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Offbeat Bride| Altar Your Thinking

Offbeat Bride is a wedding website that brings high-quality content curation to social media -- pinning their own content and other useful content for their followers to explore.
Their Pinterest account is a must-follow for brides-to-be, providing ideas for engagement photos, wedding venues, dresses, and much more, along with some of the most creative wedding ideas you've ever seen.
While more of an every practice than a campaign, their sharing attracts a great deal of fan attention and interaction. 

Urban Decay | Get Electric. Festival Style.

Urban Decay built a social campaign on Pinterest where users could submit their best recreations of makeup styles that they've seen at their favorite music festivals. Throughout the campaign Urban Decay gave away free festival tickets to Pinterest users that created the best boards featuring festival looks. 

Essence | Justin Bieber Believe Tour Sponsorship

The European beauty brand Essence made the most of their sponsorship of Justin Bieber's Believe Tour by creating social media events around each show.
They gave away free products at shows and offered various sweepstakes that highlighted user-generated content as contest entries for free tickets and other prizes.
Not only did they generate a lot of interest in their own brand, but they helped build buzz around each of the shows on the tour. The campaign resulted in 263 million brand impressions, 82,615 brand expressions, and 35 percent of on-site activation through social.

National Geographic | My Nat Geo Covershot

National Geographic launched a Facebook contest where their fans had a chance to have their own photo featured on the cover of the magazine and win two tickets for a free vacation. All the fans had to do was upload their photos and caption it and they were automatically entered to win.

Samuel Adams| April Fools: Helium Beer

This is a perfect example of leveraging a holiday to create a viral piece of social content. The beer maker Sam Adams posted this video across their social media platforms, showing off their new helium beer as an April Fools prank. You have to watch the video to see why it was such a hit.

Honey Bunches of Oats | 50 Million Smiles and Counting

Honey Bunches of Oats ran a campaign with the tagline “50 Million Smiles and Counting,” during which they shared the testimonial videos, images, and quotes from fans they had "made smile" across the country in exchange for a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip. By sharing the user-submitted content across Facebook and Instagram, they were able to add 162,000 new fans (a 721% increase) and increase engagement and traffic to their pages.

Cape Times newspaper Drive Times: For Sale

The Cape Times newspaper supplement, the Drive Times, is one of the more reliable places to look if you’re interested in buying a vehicle. In order to demonstrate this, we went about dramatising just the opposite by creating three rather interesting characters who are attempting to sell their vehicles directly to the public at a remarkably good price (via posters around the city, emailers and ‘for sale’ signs attached to their cars). When callers call the cellphone number (+27) 82 234 5800, they are greeted by one of our three fabricated characters: Clifford, Mike or Doris. However, these are merely pre-recorded messages made to sound as if the caller has in fact gotten through to them. Once the caller puts down the phone, they are immediately sent the following SMS: Before you consider buying a vehicle from anyone else, consult the Drive Times for new & used vehicles. Free every Thursday with the Cape Times. Know all about it.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull, Cape Town, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford
Art Director: Romano Cardinal
Copywriters: Natalie Rose, Chris De Villiers
Client Services: Kyle Dewar, Claire Dodds
Media partner: Strike Media
Producer: Brian Scott
Sound Studio: Sterling Sound
Sound Engineer: Lorens Persson

Union Insurance - The Pink Squad.

Objective: Launch Union Insurance company as the 10th car insurance company on the market of mandatory car insurance.
The challenge was how to engage people and attract their attention towards the brand while being in a low involvement category in which the price of the product is the main differentiator.

Solution: the first part of the campaign we created a sort of secret organization that took justice on the roads into its own hands. The Pink Squad a movement against irresponsibility on the road. The media were offered a story of a"Vigilante", who in his own specific way punishes irresponsibility on the streets. In the moment, when The Pink Squad and their actions became known nationwide, we connected them with Union and its products.

Harley-Davidson |2010 de l'Euro Festival

Challenge / Promote Harley-Davidson Touring models to a pan-European audience

Emphasise features that enhance comfort and operability

Solution / Equip a Harley with a 360-degree video camera and film a trip through France and Italy

Show off the handling and precision aspects of the bike through an epic ride

Relay content to social networks via banners, Facebook and Twitter

Results / Connected to the niche European motorcycle community

Kaiak| scented banners


Everyone loves a cool ad execution, but some are clearly advertising for advertising people. This is particularly true during award-show season. The video below, getting some passalong among the adverpeople of Twitter, shows a Brazilian campaign by ID/TBWA for a fragrance brand Kaiak. Kaiak came up with a reformulated scent for its cologne, but it's only sold door to door. (I had no idea that door-to-door sales were still popular in Brazil.) How to sell it online? The Brazilian shop outfitted computers at 15 Internet cafés with machines that produce scented samples when users click on a banner on the café homepage offering a sniff. Cue the hidden-camera footage showing the shock and delight of the samplers. Kaiak says it got a 17 percent click-through rate and distributed 10,000 strips in a weekend. Color me skeptical, but that's a long walk for a small beer. Oh well, you can probably expect it to take home a bunch of Lions next month in Cannes. 

