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Sony| Company ethos | Make.Believe

Director Noam Murro throws everything into this epic 90-second cinema spot that takes us through the four worlds of Sony: electronics, music, film and games.


The initiative includes a 90 second heavy FX film running in cinemas nation-wide in the USA. The epic-style, humanistic film shows a boy taking a journey through four Sony worlds (electronics, music, film and games) by pushing buttons. The boy falls into a Sony electronics lab, lands in the movie 2012, must dodge racing cars in Sony Playstation’s MotorStorm Pacific Rift game, then ends up on stage with Sony’s new up-and-coming band Hey Monday. The boy represents childlike wonder and the belief in yourself that you can make imagination real. The film was directed by award-winning Director Noam Murro, whose body of work represents the epic nature that was achieved in the film. Animal Logic handled visual effects creation.

Advertising Agency: 180LA, USA
Executive Creative Director: William Gelner
Creative directors: Gavin Milner, Grant Holland
Executive Producer/Managing Partner: Peter Cline
Senior Producer: Tony Stearns
Account Director: Katrin Tenhaaf
Account Executive: Jacob Gentry
Copywriter for brand line “make.believe”: Lee Hemstock, Dario Nucci

The official launch of the new PS3

The campaign site, will feature a collection of game expressions captured by the ‘Playface Caravan,’ a series of events touring Japan in which players can demo the new PS3 and have their emotions captured in 360ยบ by a series of 20 cameras simultaneously. Participants’ playfaces are entered into the Playface Derby where individuals can earn points. At the end of the campaign, Japan’s top ranked playface with the most points will win PlayStation games for life.*
* Enough games to last a ”lifetime” means five 5,000 yen games a year for 100 years, which will be worth 2.5 million yen.
The out of home portion of the campaign will feature posters of 25 unique playfaces, highlighting Japan’s emotions through gaming. The posters will take over major Tokyo train stations at Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro.

Sony Vaio W Series | Social Media Addicts Association

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Sony's cross-division Blu-ray marketing strategy

Sony launches cross-division Blu-ray marketing strategy

Sony UK is working on promoting Blu-ray, the optical disc format expected to replace DVD, by combining marketing of its TVs and Blu-ray players with upcoming film releases on Blu-ray.

The consumer electronics company will tie up with content coming from the Sony Pictures content arm.

Carl Pring, Sony's head of brand and advertising, said Sony would run Blu-ray campaigns towards the end of the year to coincide with the release of major films Terminator Salvation and Angels & Demons.

‘What you will start to see is campaigns across the various companies. We can tell consumers about the greater thrills and excitement they will see with Blu-ray releases on our Blu-ray products.'

Pring said the Blu-ray push would be the ‘first of many spanning different Sony divisions'.