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iPhone 7 in 107-second

iPhone 7 is:
  1. More storage, 
  2. Water-resistant 
  3. And doesn’t have a headphone jack.
And yes, two new colors were introduced  black matte finish and an jet black finish

See you on iPhone 8 launch.

I hate your “ creative” .. give me something that sells or burst!

I'm a marketer not in the entertainment  business .. i dont sell art .. im not here to impress people and get a "WOW" effect!

Grow up Mr. or Ms. Kخreative ( Kخhara + Creative) in Arabic and the better English for it is " shitReative" ( Shit + creative)

The 7 Creative Elements That “Win” 

  • Focal Point -- Ads with an obvious focal point help to focus the person viewing your brand’s message.
  • Brand Link-- Ads, tend to perform better when it is easy for someone to establish a quick link between the ad and the brand being represented. This is especially true for more iconic brands.
  • Brand Personality -- How well does the ad fit with what users know about the brand? 
  • Informational Reward -- Does the ad have interesting information? 
  • Emotional Reward-- Ads with emotional reward tend to perform better, especially when the emotions are aligned with the true spirit and authenticity of the brand. Use of humor is a good way to connect with your audience.
  • Noticeability -- Think about what makes you pause and look at ads, especially on mobile. Video ads that grab your attention tend to perform better.
  • Call to Action -- Include a strong call to action like “Shop Now.” Your audience will be more likely to take action if you tell them what you’d like them to do. Call To Action options: Shop Now, Book Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Download, Watch More, Contact Us, Apply Now, and Donate Now.

Outcome of many debates and disagreements

Agencies in this part of the world nobly take it up in the Ass .. agencies are becoming like retail shops in how they sell their products

The downgrading process started by giving away creative in exchange for media cut AKA media commission. Ideas were thrown in as added value  and for nothing.
So called marketers, ask for options and alternatives not smart cost effective and high return on dollar investment solutions.

Burning out client service and creative in 12-20 pitch a year while marketers mix and merge concepts AKA tweaking and twisting with their in-house creative-less designer in a very agonizing, exhausting process called creative services request for proposal leaves a few good people in emptiness,

Pitch fees
Agencies have to start asking for pitch fees regardless of whom wins even the top one need to charge for time and ideas presented.

Retainer structure
Should be exact response to a marketing calendar where agency and future client negotiate scope of work, planning caliber , creative resources and development process in details.

Going back to basis
Where the fuck quantitve, qualitative and usage trends gone? At least can I see a retail audit report or target group defining based on lifestyle , role or life status? Any thing boys and girls rather than our CEO thinks, feel -and the worst one- wants???

Extra work= extra budget for agency

The marketer adds extra work into the proposed scope, and the agency takes on all the work at no extra cost. So the agency comes to the party to help out hoping that they can make it up in production in another word takes from the value of the production which devalue the final output. Bad advertising!

I am talking to agencies here hoping to save the little lift with; marketers on the other hand are hopeless.

Bringing a facelift to life| Isuzu D-Max| Saudi Arabia


Isuzu truck D-Max will not introduce new exterior shape for 2011 as radical changes will touch the 2012 model.spec change (confidential)

However to sustain sales performance, meet users needs and maintain brand recognition and trust we are making surgical intervention.

BAKHASHAB BROTHERS HOLDING CO.,LTD.[ dealer] wanted to connect with current users to share added robust sporty, luxurious experience figure change.

To develop brand engagement program to a brand user's love and trust.D max launch program 2010 revised by ayman (final) sheet2

Strategic solution
The idea was big, however the thinking was simple and straight forward.
We wanted to create a hype among current users , help the media to buzz out brand functional aspects and connect emotionally with target group.

We structured an operation theater with our favored producer and cast/ trained talents to perform live a facelift operation for the old model.

Role of Activity: to creatively engage with target group in a well planned and produced brand re-launch event that result in creating a hype and buzz for short and medium time range among future prospects.

Target Market: as a consumer driven activity, I want to connect primarily with a prepared list of individuals, small and medium business owners , our current subdealers to introduce the enhanced DMAX pickup.

I will have pre-event press Q& A session to update media with the new front facelift as a secondary target group.

Offer: “Perfection continues”.  We build trucks for life that delivers on profitability use-ability and dependability.


  • Audiences were taken by surprise, as they never witnessed a live performance in an automotive brand event.
  • Client appraises the organization, the idea and impact.
  • Team was happy that slipup’s kept to minimum and enjoyed on quality, on time on brand engaging event.

Post event print ads

From event feed

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Brandmark registration -Saudi Arabia

What: A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design, or a combination of words, phrases, symbols or designs, that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others
Why: To claim of ownership & establish rights based on legitimate use of the mark
When: Any time we can claim rights in a mark, we may use the “™" (trademark).However, we may use the registration symbol "®" only after actual registration, and not while an application is pending.

Local registration process

Regional/Worldwide registration process

Will require using the services of Intellectual Property agent/attorney

advertiser-in-arabia portfolio (Volvo)

Ramadam offer campaign

Brand Awareness concept "safety from day one

New Model launch event

Direct Marketing, Press. In-showroom & Eid greeting card

"5" promotion, Press ad


Vertical press ad's 2007