Challenge“Kaiak” is the best-selling men’s fragrance in Brazil. Working-class men are its target market. It is sold door-to-door exclusively. The client wanted to make an online campaign to announce that the product had changed — but not much more than that. We couldn’t show the new fragrance on the internet … Unless we could find a way to put the scent on the banner! And that is what we did!
SolutionFirst we made an agreement with more than 15 Internet cafés, which are used mostly by young working men who do not have computers in their homes. Then we created a plug-in that inserted the banner on the Internet cafés’ internet start page. The banner read “The best selling men’s fragrance in the country just changed. Want to try it? Click this banner. It’s scented.” After the click the banner went out of the computer screen at the same time a custom hardware developed by us, ejected a paper version of the banner with the scent sample.
The scented banner had a click-through rate of 17.2% — That is 43 times higher than the global average. 10,000 scented banners were distributed in just one weekend.

Advertising Agency: ID\TBWA, São Paulo, Brazil
Concept: Domenico Massareto
Creative Director: Domenico Massareto
Planner: Igor Puga
Production: Natalia
On Air: May 2010

Chevrolet - Test Drive experience

McCann Bangkok created this billboard to obtain phone numbers from young drivers to enable them to market the latest Chevrolet.

Client: Chevrolet
Agency: McCann Worldgroup Bangkok
Saharath Sawadatikom (Executive Creative Director)
keatnapin sobhinnon (Senior Art Director)
Chotika Ophaswongse (Art Director)
prayer trairatvorakul (Copywriter)
Anuwat Nitipanont (Art Director)
sukontha jantawong (Producer)
kongsuk pongsuradate (Flash Designer)
thitirat tantirittisak (Senior Account Director)
parinya jankrajang (Account manager)
Country: Thailand
Other Credits: Technology Consultant: Wichian Yungmeesuk

The Axe Effect In Discos | Glass

The Axe Effect In Discos : Glass
AXE contracted bars in the main discos in the Uruguayan night life, where beautiful bar-girls served a passion-red drink in a unique AXE GLASS, specially designed for the brand. As the boys drank and the level of liquid descended, they undressed a gorgeous girl. 

As a result, at the end of the night, the AXE GLASS was the only one that didn’t end up on the floor, but in the boy’s homes.

AgencyLowe Ginkgo, Montevideo, Uruguay

KLM Airlines| Suitcase Art Project

IDEA/Challenge: How to communicate the most attractive prices of KLM when people are bored from tactical campaigns and they are ignoring price communication. Instead of an AD let’s give people ART!

Strategy/execution: Hungary’s most talented young artists created several artworks inspired by our destinations, and we turned the whole city into an urban gallery. This is how a tactical campaign turned into a cultural event.

• More than 500.000 people visited the exhibition during the campaign.
• More than 80.000 Euro free PR was produced
• And we almost doubled the sales requirements.

KLM Airlines: Suitcase Art Project

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Budapest, Hungary
Creative Director: Vilmos Farkas
Art Director: Peter Vagvolgyi
Copywriter: Gergely Horvath
Account dir: Krisztina Szabo
Account executive: Dora Horvath
Account assistant: Kata Filep
PR manager: Emese Juhasz
Print prod manager: Katalin Dengelegi
Web developer: Roland Izso
Published: September 2009

Ferrero|Tic Tac “Fresh Entertainment”

Tic Tac, Mumbrella

Ferrero is launching the second phase of its Tic Tac “Fresh Entertainment” campaign which will see consumers’ faces used in banner ads on websites including Ninemsn, YouTube, MySpace and Sensis.
The Fresh Entertainment microsite,  allows  users to play a game which is similar the Tic Tac “Bounce” TV ad. The faces of the top three scorers every day will then feature in display ads on websites the following day. Visitors will also be able to customise their character, invite friends via Facebook Connect and make them additional characters in the game.
Tic Tac, Mumbrella

Deniz Nalbantoglu, Webling Interactive director, said: “The idea is to help Tic Tac grow brand awareness and loyalty among its key target audience. This extends our earlier work to reach and build relationships with consumers and involve them in the promotion of the brand.”

The microsite also includes Webling’s Tic Tac Shake & Share iPhone app which has so far had over 1.2 million downloads worldwide. The app allows users to share digital Tic Tacs with other iPhone users via Bluetooth.
Ferrero also owns brands including Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Surprise and Kinder Bueno.

Italian Culture Week | Integrated Campaign

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Agostino Toscana, Alessandro Orlandi
Deputy Creative Directors: Luca Lorenzini, Luca Pannese
Art Director: Luca Pannese
Copywriter: Luca Lorenzini
Supporting Creative Team: Davide Iacono, Andrea Afeltra, Riccardo Gianangeli
Published: April 2010

Kimberly-Clark| Cottonelle|toilet paper should roll over or under?


In January, Kimberly-Clark's Cottonelle launched a contest asking consumers whether toilet paper should roll over or under. Well, the debate was settled by Oscar time, with people in the national poll choosing "over." Now, the brand is back with the next step in the campaign to keep the conversation going. It's promising a "recall" of any bath tissue that doesn't roll over. The campaign, created by JWT London (but running in the U.S. and Canada), includes TV and outdoor ads that show the company "recalling any toilet paper which doesn't roll over." Cottonelle brand manager John Stanwood says: "We wanted to counter the theory that all toilet paper is the same and come up with an idea that was eye-catching, compelling and light-hearted." 

Heineken| Italy Activation .... impressive marketing

Heineken Italy Activation from Kreatif360 on Vimeo.

On the night of the October 21st the Real Madrid played Champions League match against AC Milan. Heineken convinced several university professors, girlfriends, and several bosses to convince their students, boyfriends and employees to go to a concert on that night. All of them couldn't say no and had to go to the classical concert.
Advertising Agency: JWT Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Pietro Maestri
Creative Director: Bruno Bertelli
Art Director: Marco Viganò
Copywriter: Cristiano Tonnarelli
Duration : 21 October 2009