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Sara Guirado | Turning essence of Arabia into a brand

Personal branding describes the process by which individuals and entrepreneurs differentiate themselves and stand out from a crowd by identifying and articulating their unique value proposition, whether professional or personal, and then leveraging it across platforms with a consistent message and image to achieve a specific goal. 

In this way, individuals can enhance their recognition as experts in their field, establish reputation and credibility, advance their careers, and build self-confidence.

Great brands lives for ever and never age!.

What ever you do to find out how old Sara is you will fail, not only because she is a woman and true ladies never tells , rather its how lively she gets with age.

Sara’s logo reflects more than a business brand , it shows its  business strategy – Solo, Mastering , Expert and Passionate.

Without effort i can get Sara’s brand values:
  1. Open. with self and target group. See Faceboock business page < >
  2. Consistent. there is a strategy in sharing content from buildup to sustain
  3. Emotional. on each touchpoint  content connects to others on a high emotional level.
  4. Engage. the brand Engage with pride and good presence wich will drive to really building a powerful community. See Facebook page <>
without further analyses , you have to live the brand experience on Sara’s website to get a grip of why she is a great case study of Personal branding.

As a brand Sara managed to  establish an inventory of core competencies, expertise, abilities, and existing level of recognition that uniquely differentiated her from others.

  • Value Proposition: What do she stand for?
  • Differentiation: What makes her stand out?
  • Marketability: What makes her compelling?

Samsung | Art from Space

Content today is very much a social experience for users of mobile devices. Everyone is looking for new and more interesting ways to discover, create, engage with and share content. It’s a form of both self-expression and validation among their social network.

Combining the features of both a smartphone and a tablet, Samsung’s Galaxy Note represented a new category in mobile devices. It was new to the market, and Samsung’s target. Starcom needed to bring the creative power of the Galaxy Note to life, showing Samsung’s audience all the new features and giving them a taste of the creative possibilities it offered, while building the brand’s presence in social media.

To do this, Starcom created an event for all Samsung fans, scaling it into a massive PR and social experience, in the form of a tribute to one of The Netherlands’ greatest heroes.

Dove: Real Beauty Sketches

Director : John X. Carey
TIME Magazine named Dove: “Real Beauty” the best commercial of 2013 |
"Dove Real Beauty Sketches Becomes The Most Watched Ad Ever" -MASHABLE
WINNER: 2013 Titanium Grand Prix at the Cannes Lion Festival.
WINNER: In total of 19 Cannes Lions -- including 5 Gold Lions.
WINNER: 2013 One Club Emerging Directors Showcase - GOLD
WINNER: 2013 One Show Gold Pencil.
WINNER: 2013 Cannes Young Director Award.
YOU are more beautiful than you think! Most of us don’t recognize the beauty others see in us. Women are their own worst beauty critics. Imagine a world where beauty is source of confidence, not anxiety. This was a compelling social experiment to prove to women that they are more beautiful than they think. Great measures were taken to insure total integrity in our process. For a follow-up with the women on the Today Show go here:
Executive Producer : Jamie Miller @ Paranoid US
Executive Producer : Claude Letessier @ Paranoid US
Client : Dove
Agency : Ogilvy
Editor : Philip Owens |
Original Music : Keith Kenniff |
Director of Photography : Ed David |
Production Company : Paranoid US
Producer : Stan Sawicki @ Paranoid US
Creative Director : Anselmo Ramos
Copywriter : Hugo Veiga
Art Director : Diego Machado
Agency Producer : Veronica Beach
Sound Mix : Luke Bechthold @ Subtractive |
Production Sound : Tim O'Malley @ The Impact Pros |
Color Grading : Sean Coleman @ Company 3 |
Additional Editorial : Rock Paper Scissors

Statistics show that only 4% of women actually believe they are beautiful. The biggest barrier to women’s self-perception of beauty is their own minds.
Dove’s intention via this campaign was to inspire the remaining 96% of women, to make them feel this way too.
The basis of the campaign was an experiment intending to encourage women to reconsider themselves and their beauty. In order for the campaign to reach women from all over the world it was necessary for the campaign to be talkative, and for the medium used to be contagious, fast-moving and sharable. What better way of doing this than by using women themselves?
By asking an FBI- trained sketch artist to draw a woman’s portrait according to their own self-description, Ogilvy aimed to make women and the world around them rethink real beauty and self-perception.
Firstly, the artist who never laid his eyes directly on the women instead relied on the description of strangers to create their portraits. He then sketched them again by just listening to their own description of themselves.
 The two portraits looked entirely different. Women who took part in this campaign admitted that the first sketch reflected more beautiful, happier and accurate descriptions of them, striking proof that they were more beautiful than they thought they were.
Using YouTube True View Platforms, Tweets and trends on Twitter, and Facebook video-sharing along with Dove’s 14 million Facebook fans, it was ensured that the video was seen and shared online.


Unprecedented levels of sharing and engagement were achieved. “Real Beauty sketches” was the most shared link in’s history and with 1.9 million aggregated shares on Facebook. Brand Passion increased by 1000% and the link itself was responsible for over 90% of the video content shared within the peer group category.
April 2013 - ongoing