warming, and can, using one small finger contribute to the effort to alleviate global warming.

BRAND: Discount Bank

BRAND OWNER: Discount Bank

CATEGORY: Financial

REGION: Israel

DATE: Sep 2009



Category Breaker

Prius flower power

The hybrid Toyota Prius has long had a reputation for being a “greener” car and wanted to promote the fact that a sun roof is available in the 3rd generation Prius which is due to launch in 2010 as well as emphasise its latest marketing theme: "Harmony between man, nature and machine." The idea is that people still want to be able to have personal vehicle to travel - they don't want to give up their cars - but they are willing to find a more sustainable way of doing so.

Prius has formed a partnership with various North American cities to provide enormous flowers in public squares. The flower sculptures, which stand at up to 18 feet high, collect solar energy through panels on the back of their petals and

the base of their stems. Each flower also has seating for up to 10 people. They offer people the chance to charge their laptops or mobile phones while sitting outside in the sun. The flowers also provided solar-powered WiFi, enabling people to surf the web at the same time. The message on the flowers read: “it’s all powered by the sun like the optional Solar Roof in the 3rd generation Prius”.

Boston bus riders are also treated to solar ventilation bus shelters in the downtown area as part of the “Harmony Installation” campaign. The special shelters feature solar panels on the roof that run fans to circulate air within the shelter. The shelters aim to imitate the Prius’s Solar Ventilation System.

The flowers are touring cities including Boston, New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles between July and October. All of the activity will be documented on Twitter and Facebook.


BRAND OWNER:Toyota Motor Co



DATE:Jul 2009 - Oct 2009

AGENCY:Saatchi & Saatchi


Mobile or InternetAmbientPR

Fiat:::Driving economy

Fiat’s eco-drive is a clever tool allowing customers to monitor their driving skills thus cutting down on CO2 emissions. But as the recession bites it may well be that it is the money saving as much as eco-driving that entices consumers to use the tool.

A handy USB stick captures all the driving information from your journey, which can then be transferred to a computer when you get home, allowing you to review technicalities such as acceleration, deceleration and changes of gear.

Each action is given a rating based on the wastage of fuel with an overall mark out of 100 awarded according to how efficiently they have driven. Drivers are encouraged to follow practical, step by step tutorials in a bid to help them refine their driving skills, improve their score and, by doing so, help the environment.

A similar idea to Nike+ but for cars, the Fiat eco-drive recently won a Cyber Lions Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.




DATE:Oct 2008 - May 2008



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